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  1. Jimmy. You nut shelled it buddy. Someone once said of Trump. The right takes Trump seriously, but not literally. The left takes Trump literally, but not seriously. Add to that the fact that it doesn’t matter at all what he says. The liberal media takes everything he says and spins and distorts it. Ironically, the liberal media is behaving just like Trump. Maybe we should take them seriously but not literally. In the end this really comes down to core ideology. We care less about the victor’s vices as long as they lean our direction.
  2. @The ghost of squig @fuzzynormal Come on guys. Clearly the point of my posts were not to say that I am not interested in fruitful engagement. It’s the unfruitful part that I’m suggesting to avoid. That which aggravates. Like Trump tweeting he built an Apple plant in Texas. Who cares? Let it go. This is an easy one. Let the little stuff go. Life’s too short. Of course you won’t let it go though. The left just can’t stop making big out of small. And it works in the favor of the one you hate most. And it’s so obvious what’s going on. And it’s both sad and amusing. And this
  3. Actually you are wrong. It’s a sphere. Edit. Although your trusted fact site Wikipedia lists it as an oblate spheroid. Point being is you can be right, and wrong all at the same time. Depending on who you ask. Sound like anyone else?
  4. Nope. You were played. Just another distraction from the ridiculous impeachment drama. Any time wasted on this is a win. Or if nothing is said it’s a win too I guess. The thing is that it’s so obvious. I can’t believe it keeps working. I didn’t read much of your post. Any of them for that matter. I don’t need the aggravation. See how easy that is? I’m gonna have a great day. If libs could just do that with Trump it would work wonders. But won’t happen. Anyway. Take care.
  5. Lol. Guess it works for me too. Edit: man I wish I could figure out how to post a gif. I found the perfect one. https://giphy.com/gifs/fiddle-darby-ogill-king-of-the-leprechauns-pTeGp2LU7evMA
  6. Trump plays liberals like a fiddle. Both sad and hilarious at the same time.
  7. Seems like your video was handheld maybe. Was that using ibis? How does the Ibis compare to the GH5?
  8. I posted about this not long ago with a screenshot. Hook is right. This clipping is everywhere.
  9. This is so true. Several years ago I compared my Leica R’s to a Sigma 18-35. The difference in sharpness was striking. I figured that I would just sell my Leica R’s and keep the Sigma since it was faster and sharper and I had all my primes in one lens. But I’ve since learned that it’s not all about sharpness and speed. Our camera resolution and dual iso has bridged that gap. Leica R’s are like adding celluloid to your camera body.
  10. Any news? This camera with Video Assist and braw would be nice.
  11. Fake rumor. Thread locked.... Kidding. Philip Bloom just recently posted how much he loves the GFX 100. He mentioned nothing about rolling shutter which seems to be a caveat with many of these large sensor cams. But you mentioned it could be pretty good so time will tell. As far as hybrids go, the medium/large format are the ones that attract me most. If I were a serious photog that’s what I’d shoot for sure. Pricey though.
  12. I think newer firmware has addressed though, but still good to know. Regardless, some like myself would prefer the LPE6.
  13. I have found and read others experiencing 45-50 minutes. Still not great but better than 20. For some, like myself, more LPE6 is less a hassle than the extra attachments. Yours truly is a good solution though, just not for everyone.
  14. I use the c modes too. But one little change and I have to either re save it or fiddle with that change each time I start up the camera. Either of those options is a hassle for me. As much as I love the camera, and I do love it, I feel like it is working against me. The P4K on the other hand is a pleasure to use.
  15. This is why I am hoping to end up at a favorite fov (XXmm) lens sensor combo and shoot 98% of my films with that. Let everything else just get out of the way.
  16. For me the number one biggest problem with the gh5 is the complex menu system. I find myself fiddling with settings even after I have customized all the buttons and C dial options. And when I’m shooting there’s always this thing in my head that is wondering if I got everything right. The amazing UI of the P4K is literally one of the main reasons I choose it over the gh5. It’s perfectly simple. No guess work. I don’t think it’ll happen but I wish Panasonic would work on this for both the gh and s series cameras. Something maybe like the new Sigma camera even.
  17. I think from both a marketing and engineering perspective it’s hard to add a mount where ZERO native lenses will work without a crop. Your auto crop idea is cool though. one additional solution is to include a BM designed M43 to EF adapter. Like have it already mounted on the camera, but could easily be removed.
  18. What I find interesting is that a few vocal members of the forum, @BTM_Pix and @Ed_David to name a couple, have both been silent on this thread since the Red threads were taken down. I hope they are ok. I understand well about being quiet for legal reasons. But it's a shame. I hope they are ok, with no broken legs and all of their fingers.
  19. I’ve noticed a differentiation between the use of RAW and raw. When people use RAW they, almost without fail, mean it how we are discussing it in this thread. When people use raw they often mean straight out of camera, even one that doesn’t shoot RAW. Like, “here is some raw footage straight from my gh5.” I know not everyone differentiates the way I do, but I wish they did. But at least when someone uses RAW you know exactly what they mean.
  20. Hello @lucabutera There are quite a few of us who are new to your speed boosters but yet highly intrigued and interested. Any info you could share with us about how they are installed, electronic contacts, estimated cost for this model, and estimated ship dates would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
  21. I thinks it’s sweet, if it delivers, which this guy seems to have a good history. Should be able to put old Nikons on that baby too right?
  22. For your needs..... at this time.... maybe. However for most it may be perfect. 6K braw is awesome for many, especially for those who shoot and edit their own projects. For many others, delivering 4K prores is standard. The 6K prores files would be enormous. (Though you could in fact shoot 6K braw and convert to 6K prores if you really need 6K prores.) However, for the few who would want 6K prores straight out of camera (though I can't imagine why) the good news is that BM initially did not offer 4.6K prores for the ursa mini. It was added later. They may in fact add 6K pro
  23. When we talk crop factor, what we are all really wanting to know is FOV. What is X lens going to “see” on Y camera/sensor. One complicator is that there is both a horizontal and vertical FOV. So in the case of the full 6K 16:9 vs the 6K 2.4:1, the horizontal fov remains the same but the vertical fov is less in 2.4:1. The reason why the crop factor is considered smaller is because they use the diagonal measurement from corner to corner, which is slightly more in 16:9 than 2.4:1, even though the horizontal fov remains identical. Now, anamorphic adds another complicator altogether.
  24. Does this mean you have used this IS with video work? Please share.
  25. So my quest is to be able to shoot with one lens. Perhaps a few shots here and there will need something else, but I’m looking to keep one lens on the camera 98% of the time. Changing lens is just too time consuming. With that said my 18-35 may still be a winner, but I am now gravitating toward the Canon 16-35 f4. Reasons are as follows: 1. I like having a wider option. The 16 end gives me closer to 25ish. B. The 16-35 has IS. Anyone tried this lens with video work? Lastly, I don’t necessarily mind the drop in speed, though it’s pretty significant. I typically shoot closer
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