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  1. I agree with you about Cali webrunner. I was born and raised in SoCal. Lived there for nearly 40 years. Was a public school teacher for over a decade, then was suddenly fired because I wouldn't call a girl a boy. My family and I have since moved from the Communist State of California, and I hope to never return. I too wish they'd succeed, but it'll never happen.
  2. I would seriously love to learn what all that means. But alas, I'm 40, married, 5 kids, working hard, and when possible working on production.
  3. @Sage so I realize you'll need the GH5s before you can comment, but I am going to be interested to see how your conversion will work with GH5s footage. I plan on getting your conversion for my GH5 in the nearish future. So I was busy all day and have only peeked in here and there, so I haven't heard all the nitty gritty. Is it safe to say no ETC on the S? Also, any guesses as to whether or not the .64 speed boosters will work on the S (or the .71 for that matter).
  4. Why not have both? For $4300 you can have 2 cameras, each with a different set of strengths. @Neumann Films, what is the top anamorphic resolution for this camera. That part of it was really throwing me off with the screen grabs you posted. Does this new cam match the anamorphic res of the GH5?
  5. I can't believe anyone is considering whether or not to buy a camera with no official word on what it is. :|
  6. Yep. This guy is great Mercer. There is something ultra inspirational to me when someone commits to a few simple ideas and explores them to the fullest. With this guy its kids and backlighting, also throw in some haze here and there. Kudos to him for experimenting with haze. It's actually something I am going to be playing with in the near future myself. Can't thank you enough for sharing that.
  7. Well yah, because none of us know yet. Wait until we do know, and then you can say you don't know....
  8. This is great. Thanks for sharing. Amazing stories. Really cool for sure.
  9. Says you? Look, I'm not trying to say there is no morality or that Paul is not wrong. I'm saying that without a completely objective moral standard, there is no condemnation of another's actions, at least not a rationally sound one. If I scold my children for their bad behavior, but do not make clear what proper behavior is, who is the fool? In our case, we are the children, and we need a standard before we can soundly claim that another's behavior is not up to par with the standard. I'm not saying their is no standard, because there is. What I am saying is that expecting people to abide by standards that you do not objectively define, is foolish. You will go round and round. Please let no one think I am arguing for arguments sake. I am merely attempting to respectfully point out inconsistencies.
  10. Based on what? What moral standard? Who's to say he's wrong? Why are "clicks" wrong? What if that's the new morality and you're just living on the wrong side of history? How would you or anyone be able to say anything definitely without a moral foundation to base your claims on? How do you know you're right? Whose work ethic? Yours? Steve Jobs would laugh in your face. But then maybe Steve Jobs is what is wrong with this world. How would we know?
  11. Dude that's not a bar. That's completely subjective. "To each his own" is exactly the reason we're in this predicament. Paul is living out the belief of "to each his own". How could you possibly say "Paul is wrong" in one sentence, and then "to each his own" in another? That's self-defeating logic.
  12. "Ethics" and "moral standards" are tossed around the article as if there are any. Everyone has an opinion about what should or shouldn't happen, but no one is willing to own up to an actual objective standard of morality with which to base said opinions. With no objective moral standard, who can really say Paul is wrong? You can't. I mean, you can, but not with any soundness to your position. With no moral foundation, none of you are right, or wrong. The 20th century was all about eliminating objective morality. The 21st century is living with the consequences.
  13. Thanks for adding to this conversation. I wish we had more participation.
  14. Sorry. I don't have the link. It was a video posted from a conference. Which one I don't know, but it was since NAB 2017 (or possibly from NAB 17). Also, some of what I meant there was said to me personally at last year's NAB from BM reps, I believe even one of them being Dan May himself, though I talked about a couple things with him so I don't remember that was from him. Basically they are committed to nothing less than 4K. I think they've also said getting 4K into smaller bodies is tricky engineering. Again, another engineer spoke with me about a new camera. It came up because I made a request to have an alternate way to retrieve footage from their cams with something other than a card reader... i.e. a way to connect the camera directly to a computer or hard drive. He said they were already working on that and would look forward to speaking with me at next year's NAB. So take this as an official new rumor (F5) -- the next BM camera will be able to offload footage via a method other than card reader (mind blown). lol That's all I've got. We'll see if they overcome the engineering challenges and what actually materializes.
  15. I don't think so. Ever since the mishaps they had with the shipping delays of the original URSA mini, every single hardware announcement the've made has been ready to ship immediately or within in the immediate future. Personally I think they've learned their lesson in this regard. Personally I think there is already another camera. A BM engineer briefly talked about it with me at the last NAB and told me he looked forward to speaking with me about it at the following year's NAB (with a smile and wink). My guess is that the old BM would have announced it already. But this time they are waiting until they are ready. It also wouldn't surprise me if they announce and launch prior to NAB like they did the URSA mini pro, but who knows.
  16. Have you seen the images Luke has been posting? Go look through the Middle Path thread for the 6K image of the robot. There is no lack of detail. In fact I'd say the opposite is true. Also, it will cost $2500. Is that a hefty premium? Blackmagic is working on a smaller bodied 4K camera. But they are running into physics troubles, that I assume they'll eventually solve, probably by NAB. They've said as much.
  17. The first cut of my feature Luggage was 50 minutes. The story itself felt off, as did the duration. So I wrote in 6 dialogue scenes that were easy to shoot, actually helped the story substantially, and got us to 80 minutes, which is the shortest you really want for a feature. Right now I'm working on a couple different screenplays. For one of them I'm tossing around the idea of making it into a mini series of four to six 45 minute 'chapters'. There are a few ways to market those. One of which is to slap the first two together to make a 90 minute piece that I could show in a theater.
  18. I find a ton of inspiration in the work of some photographers, and I think it'd be great if we could all share some of our favorite. A couple ground rules: It would be great if photographers with a distinct style or technique were shared. And even a short something about them or what you find so unique and inspiring. Please include a link to their site, portfolio, or Instagram page. That small bit of work on your part would be a huge timesaver on our part. I'll start: Is it safe to say that Yousef Karsh is the greatest portrait photographer ever? Well he's certainly photographed the most iconic personalities of all time. Even though it is B&W, there is still a very classic cinematic feel to it. Tonal contrast master. I can't put my finger on why, but Deakin's work feels similar. Is it a classic use of soft light and shadows? I don't know what I'm talking about technically speaking but they resemble each other to me. Michael Muller's work is cinematic too, or is it just because he photographs movie stars? He loves the whole dual side light thing. I love that too. He's not afraid to sometimes let a subjects hair or clothes disappear into the background. He also loves the strange triangle or square eye light thing. I'm not such a big fan. His studio work is awesome, but so are the field shots. His shots tell great stories. (As I look at these photos I can't help but think to myself how full of themselves all these stars must be.) Eli Rezkallah's use of color contrast and affinity is worth looking at. I wouldn't be interested in this personally unless it was for something commercial. In which case it would be a blast. I am going to include Sandro Giordano's Instagram page only because it is so strikingly niche and distinct. If you are ever in the mood to reinvent yourself in a way that totally stands out, Sandro's work is a reminder that capitalizing and committing to a simple idea can work in this regard. In other words, creating memorable images might not be as difficult as it seems.
  19. What content are you finding in UHD? If you wanted classics like, say, The Godfather, or Jaws, or Shawshank, are they printing these in UHD? Also, are you concerned about HDR. Does a SDR 4K movie look good on an HDR display?
  20. Really good input Ethan. Thanks a ton. EDIT: One thing to note is that the 4K content on iTunes is streaming only, no download. Which is kind of ridiculous since the vast majority of people don't have the bandwidth to support 4K streaming. Not to mention we are living in times of uncertainty about bandwidth, which is much of the reason I am hoping to wean myself from constantly streaming content.
  21. Is your iMac solid state? If not, I would make it one. OWC sells kits to do this. It's not hard at all. The SSD drive that you use does not need to be purchased from OWC, so you can just get one as large and fast as you want, and then just buy the kit from OWC. I did this to my iMac, probably about the same age as yours, and it flies like the wind. It's going to cost you a couple hundo depending on the size of the SSD you get, but it is so worth it.
  22. Don, I am very interested in using CineForm. I agree about not using proprietary stuff (this is why I won't really ever go with FCPX). I followed the links you shared and read them, but I am not tech savvy enough to do whatever that second link was describing. I have Adobe Cloud. Is there a simple way for me to get and use CineForm on a Mac? EDIT: Never mind Don, I figured it out. For those also interested, look for "GoPro CineForm" in the drop down menu and not just CineForm. Here's a link from Adobe on the matter.
  23. X-Files is actually exactly one of the shows I'm looking to buy. And great point. Even though I've heard 35mm equates to 4K res, I wonder how noticeable the difference would be. You're missing the point Jon. We're slaves to Netflix. Since becoming a subscriber it almost seems like if it isn't on Netflix... it doesn't exist. And every few months I can always pay for a month or 2 of Netflix and binge watch whatever I've missed.
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