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  1. I've owned nearly every BM camera, but at present none, though the P4K is pre-ordered. The UMP image was amazing. Absolutely stunning. I did not own it for too long as Andrew wrote an article about how our enlarged rigs were decreasing production value instead of increasing. I agreed. Bought a GH5, which is also great, and sold the UMP. I'm kind of regretting that now because the image coming out of that camera with the new .braw is more than stunning. Dare I say it's film. I realize that in a side by side the Alexa or Venice would probably win, but would they also beat film? There
  2. Here's another example of b-raw. Guys, this is just magical to me. On one hand the data rate savings is massive, but this codec has done something to the look of this camera. It's different. Better. I used to say that this camera (UMP) was my favorite image under $40K, I think it is now my favorite image.
  3. This is incorrect. Whoever put this together was not using apples and oranges. BM's specs are in MegaBytes, Panny's are in Megabits. So, you could say that the P4K is 270 MB/s (actually 272) and GH5s is 50 MB/s, or P4K is 2,176 Mb/s and GH5s is 400 Mb/s. Also of note, BM uses an FPS of 30. Not sure why they do this. Is this standard? Not sure what Panny uses. Anyway, since many of us are shooting 24 fps the data rates are 20% lower. So with any of BM's data rate specs multiply by .8 for it's 24p equiv data rate. So 272 MB/s would actually be 218 MB/s (then multiply by 8 for it's Meg
  4. Maybe BM are looking for reviewers that aren't completely Napolean from the waste down.
  5. So I posted this in a new thread not realizing this was probably the better place for it. The new updated Tamron 15-30mm lens has some cool features for filmmakers. Though a very large lens. About a half pound heavier and inch long than Sigma 18-35 for reference. "Integrated rear filter holder permits working with cut gel-type filters." To me this sounds like one could drop in ND's in the back of the lens. Nifty. The front has the integrated hood so filters in general will need a Lee type filter system of some sort or a diy one like this. So this is a handy feature. Canon mount on
  6. @DBounce for the last several months you've been preparing us all for some major omissions from this camera's promoted specs. At this point do you think BM has delivered, or is it still too early to tell?
  7. Granted, this lens is huge. If you are looking for small and stealth, probably not this lens. Half a pound heavier and an inch longer than the Sigma 18-35 for reference. However, check out some of these features for filmmaking. "Integrated rear filter holder permits working with cut gel-type filters." To me this sounds like one could drop in ND's in the back of the lens. Nifty. The front has the integrated hood so filters in general will need a Lee type filter system of some sort or a diy one like this. So this is a handy feature. Canon mount only though. "VC image stabiliz
  8. You didn't mention budget. Apparently you have money to burn. This is good because Cineo lights are expensive but super powerful. Crazy powerful. Probably not HMI level, but stinking bright. The are similar to LED tech but it's called phosphor. I've played with them at NAB and also watched Alex Buono recreate a day scene shooting one of these through a faux window in a dark hotel event room. From the camera's point of view it looked like day. They are small enough to put in a suitcase, but very pricey. On the cheap, you can buy outdoor/exterior parking led lights. These lights get brighte
  9. Yup. I'm selling my GH5 for the P4K. But I love my GH5 and have thought that I'd love to have one of each for the sake of IBIS. Perhaps I'll pick one up again. Btw, I knew you were going to offer this, and I've many times thought you should create transformations from many different cameras to each other. I'm guessing there's a good deal of time and work that goes into that, but you could eventually build up an ecosystem that would make matching nearly any camera to any camera nearly effortless, and valuable.
  10. Joey Knox, the filmmaker for the mountain bike piece mentioned that the battery life was actually pretty good. This is encouraging. I have been disliking all the smaller power options, but if the P4K gets half of what Joey describes I'll just stick with the LPE6's. “My only concern was it used Canon LP6 batteries. I know from shooting on a 5D they can be a real issue in terms of battery life. But to my surprise, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K worked amazingly with these batteries. On the first day, I managed to shoot half a day’s footage with just one battery. It was a third-party
  11. Yah man. These videos keep getting better. This camera is no joke.
  12. Don't know if everyone has seen this, but BM is allowing us to download the files for ALL of the sample videos posted. Before I found this I had only seen the download feature enabled for one of John's videos. But they can all be downloaded here. - https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera/gallery
  13. Haven't been keeping up with this thread but the impression I get is that Panasonic knows they need to go with a larger sensor but doing so could wreck their m43 ecosystem and user base. What if they skipped full frame and went medium format? The gap between the two would be significant enough for neither to cannibalize the other. Man if they could democratize medium format that would be cool.
  14. I'm thinking this is a case of us debating about something that we actually agree on. One group is saying this new camera is missing the BMCC/BMPCC mojo. The other group is saying that they agree but this is ok because they believe that look will still be obtainable if desired, just not straight ooc (keep in mind we still have yet to see footage straight ooc). For the group that wants the og mojo/magic/whatever, 2 things. First, I really believe you'll be able to get something closer to that if you want it. Use vintage lenses, possibly a desharpening filter, and grade the way yo
  15. I kinda don't get what you're saying. What BM is delivering is more difficult to achieve (not necessarily better). The 'aesthetic' some are looking for I think will be easily attainable. I do think it would behoove BM to let Olan Collardy shoot and grade a short piece. I GUARA-FRIGGIN-TEE everyone's perception of the 'look' will suddenly shift massively.
  16. So this is not entirely related to your comment there, but do we know the 35mm stills crop factor equivalent of the P4K? I know its roughly 2x, but I thought I remember it being slightly better actually.
  17. Oh man. You're right. I was watching the prores footage as well but quicktime was downscaling it and I was getting moire from that. Just opened and viewed the prores file at 100% in AE and no moire. Phew! Still interested in the moire thing though. I wonder if JB or Captain Hook would be able to comment on that.
  18. So, not to rain on my own parade, but I have been concerned about moire with this cam since no olpf. Should be better than og pocket and bmcc I'd guess, but.... Check out John Brawleys video. The AC vent in the upper left hand corner is definitely showing some issues. Will be interesting to see more footage and reviews of this. The third party olpf's will be coming soon I bet. Still a great camera.
  19. Thank you @CaptainHook. This is my next camera. Most likely it already was but this was the icing on the cake. Just gorgeous. (My GH5 will be listed on eBay in 5, 4, 3....). Please also thank everyone there at Blackmagic and Mr Petty. This is simply stunning. We are so blessed and spoiled as filmmakers. I wish all the best to BM and hope they sell an absolute shit ton of these. I hope BM makes so much money that Mr Petty gets to swim naked in his vault of money like Scrooge McDuck. For those looking for the OG mojo. I think what you are after is nostalgia. However, I think what BM is
  20. I gotta say that on my end, the Vimeo version is night and day better than the Youtube version. Or maybe my data rate was super poor on Youtube. My goodness. I think the footage is stunning. I am so much more excited about this camera now. Can't wait to see more footage, and for the release.
  21. Hmmm... I'd like to try photographical photography with one of their cameras.
  22. I'm thinking Wyatt did no favors for the P4K with the TOD he chose. That's it. Same great composition, just doesn't feel right. The last series of shots on the beach particularly is not flattering for the P4K. But I don't think it would do any cameras any favors. Thanks @CaptainHook for sharing this with us. Please don't take my comments as a complaint. I'm encouraged actually. I think Wyatt's footage with different light or weather would be vastly improved. But actually, this was hard conditions for the camera and they still look great. I'm betting footage from this camera is going to ke
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