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  1. This is why I am hoping to end up at a favorite fov (XXmm) lens sensor combo and shoot 98% of my films with that. Let everything else just get out of the way.
  2. For me the number one biggest problem with the gh5 is the complex menu system. I find myself fiddling with settings even after I have customized all the buttons and C dial options. And when I’m shooting there’s always this thing in my head that is wondering if I got everything right. The amazing UI of the P4K is literally one of the main reasons I choose it over the gh5. It’s perfectly simple. No guess work. I don’t think it’ll happen but I wish Panasonic would work on this for both the gh and s series cameras. Something maybe like the new Sigma camera even.
  3. I think from both a marketing and engineering perspective it’s hard to add a mount where ZERO native lenses will work without a crop. Your auto crop idea is cool though. one additional solution is to include a BM designed M43 to EF adapter. Like have it already mounted on the camera, but could easily be removed.
  4. What I find interesting is that a few vocal members of the forum, @BTM_Pix and @Ed_David to name a couple, have both been silent on this thread since the Red threads were taken down. I hope they are ok. I understand well about being quiet for legal reasons. But it's a shame. I hope they are ok, with no broken legs and all of their fingers.
  5. I’ve noticed a differentiation between the use of RAW and raw. When people use RAW they, almost without fail, mean it how we are discussing it in this thread. When people use raw they often mean straight out of camera, even one that doesn’t shoot RAW. Like, “here is some raw footage straight from my gh5.” I know not everyone differentiates the way I do, but I wish they did. But at least when someone uses RAW you know exactly what they mean.
  6. Hello @lucabutera There are quite a few of us who are new to your speed boosters but yet highly intrigued and interested. Any info you could share with us about how they are installed, electronic contacts, estimated cost for this model, and estimated ship dates would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
  7. I thinks it’s sweet, if it delivers, which this guy seems to have a good history. Should be able to put old Nikons on that baby too right?
  8. For your needs..... at this time.... maybe. However for most it may be perfect. 6K braw is awesome for many, especially for those who shoot and edit their own projects. For many others, delivering 4K prores is standard. The 6K prores files would be enormous. (Though you could in fact shoot 6K braw and convert to 6K prores if you really need 6K prores.) However, for the few who would want 6K prores straight out of camera (though I can't imagine why) the good news is that BM initially did not offer 4.6K prores for the ursa mini. It was added later. They may in fact add 6K prores later for this camera too. But again, the 6K prores files are huge. I would say most post production folks would prefer the 4K prores anywho. braw, or other compressed raw files or codecs, are the way to go for these larger resolutions. For comparison, Q5 braw in 6K averages at about 95 MB/s. Prores HQ in 4K is 118 MB/s.
  9. When we talk crop factor, what we are all really wanting to know is FOV. What is X lens going to “see” on Y camera/sensor. One complicator is that there is both a horizontal and vertical FOV. So in the case of the full 6K 16:9 vs the 6K 2.4:1, the horizontal fov remains the same but the vertical fov is less in 2.4:1. The reason why the crop factor is considered smaller is because they use the diagonal measurement from corner to corner, which is slightly more in 16:9 than 2.4:1, even though the horizontal fov remains identical. Now, anamorphic adds another complicator altogether. It stretches the horizontal fov but leaves the vertical the same. The math for this is relatively simple, but since I don’t do it all the time it melts my aging brain. Now again, the root of all this crop factor talk is, fov... what will this lens/camera combo deliver. The reason we use crop factor is because it is always good to have a standard, a canon if you will, to compare apples to apples. In our case we use FF 35mm as the standard, and derive a crop factor from there. Even though I’m all for this since I’ve been doing it for years, it is odd since the standard for cinematographers for decades was s35, not FF 35mm or vista vision or whatevs. But clearly we are moving in the direction of FF so I guess it worked out. BOTTOMLINE I would only pay attention to the horizontal fov numbers/crop since this is what everyone is intuitively looking at anyway. (And then just assume the vertical fov will be relative to the aspect ratio.) Here’s the simple math for a few popular cams: (btw, the width of FF is 36mm) P6K width is 23.10. So 36/23.1 = 1.558 (can we call it 1.56?) P4K width is 18.96 so 36/18.96 = 1.89 URSA Mini Pro width is 25.34, so 36/25.34 = 1.42 Alexa Mini width is 23.8, so 36/23.8 = 1.51 XT3 - 23.5, 36/23.5 = 1.53 GH5 17.3, 36/17.3 = 2.08 For anamorphic I would first calculate the width based on the pixels. So P6K uses 3728 res for anamorphic. This is about 60.68% of the sensor so we’ll call it 14.02mm. Then you have to multiply by the anamorphic ratio you’re using - 2.0 or 1.3 for this cam. So 28.04 and 18.23 respectively. Therefore P6K anamorphic horizontal fov crop factors are In 2.0, 36/28.04 = 1.28 In 1.3, 36/18.23 = 1.97
  10. Does this mean you have used this IS with video work? Please share.
  11. So my quest is to be able to shoot with one lens. Perhaps a few shots here and there will need something else, but I’m looking to keep one lens on the camera 98% of the time. Changing lens is just too time consuming. With that said my 18-35 may still be a winner, but I am now gravitating toward the Canon 16-35 f4. Reasons are as follows: 1. I like having a wider option. The 16 end gives me closer to 25ish. B. The 16-35 has IS. Anyone tried this lens with video work? Lastly, I don’t necessarily mind the drop in speed, though it’s pretty significant. I typically shoot closer to f4 anyway. I don’t know. I’m back and forth. It’s really more about speed vs IS. i won’t have this camera for quite a while so I have plenty of time to figure it out.
  12. Yes. There’s a new “Do the work” mode, where you grab your camera and go shoot something. I haven’t tried it yet but eventually I will, once I get the right lens.
  13. Plus lenses for s16 could be more affordable or you get more for your money. You may be able to pick up an old cinematic zoom for less than a couple k.
  14. Even though the video looks gorgeous here, YouTube seems to add a “Suck” filter to everything uploaded. The Vimeo version, that I can only find on their site here, looks so much better. Almost 2 different videos.
  15. I changed my mind. The Angenieux EZ2 15-40 T2 is my preferred lens for this cam. ? But seriously how awesome would that be. FF 23-60 equiv. T2. Size and weight are the only drawbacks. Well and price. Tamron 15-30 could be nice too. Rear nd inserts. 4.5 stops of stabilization.
  16. Just watched all the sample vids of the P6K on BM’s website again and I am truly impressed. I didn’t think I’d care about 6K or S35, and maybe I don’t, but whatever is going on with that image is gorgeous. Oddly, 6K doesn’t look clinically sharp. It just looks right. Perhaps the larger sensor is helping. I have no idea. The color. The feels. Perfect.
  17. I’m thinking Tokina 11-20 and the 18-35. I don’t shoot much on the long end so that gives me wide to portrait. Btw, does anyone know the exact crop factor? Also, after seeing the footage it looks very very nice.
  18. Please provide evidence for any of this. Or not. I don’t care because at this point all you’ll share is fake news vitriol. What leftists have decided they can do is pick a position, scream it as loud as they can until they and everyone around them believe it’s true. If they want to punch you. Well they say it’s ok to punch Nazis. Then label you a Nazi. Then punch you. Regarding “confessed aspiring rapist” I assume you’re referring to his pu$$y comment. Which anyone with half a brain knows was said and meant as an exaggeration. Like “I’m going to kick his ass.” But I’ve never seen anyone actually kick someone in the ass. Fake news. Regarding “criminal”. No obstruction. No collusion. Fake news. Regarding “diagnosed compulsive liar” I haven’t heard this one. I mean I’m sure he lies or has lied. I would never attempt to defend this. But Hillary anyone? Fake news.
  19. I wouldn’t want to judge until I saw in the context of moving images. But based only on those screenshots I’d probably still meet them halfway with more saturation. Maybe not half but closer. At the end of the day, what does it matter to you? They’re paying for it. If they want fake tan skin, give it to them. Perhaps you could respectfully share your concerns, but if they want what they want, gladly give it to them. You can always create a version for your reel colored exactly the way you like it.
  20. I hadn’t seen that. Those are really nice. The wedding one was stunning. Gorgeous image. Looks like color science right ooc is super nice. I’d still like @Sage to put his touch on it but it is beautiful nonetheless.
  21. This is a promo. Not a film. More than not commercial stuff is going to be more saturated and brighter than you’d prefer. That said the first one is too much. If I were you I would crush my ego and say, “Oh. That’s great. I totally see what you want here. You’re definitely going in the right direction. However, there are a couple shots where it may be too much. Now that I know exactly what you want, would you mind if we dial those few shots back a touch. I think we’ll end up with exactly what you’re looking for and appeal to a wider range of preferences.”
  22. Maybe, but I’m not sure they have too much to worry about. $2500 is waaay different than $1300. Personally, without seeing footage, I’d still choose the P4K, and that’s not even based on price. I just like m43. 6K means more data. Def faster cards. And then there’s the xtra $1200. Maybe my mind will change once I see footage, but I’m thrilled with the P4K still.
  23. I agree. “Here is the camera. Here are the specs. Here is the price. You can buy now. But no sample footage.” Strange.
  24. Not that I’m a triggered snowflake, but the double standard is too frustrating to stay silent on. I get that many here hate Trump. This is ok. Freedom of thought and speech is healthy. So in that sense, fire away. But check this out... I couldn’t stand Obama. Still can’t. But imagine if I called him “the brown man”. Triggered much? See my point? Even though I’m ALL for freedom of speech, I’m also pro civility. Be respectful. I would never use the above phrase because I know there are various opinions and various sensitivities. It’s disrespectful. So I apply the golden rule and play it safe in my words so that we can dialogue and still remain civil. Otherwise a 5 page thread on a new camera has turned into a political thing and...
  25. You are correct that BM traditionally uses NAB for major hardware announcements, however BM actually announced the first URSA mini Pro a month before NAB. Seeing as its roughly a month before IBC it’s possible a newer pro version of the P4K could be announced. But I don’t think so. When they announced the first UMPro they first teased with a dark image of the new cam. So I’m guessing just firmware updates to the P4K. But here’s to hoping for a surprise.
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