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I am at Photokina. What would you like me to ask?

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Game on. Wasn't expecting Crane to have such a big booth. Must be some new gimbals.  

Hot Dog update.... Four Euros. Big queue. Swerved.  

10% off FilmConvert ?

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13 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

What topics shall I broach with the manufacturers?

Throw any ideas my way and I'll do my best to find answers!

As much as possible about the new Leica 10-25 1.7. Price. Availability. Weight. Length. Focus throw. Image circle. If the stepless aperture ring works on non panny's. Minimum focus distance. Is it focus by wire? Just anything and everything about that lens. 

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Ask Sony to invite you to their next unveiling event, since they obviously didn't want their product to be lost in all the announcements happening at Photokina. I would even go so far to say that their 24mm f1.4 press event was meant for something bigger (a new body), but they knew the buzz would get drowned out in all the L-mount speculation a week later.

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3 minutes ago, Huuow said:

Dont think we get specs out of them but maybe if you ask about the difference between the two panasonic ff.. So far we just know price and megapixels... Maybe they give us a hint. Is one just the little sister or has it certain features that the more expensive does not have.. 

My guess is that 4k is cropped and the lower 24mp allows for less of a crop.

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Also, I’m sure many of us would like to know when Nikon is updating the D5600?

I’d also like to know if they have any plans for an F Mount mirrorless.

The D5600 is already so small, I think a consumer tiered D5700 as a mirrorless with an F Mount could be a really smart move for Nikon. If they focus on the video features, with that extra room in the flange distance of an F Mount, they could implement built in ND filters.

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