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  1. I'm thinking this is a case of us debating about something that we actually agree on. One group is saying this new camera is missing the BMCC/BMPCC mojo. The other group is saying that they agree but this is ok because they believe that look will still be obtainable if desired, just not straight ooc (keep in mind we still have yet to see footage straight ooc). For the group that wants the og mojo/magic/whatever, 2 things. First, I really believe you'll be able to get something closer to that if you want it. Use vintage lenses, possibly a desharpening filter, and grade the way you want it. Second, why not just buy a BMPCC or BMMCC? Many of these folks say they don't even care about 4K. Why would need a new version of the old camera? One can be had for very inexpensive on the used market, the other can be rigged anyway you like it. Point being, you already have your camera. I believe BM's goal with this camera is for it to be closer to the UMP than the original Pocket, and for good reason. URSA Micro would have probably been a better name. This new camera gives you more options than the original pocket. 4K. Higher FPS. Similar/same DR. Better/truer color science. New OS. Better audio options. Better battery. Better lowlight. LUT support, even baked in LUTS. Multiple recording options. Obviously the image itself is priority #1, and until these things are out in the wild we will not be able to make any definitive decisions about this. But I am part of group 2 at this point. I am very encouraged by the footage and believe this camera will be able to take me anywhere I need to go. On another note, @CaptainHook or @John Brawley I have a couple questions regarding functionality of this camera. Is this camera able to transfer files in camera? Say I shoot on a card but don't have a reader with me, but I do have a USB C device. Is it possible to transfer footage to the USB C device in camera? How does the stills function work, just by pressing the shutter button? Does it just record these as DNG's? Can the stills function work while recording video? How about fan noise? How noticeable has it been? How about ISO/ASA noise? I've noticed it a bit, even what almost looked like FPN in one of John's pieces. It hasn't bothered me because I really have to look for it. But I'm just wondering if you could talk about that more. Maybe compare it to one of the other BM cameras. If I buy this camera, will all of my wildest dreams come true? If I plaster BM stickers and posters all over town and prove to you that I am a worthy filmmaker, will you let me test one of your future new cameras? Thanks guys.
  2. I kinda don't get what you're saying. What BM is delivering is more difficult to achieve (not necessarily better). The 'aesthetic' some are looking for I think will be easily attainable. I do think it would behoove BM to let Olan Collardy shoot and grade a short piece. I GUARA-FRIGGIN-TEE everyone's perception of the 'look' will suddenly shift massively.
  3. So this is not entirely related to your comment there, but do we know the 35mm stills crop factor equivalent of the P4K? I know its roughly 2x, but I thought I remember it being slightly better actually.
  4. Oh man. You're right. I was watching the prores footage as well but quicktime was downscaling it and I was getting moire from that. Just opened and viewed the prores file at 100% in AE and no moire. Phew! Still interested in the moire thing though. I wonder if JB or Captain Hook would be able to comment on that.
  5. So, not to rain on my own parade, but I have been concerned about moire with this cam since no olpf. Should be better than og pocket and bmcc I'd guess, but.... Check out John Brawleys video. The AC vent in the upper left hand corner is definitely showing some issues. Will be interesting to see more footage and reviews of this. The third party olpf's will be coming soon I bet. Still a great camera.
  6. Thank you @CaptainHook. This is my next camera. Most likely it already was but this was the icing on the cake. Just gorgeous. (My GH5 will be listed on eBay in 5, 4, 3....). Please also thank everyone there at Blackmagic and Mr Petty. This is simply stunning. We are so blessed and spoiled as filmmakers. I wish all the best to BM and hope they sell an absolute shit ton of these. I hope BM makes so much money that Mr Petty gets to swim naked in his vault of money like Scrooge McDuck. For those looking for the OG mojo. I think what you are after is nostalgia. However, I think what BM is delivering is actually a higher calling or standard, and the nostalgic look can still be had, it's just not default ooc. For further proof, have a re-look at @John Brawley's UM launch video. Clean and modern and spot on. Now have a look at Olan Collardy. His work screams of beautiful nostalgia. Looking for magic?.... make it. BM cameras won't hold you back in the least. So happy.
  7. I gotta say that on my end, the Vimeo version is night and day better than the Youtube version. Or maybe my data rate was super poor on Youtube. My goodness. I think the footage is stunning. I am so much more excited about this camera now. Can't wait to see more footage, and for the release.
  8. Hmmm... I'd like to try photographical photography with one of their cameras.
  9. I'm thinking Wyatt did no favors for the P4K with the TOD he chose. That's it. Same great composition, just doesn't feel right. The last series of shots on the beach particularly is not flattering for the P4K. But I don't think it would do any cameras any favors. Thanks @CaptainHook for sharing this with us. Please don't take my comments as a complaint. I'm encouraged actually. I think Wyatt's footage with different light or weather would be vastly improved. But actually, this was hard conditions for the camera and they still look great. I'm betting footage from this camera is going to keep getting better. Can't wait to see skin.
  10. Well, I shot this short/test for fun last summer with the GH5 with similarish content and conditions. Maybe some value in comparing the two. I think I intentionally went 'darker' with my CC, but if I had to guess I'd say the P4K has more range than the GH5. Here's one of the initial released videos from the URSA mini with similar content shot by the same guy the P4K footage above. There's something magical about these images. Can't compare the two cameras. But good for reference.
  11. I've noticed that about Olympus as well. Can I make an observation? Hopefully this is received in the same spirit as I intend it. I think I've only ever seen you post still images. That one with the birds is rad btw. You've been talking a lot about and referencing stills. Especially obviously in this thread. Is it possible that you really want a stills camera? Maybe you'll just love telling stories with still images. At least with this camera... obviously you have the 5D for video... which btw is decent for stills as well. I'm not saying you should hang up your video shoes. I'm just wondering if there is a photographer inside of you dying to introduce himself to the world.
  12. Forget N-log or Z-log, I'm waiting for one of these cameras to implement Captains log.
  13. Its the corner of the camera with the shutter button. Well that'd be a strange place for a shutter button. Probably I'm wrong.
  14. @mercer, Fuji would be at the top of my list if stills were going to be close to half of why I owned it. Fuji has top class colors. Fuji also has great lenses and I want to get a Fuji so bad. The caveat though is of course worlds worst RS. Autofocus and and IBIS seemed iffy last I looked, but those could have improved. I haven't been paying close attention. If you go with the GH5 you'll absolutely love IBIS. I never would have guessed how awesome it could be. The files feel as good as prores to me. With Sage's LUT colors are great (I actually don't have it yet though but from what I've seen it looks great). I've used the GH5 for stills and they look great. First is before CC. Again, if stills is close to half of your intended use, go with APSC or greater, therefore Fuji. If stills are an 'also ran', go with the GH5.
  15. This is basically the focal length I’m going for. I’ve decided just to sit tight with my 18-35 for now and pick up the bm4kpcc when it ships. I wish there were more/faster lenses out there in the +-20mm range. The 18-35 is actually ideal except that it doesn’t have hard stops and is a bit long.
  16. Can Minolta be adapted to EF? I don't have plans to use an EF camera, but I'm just wondering. Man plan is to make several shorts. Been working on an idea for several months. Hopefully I get a chance to produce them in the near future.
  17. Hey guys, looking for your input. Im looking to put together a small set of lenses, probably either Nikkor or Canon fd to pair with my GH5. I already have a couple Nikkors and the speedbooster, but I’ve heard great things about the fd’s, but I have no experience with them. I’d love to hear from folks with experience with fd’s, especially who’ve also used Nikkors. EDIT: add Minolta Rokkors to the possible list. @mercer
  18. The Canon logo, and less features. Next to film, Sony Venice is my favorite image. Then UMP. It’s really a special image. I really hope it’s upcoming little brother rocks. Not that the UMP is huge, but I’m trying balance image with size.
  19. Kaylee. I’ve not done Resolve to AE. But I’ve often done Premiere to AE. Of course those two were made for each other, but the basic principle I believe is the same. In my experience and opinion, I’d save cc for last. Meaning, end in Resolve. If Resolve is your editor, begin there. Or Premiere, doesn’t matter. Any clips that are going to need fx work just keep in timeline as temporary placeholder. Once your timeline is edited, bring the clips that need fx work into AE and do your thing. Export those and then drop them back into your editor to replace their unfinished originals. Then color correct. Thats how I’ve done it. If an entire sequence needs fx you may consider exporting the whole thing and bringing into AE. But you’d probably still want to end with cc. To me the reason for ending with cc is that’s often where you push or pull the footage the most. Doing fx work after that could put too much strain on the footage.
  20. Until 28:10 on a video 26 minutes long?
  21. I just noticed that Affinity has a vector app called Designer. This is great. They seem like an experienced company (not likely to vanish in a year) with a cohesive suite of apps. I think this rounds out my alternative solutions to Adobe. I'll probably (finally) be switching soon. Btw, I love the way you write. Doesn't surprise me that you get so many likes.
  22. Thank you for sharing that about Affinity Photo. The combination of After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator are why it has been impossible to leave Adobe for Resolve. But I’ve been watching some videos on the Resolve/Fusion combo and it looks promising. Affinity Photo looks like it could easily replace Photoshop. Would that be the front runner Photoshop replacement? Any other strong candidates? Also, how about a vector app? Are the vector tools in Affinity fairly robust? Or is there another better app for this? Pixelmator seemed promising at one point, but I’m also trying to stay away from OS specific apps. Come September/October, I may be interested in paying “Full” price for Resolve, and getting a great 4K camera with it for free.
  23. The look of those images is stunning. Do we know what camera he shot that with?
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