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  1. This has become a political forum, that occasionally talks about cameras. It is way too early to point fingers. Hindsight is 20/20. Except in the case of the media. They are the monsters. Either they are causing undo panic here, or their clear history of doing so dilutes a response to a true threat. They have no checks and balances. TURN. OFF. THE. NEWS.
  2. Figured I might as well get my comment in and accompanying down votes out of the way.
  3. I could use some quick help. I have just started using Resolve, basically for the first time. Fluent in Premiere, but complete and total novice in Resolve. I imported some clips and they looked as expected. Did a quick sync and edit. Then imported @Sage's luts into Resolves folder. So, didn't do or add anything to the clip itself. Once I had brought the Luts into Resolve, my clip immediately changed. Not in the media browser, but in the timeline, and I think Master bin. I can't seem to turn this exposure or color correction off. Thank you.
  4. Because libs would literally love to see masses die and the bottom fall out of the economy if it meant Trump out of office. Sick
  5. Well... is this another way of saying there is only 1 source? In other words, to dispute... or confirm? The title. Think it’s an accident that it briefly makes it sound like Donald Trump is trying to personally profit from this? Though the above is clarified in the first line, there are quotes around large sum of money. Are vaccines on this large a scale usually cheap? Exclusive, and for the US only. This could mean so many things and so easily be spun incorrectly. And the only competing view is given literally 1 word, “wrong”. Like could there be any more an unfair and unbalanced a discussion? They are planning to have the vaccine by summer. This factoid alleviates the impression that Trump is trying to snatch the vaccine out of the world’s currently dying hands. And then this whole ranking the US healthcare system thing. Have you heard Shapiro’s discussion on this? The ranking is ridiculously subjective to say the least. I just don’t. I’m tired of.
  6. No. You were launching from that pathetic article. Can you imagine if one of us dumb redneck Republicans posted something so flimsy?
  7. Just read the article. Really? This has your motors running? That article was too dumb and obvious for even me, and I always assumed you were smarter than me. Lame sauce. If this imitation journalism is the kind of garbage libs are still being suckered into believing then we are hopeless.
  8. Very beautifully shot. Your direction with what I assume are non actors was done very well. I love the footage from those ff Panasonics. Even though I’m not a huge autofocus guy, I think that is one of the greater features of the mirror less models. Wish they would improve theirs.
  9. Has this been announced, or just rumor? If so this cam will be pretty dang sweet, and that’s coming from a guy who hates Canon. I mean these guys are going for broke. Speaking of broke, I have a suspicion the pricing of this cam will leave us all broke.
  10. Anyone heard what codec/bit rate/depth this thing shoots? Knowing Canon it'll be like 6 bit 4:0:0 or something goofy like that. So that and price are the big reveals.
  11. So perhaps this is just me trying to put a positive spin on a whirlwind of negativity. But consider that if things do slow to a halt for a bit, maybe it’ll be a chance for literally everyone to stop the rat race for a short period, and rest, and breathe, and focus on what is really important.
  12. So yeah. You’re no longer talking about filmmaking, but a marketing firm. For those with that skill set, or willing to dive in that’s great. Some of us are/were filmmakers. And that’s a lifelong pursuit as it is. I mean just how many hats does a guy need to wear?
  13. The problem with this is that you are now on the hook for results. And this is another problem I see with video is that there is very rarely a direct roi. Video can be very productive when it is part of a synchronized campaign thrust. So we’d need a solid marketing plan. Is that our job now? What am I missing?
  14. A couple years ago I cleared about $50k. Freelance. Not great, but I could survive. I have since moved across the US and started work in another field. Freelance just never felt secure enough to support a family and the trend I see is that, while video is in more demand, people want to pay less for it. But I know that if I kept pushing and hustling I would make it..... but I hate the hustle.
  15. Look at the Angeneuix ez2 15-40 T2, for S35, but can be converted to vista and becomes like a 22-60 T3 or something like that. Different price range though.
  16. The reason it gets used so much is simple. If you look at a color wheel orange and teal are complimentary, opposites. And opposite or complimentary colors create high contrast of color, which makes them pop, and adds intensity. Any set or pair of complimentary colors has this affect. Now the reason for orange and teal is because all human skin falls into the orange spectrum, making teal the complimentary. Also orange and blue is used a lot, think Avatar. Regardless of the fact that it is used frequently, these are winning combinations. They pop and add contrast, and therefore intensity. You’ll see this in its extreme in movie posters. It just works. (Though I’m not saying we should always do this.) By the way, the opposite of this is using affinity of color which is using colors from the same spectrum. Like orange on orange. You’ll see this a ton in fashion photography. Ignoring the skin tone, you’ll see red on red, green on green, white on white, and so on. It’s a very intentional use of color.
  17. Does their pro cinema line make money? I can’t see how. That will probably die. Maybe their GH and SH lines survive and they become less protectionist. That would work out even better for us.
  18. Thank God for Blackmagic. Panasonic was my 2nd fav camera company. It would be really sad to see them exit. It’s hard for me to believe the GH5 didn’t profit. Everyone had at least 1 of those. It also seems really foolish for a CEO to say something like that without being clearer. Consumers of even their profitable divisions could get trigger shy and begin leaving. Profitable divisions could start slipping as well.
  19. Will be buying this Thanksgiving weekend.
  20. If Raven is a precursor, one had better be ready to order immediately and it will be months if not years for the rest of us. Maybe they’re working on their production line.
  21. I still can’t figure out what happens to the rest of Reds cameras. This cam does much or most of what they do. And in some ways more. I mean I’m looking forward to it as well but what’s the catch.
  22. I know right. This forum is so bad that I’m going to punish it by NOT leaving it. ?
  23. Except that pushing from my side could result in a loss, in a big way, at least from my perspective. Better to make the best of what I have. I think there is too much emphasis and power at the top, including SCOTUS. I think both sides generally agree. I wish more was being done to protect and empower state and local authority. That is the big waste of all this. That said, here is what I think happened. Mind you, I have no inside info. But I have no doubt. _____ TRUMP’S MIND: My actions and policies have contributed greatly to what’s going on at Apple in Texas. In fact, people will never know what I know about what actually would have happened here if it weren’t for me. TRUMP’S TWEET: I just opened an Apple plant in Texas. TRUMP’S SOCIAL MEDIA STAFF: Mr President, you do realize the left is going to go bananas over your tweet? TRUMP: Yes. _____ Would I have said or done as such? No. But I get it. Would I prefer a more noble approach? Yes. But I get it. Trump does not, has not, and will not EVER receive any credit or praise from the Liberal media, regardless of what he says or does. He could denounce Christianity, embrace the climate crisis fully, and replace Pence with with a gay trans black woman and he’d still be mocked as a bafoon orange orangutan. In his mind he has to overcome this incredibly clear bias. I don’t necessarily agree with his methods, but I get it. I also don’t think he’s a strategist, but his strategy seems to work. Again, I wish things were different, but I get it. You know the following is true. If Trump were to use Andrew’s words and call the Earth round, tomorrow’s headlines would read! “Trump and His Ingoramous Followers are Flat Earthers.” If that happened to you day in and out, how might you begin to respond? What might your tactics become? I know what I wish for, but I get it. So is the earth round? Or a sphere? Or an oblate spheroid? One group would understand any of the above as true. The other will lose their minds over over any. And somehow, and only God knows why, Trump seems to win regardless.
  24. I wish Trump were Reagan. But he’s not.Yet I am soooo glad he’s not Hilary. And here we are.
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