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  1. Was there an official update that addressed highlight roll off? I hadn’t seen that. I’ve been waiting all this time for @Sage to help me with that. 😜
  2. Where did you get that? I have been looking for almost that exactly.
  3. What happened to Jon? Been wondering where he went to.
  4. Jonesy Jones

    my first short

    Downtown SD baby!!! Kaylee. Tons of inspirational stuff for me. Thank you for sharing. Much kudos for your excellent locations and sets. Great locations and sets can make your life easy.
  5. Download and register Resolve 16 Studio. Use whichever product serial number you were originally given. Install Resolve 16 Studio and use your Resolve 15 activation key. Done son.
  6. This was posted in the other thread already but beautiful nonetheless. This film has caught my eye and is the reason I'm interested in the cam at all. Great promo.
  7. I think many will relate to this, as they probably had to do the same. But I made an entire feature film with the 7D. In the desert. We did not have monitors in those days. No zebras. No focus peaking. No IBIS. No autofocus. The worlds worst codec. I knew the shortcomings. Accepted them. And just did it. I honestly didn't even know better. Many times my head would be down in the hot sand trying to frame a shot looking through the little screen. You know what? I was thrilled. Before that the biggest sensor I had was 1/3". We are spoiled. Clearly the P4K has shortcomings, but it is pretty awesome. You can focus on what it doesn't have, or you can accept the shortcomings and go create content. Or you can choose a different camera altogether. For me it's either the P4K or the GH5. I'm loving what I see from the S1. But it will be quite a while before/if I go to that system. For now my camera is the P4K. I look at it as an amazing camera with false color and focus peaking and an amazing codec that has horrible battery life and that also happens to have a screen that I can choose to utilize, or not. I'll probably work on a power solution at some point and get one of these upcoming evf's. It's good to point out shortcomings because it helps us make decisions. But there isn't that one camera. Never will be. You pick your horse. Accept the shortcomings. And go create content.
  8. I would be it all in favor of a new PK4. I could also see them introducing a full frame sensor camera of some sort. Maybe also an audio field recorder as well. However I'm kind of assuming this nap is going to be all about resolve. Love these articles and the new you Andrew.
  9. Jonesy Jones

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Yes, but if you're going back and forth on different machines this is a pain.
  10. Jonesy Jones

    Davinci Resolve 16

    You know what?.... I just had a vision. I'm pretty sure BM is going to address this issue of database organization with the version they announce on Monday. It's gonna be sweet.
  11. Jonesy Jones

    Davinci Resolve 16

    For me the absolute biggest problem with resolve hits me right at startup, it's their database method of file organization. This absolutely kills me. My mind just does not think in those terms and I like to create folders that contain my project files and assets and organize them in such a way and so on. Is there anyone else like me who is used to the premiere or old school Final Cut Pro way of project file organization who has found a workaround for this with resolve? In other words I like to have a hard drive for every project. On that hard drive I have a folder for project files, one for assets, one for exports, and so on. I love the system because I can take that hard drive from one computer to the next and open the project like I never left it. Resolve puts me in a box to have all my project files on one hard drive and I really just don't think that way. I know you can export a database or something when you're all done with the project but again that's not how I work. I take the project from machine to machine that are not all connected to some big server or whatever. Again, is there anyone who does organizes their projects like I do that has found a workaround?
  12. Its the way the complaints are communicated that is driving me nuts. And maybe not yours, honestly I have not been keeping track. But for camera that cost $1,300 that produces the images it does to be criticize with words like sharpening halos and mojo, well, I just can't abide that. My point is that, instead of pointing out flaws as though I'm going to receive an award for finding them, to bring them up in terms of how can we solve this or mitigated or, is there another tool I can use in situations where this particular drawback is not an issue. Negativity creates doubt and hold us back. Problem solving inspires us to move forward. This is a great forum when all our minds are solving these issues and creating workarounds for the ones we can't solve. Otherwise we end up pixel peeping and making no progress in the storytelling we all want to do.
  13. I've just discovered the secret to success in this industry -- be very critical of the image made by any camera other than Alexa, and you are instantly a top notch dp in the class of Roger Deakins. Here is a list of terms to help your complaints sound more legit: Lacks DR (dynamic range) Poor highlight roll off Contrasty Not contrasty Bad motion cadence Too digital Too flat Plasticy Too noisy Too clean Poor focus roll off Macro blocking Micro jitters Sucky suck suck Now, if those alone aren't getting you the status you deserve, try these ones. They almost sound made up, but no one will ever question you and will repeat them until they become an actual thing. Sharpening halos Pixel fringing Quasar vignette Noise population ratio Telecentric converters And if you find you need to take it even further, take a screenshot of footage that you put zero production value in, like a chair in a poorly lit office, magnify 300 percent, and then... wait for it......... wait for it......... draw a friggin arrow to the pixel in question. I'll have plenty more suggestions in my upcoming mzed class... Seriously, there is a clear world of difference between being a negative Nelly and simply recognizing a camera's pros and cons. ALL CAMERAS have pros and cons. Looking at them in those terms is about making decisions and problem solving , not complaining.
  14. Not sure what I'm missing but after the grade they're almost identical. Like sure, I can tell, but I'll take the $59,000 savings with the P4k any day.
  15. Man. That was beautiful in more than one way. I think the colors are fabulous. Good grief where have I been hiding. My goodness I may have my sights set on this cam.
  16. Jonesy Jones


    Does that tell you anything?
  17. Took my new P4K to the zoo today. Footage looked great. Got some great shots of the animals. But for some reason when I got to the zebra display they were acting funny and I couldn't really get any good shots. Great shots of the elephants and giraffes, but not so much the zebras. Bummer. Happy April 2 everyone.
  18. @Sage, how certain are you that you will be creating your lut for the P4K? The colors for the gh5 are so good that I am constantly tempted to keep it instead of the p4k. I don't know how you'd feel about this, but since I have both I wonder if I could shoot with both cams to create a temporary fake gha lut until yours comes out.
  19. So if you haven't heard, Apple is officially announcing it's streaming service on March 25th. I'm predicting something similar to Sling, a la cart subscriptions. However, perhaps Apple is able to muscle up some sweet subscription packages as well. Regardless, I'm hoping for a more centralized viewing experience, that simultaneously allows small filmmakers like myself to put my content where the masses' patterns of behavior already are. Will be months before it's actually launched, and months to years before it catches... if it does. It's cool that Roku seems to be a part of it, so non proprietary. I hope Apple gets it right. https://www.macrumors.com/2019/03/11/apple-media-event-march-25/?fbclid=IwAR2j3n5aMX0Y2_U_754Lg_MLr6pq-QTi1uKHvo_BQ1riJA-Gcxx0Uvo7GCM
  20. Are you referring to the red clipping?
  21. @BTM_Pix Any plans to support iOS? I haven't looked through every post so not sure if you already talked about this but, I'm not so much an apple Fanboy but I really can't stand Android. I'm going to be picking up an iPad Mini in the near future and would love to be able to use it with my p4k.
  22. Where can this be purchased or more info had?
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