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  1. I like the skin of the lower more. I assume that's the C500.
  2. Colors look awesome @mercer. Also the locations are very photographic. Keep up the great work. When will we get to see some moving pictures?
  3. If you watch the video Jon posted you'll learn that s-log is already HDR/HLG. The curve is the same. Logs look great on HDR TV's right out of the box.
  4. Jon, this was an absolutely great watch. Thanks for posting. For those who are wondering what all this new lingo means, this video, though kinda long, explains it well. Here are my take aways. (Those more technical than I are encouraged to point out my mistakes.) Rec 2020 has to do with color, not luminance. It greatly broadens the amount of color values that can be displayed compared to Rec 709. Also, Rec 2020 derives it's name in that it is supposed to be the standard by the year 2020. Meaning that Rec 709 was standardized in 709. AD or BC the video did not say. HDR describes an increased luminance range (I think all of us filmmakers know this one). SDR's limitation is 100 nits. HDR's limitation was confusing to me since at first I thought I heard 1000 nits, then he started describing another format (2084) with a threshold of 10,000 nits. Suffice it to say, HDR has a whole lot higher brightness threshold. With HDR, white will be at 100 nits, and anything above is highlights, like lightning or fire. Also, he didn't say this, but my impression is that HDR seems to be a catch all name for greater luminance AND the greater color format rec 2020, even though this isn't accurate. There is a dilemma with HDR in that broadcasters would need to deliver or transmit 2 formats, HDR and SDR, for people with either display. HLG is an attempt to solve this dilemma by being one delivery format for either HDR or SDR displays. HLG has a 5000 nit threshold. All the log (s-log, c-log, etc) formats delivered by our cameras these days actually look great on HDR TV's. These log formats make a great master for future proofing. Don't make rec 709 masters. Atamos Inferno or whatever it's called makes a great and very color accurate HDR monitor. An English accent makes you 10 times smarter. That's all I can remember. Thanks again Jon for sharing.
  5. The work you've posted here is awesome Kidz. You continue to work to get the most out of your gear, and this is exactly the right approach. I have already learned a lot from you, and may even reach out one day with questions. Keep up the great work.
  6. So several year ago at NAB Dolby had this booth where they showed off HDR. This was pretty new at the time. They had 2 monitors. One showing a 4K image. The other showing an HD image with HDR. It was kind of a blind test. Most people would choose the HD with HDR over the 4K image as the better, higher res image. Theres probably 1 zillion variables that could influence perception beyond the few they highlighted, but the take away is that HDR was a more noticeable image improvement than 4K, but only required a 25% increased data rate compared to 4K. However tech companies and TV manus still went with 4K. Why? I think because resolution is an easier sell to a consumer than dr. It's easier to understand. With that said, consumer res will top off at 4K for the long long long foreseeable future. Broadcast and streaming are still not really ready for even 4K. Even though 4K TV's are inexpensive, I still know only 1 or 2 people with a 4K TV. But I do think 4K TV's will start building steam. And I think HDR will also become a thing if manus can make the image improvement noticeable. Current TV's just look horrible. The bar is low, so should be achievable. TV manus need a next big thing. 8K is just too much data and too stupid, at this point. 3D never looked great and was more a novelty. I still can't understand why anyone would want to watch a 3D movie. 4K HDR is still a bit off, but will be the thing.
  7. I am super new to the anamorphic world. Well, I never owned or used one and am just now looking into them. Anyway, your footage is among the best I've seen. It has that cinematic quality without trying too hard. Thanks for posting. Any information you could point me toward would be awesome.
  8. Hard to deny the beautiful look of this camera. Better than any of the other Canon images imo.
  9. First, why not just repost those frames here? Why send us to another forum to look at 4 single frames. Second, why not post a video of those tests? That's where you're going to see the motion differences.
  10. This looks really really nice to my eyes. Looking forward to the recipe.
  11. For me After Effects is just as critical as having an editor. I know BM has Fusion, but it's just not there. I also use Photoshop frequently, but I'm sure that could be replaced with something else. With that said I'd love to see BM's suite catch up. I'd switch.
  12. Interesting idea but doesn't really solve the main problem, which is that consumers no longer really buy any more. Between Pandora, Netflix, Amazon, and Redbox the habits of most have been set against long form content creators. Not to mention that if I were to buy, from where and what would I purchase? Blu ray? 4K? Soon HDR? Or should they buy digitally from Amazon, iTunes, Vudu? The amount of options paralyzes consumers. I realize this is not an axiom, but it's mostly true. Unfortunately independent content creators need people to buy, which people just don't really do anymore.
  13. The colors of that are just so good. Crazy good. Doesn't really get better than that good. Yah. If they could improve RS and maybe add IBIS, I would snap this up faster than whatever.
  14. Officially my new favorite term for the film look. Gonna have to work on getting some patina into my GH5 footage.
  15. Man I so badly want to have that camera. I have the GH5 and have to keep reminding myself that the look is only 1 part of the equation. The shortcomings of the DB and the virtues of the GH5 are impossible for me to ignore for telling stories. But I just really really really love that image. It's like an onion... makes me cry. Why oh why can't someone put that sensor in a dslr sized body. And, can a manufacturer return to CCD tech? Is a 4K CCD possible?
  16. The phrasing of that post is definitely several notches better than my typical gooder grammar skillz. That said, those videos were hilarious. My 12 year old daughter loves to cook and she is going to love watching those. I can never guess the camera right. My first guess was going to be F3 just because I think you have one. But then I remembered you were doing sound. Then I thought maybe GH5, but only because that's a hot topic. Or C200. Or 70mil film. Meh. iPhone 8?
  17. This cam is slowly winning me over. Wish I had an extra 6 grand lying around.
  18. I think you're going to hate mx sensor. BM is not perfect either. Having used both I'd go with BM. Plenty others would say different. As much as I love BM and hate Canon the C200 is attractive if put in the right perspective. Still flawed though and there's no perfect cam.
  19. Page 185. In future you can download the pdf manual and do a word search. I searched for image sequence, Which is what I believe you'll need.
  20. Which Apple Store did you work at? I worked at the one in Otay Ranch down in SD for about a year and a half. Also, which mountain town are your folks in, if that's not too straightforward?
  21. My understanding of what JCS is saying is that all film, even modern, is not as precise as digital. In other words, film is mechanical, not electronic, and therefore there are some extremely subtle variances to the way it records. These variances could be both temporal and positional. Unlike digital which will be perfect. I don't think we're talking about massive skipping and stuttering, I think we're talking about nearly imperceptible flaws that make a film feel alive the way digital, video, often does not.
  22. Good idea. That's one more thing for me to experiment with. But also begs the question as to why some cameras, take black magic for instance, have such a good feel of motion, when it's very doubtful that they are playing with temporal values in camera. One more question, should we all be shooting at 24P and distributing at 23.98?
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