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  1. Sage I love those images. I will most likely be buying this coming week. Will probably have some questions but from what I can tell your PDFs will probably explain everything for me.
  2. Very well done Oliver and congratulations. Looks big time. No one would watch that and guess GH5. Nice.
  3. And we thought Apple was abandoning pro users.
  4. Yah web runner just lost all credibility with me with that statement.
  5. The good news is that the cream always rises to the top. Like you I am surprised by the lack of fanfare for this camera. When I look up GH5s on Vimeo there are hardly any videos. I don't think they did a good job with the release and I don't think it should have been related to the GH5. They should have given it it's own name. People were bummed by the lack of IBIS and same AF performance. Maybe calling it an EVA mini would have been better. The image from this camera is gorgeous. Give it some time. Someone important will realize its value and the minions will follow. I hope.
  6. I have been thinking for a while that the GH5S is the Ursa micro everyone has been waiting for.
  7. Home Depot and Lowes sell a TON of led lights that are affordable and many or most claim CRI's of 90+. I just bought a flat panel from Lowes that outputs a pretty decent amount of really nice soft light and could easily be fitted with a pin to mount on a c-stand or whatever. The biggest issue is finding true daylight temp, which there is nearly none of. I also just found a fixture at Costco that can adjust from 2700 to 5000 with a remote. Just keep your eyes open at Walmart, Costco, Lowes and Home Depot.
  8. I've shot a ton of vertical video for green screen, but that was not for social media reasons. You just end up with more usable resolution shooting green screen vertical. I did produce a square video for a client for social media. In the end no on really liked it. The second video of that series we ended up going with a 4:3 ratio which was so much nicer.
  9. Personally I love buttons. The lack of them makes me tense. I love tactile response.
  10. Can anyone think of a phone solution for me? I hate touchscreen. I'm 6'6" with pretty large hands and all these phones are designed for high school girls. I can't hit the buttons with my fingers. I've tried going to a flip phone, which I love, but in the end the camera, maps, and dictate to text are invaluable commodities of the smart phone. I always end up back at the smartphone even though I hate the touchscreen. Is there a flip phone + smartphone tethering combo where I could have the best of both worlds? I wish Apple had an 8 bit mode for their iOS where all the buttons were 5 times larger. I could care less how pretty the OS looks. I just want to be able to hit the intended button 100% of time. Is that too much to ask? Way off topic. Waaaaaay off topic. Probably wrong forum altogether. It's just that all the talk of phones and new phones constantly reminds me that NO ONE has delivered a usable phone since 2007.
  11. I've tried this and Jon moved it to a sub forum even though I wrote extensively on why it was a test, what I was testing, and what I discovered through the process. I then asked the moderators in a thread to clarify what I needed to do to not be moved to irrelevance but that was quickly deleted.
  12. I realize this is a gear head forum. Actual filmmaking threads are not popular. They should be. This is what it's all about. But alas. There is so much interesting to me about the film. Ima total sucker for treasure movies. Docs or narrative, doesn't matter. Most people hate the fact that the film turns out to be completely fake. I'm not sure why. Were they not entertained for the 82 minutes they knew the film would be? I loved it. It totally got me. The whole time I kept thinking... "Oh man, this is unbelievable." lol... And it just got more unbelievable as the film went on. And then the Mickey Mouse at the end. What a gag. Awesome! What's interesting to me is that here we have an artist who made a film to generate interest in his art. Could the opposite work for a filmmaker? I guess it could be argued that Lucas already did this. He made a movie, and then sold figurines of the characters. The bottomline for me is that, as filmmakers, making a movie is not enough. There must be something else. A gag. A movement. Rally. Cause. Message. Trick. By all means, focus on making movies. But if you really want to be successful and sustainable, there has to be something else, and it's gotta be out of the box.
  13. ALERT: If you have not seen this film, GO TO NETFLIX AND WATCH IT NOW! Not only will the following contain spoilers, but it will COMPLETELY ruin the viewing experience. COMPLETELY. You may hate the movie, or love it, but if you do not watch it now blindly, you will not be able to do it later. DO NOT search for the movie on Google. I repeat. Do not look it up at all. Just go to Netflix at watch. Do NOT read the comments, or you will not have the proper viewing experience. I can't express it enough. ************************************ I'd like to start a discussion on this, but don't have time to add my thoughts at the moment. Will do so later.
  14. I agree with you about Cali webrunner. I was born and raised in SoCal. Lived there for nearly 40 years. Was a public school teacher for over a decade, then was suddenly fired because I wouldn't call a girl a boy. My family and I have since moved from the Communist State of California, and I hope to never return. I too wish they'd succeed, but it'll never happen.
  15. I would seriously love to learn what all that means. But alas, I'm 40, married, 5 kids, working hard, and when possible working on production.
  16. @Sage so I realize you'll need the GH5s before you can comment, but I am going to be interested to see how your conversion will work with GH5s footage. I plan on getting your conversion for my GH5 in the nearish future. So I was busy all day and have only peeked in here and there, so I haven't heard all the nitty gritty. Is it safe to say no ETC on the S? Also, any guesses as to whether or not the .64 speed boosters will work on the S (or the .71 for that matter).
  17. Why not have both? For $4300 you can have 2 cameras, each with a different set of strengths. @Neumann Films, what is the top anamorphic resolution for this camera. That part of it was really throwing me off with the screen grabs you posted. Does this new cam match the anamorphic res of the GH5?
  18. I can't believe anyone is considering whether or not to buy a camera with no official word on what it is. :|
  19. Yep. This guy is great Mercer. There is something ultra inspirational to me when someone commits to a few simple ideas and explores them to the fullest. With this guy its kids and backlighting, also throw in some haze here and there. Kudos to him for experimenting with haze. It's actually something I am going to be playing with in the near future myself. Can't thank you enough for sharing that.
  20. Well yah, because none of us know yet. Wait until we do know, and then you can say you don't know....
  21. This is great. Thanks for sharing. Amazing stories. Really cool for sure.
  22. Says you? Look, I'm not trying to say there is no morality or that Paul is not wrong. I'm saying that without a completely objective moral standard, there is no condemnation of another's actions, at least not a rationally sound one. If I scold my children for their bad behavior, but do not make clear what proper behavior is, who is the fool? In our case, we are the children, and we need a standard before we can soundly claim that another's behavior is not up to par with the standard. I'm not saying their is no standard, because there is. What I am saying is that expecting people to abide by standards that you do not objectively define, is foolish. You will go round and round. Please let no one think I am arguing for arguments sake. I am merely attempting to respectfully point out inconsistencies.
  23. Based on what? What moral standard? Who's to say he's wrong? Why are "clicks" wrong? What if that's the new morality and you're just living on the wrong side of history? How would you or anyone be able to say anything definitely without a moral foundation to base your claims on? How do you know you're right? Whose work ethic? Yours? Steve Jobs would laugh in your face. But then maybe Steve Jobs is what is wrong with this world. How would we know?
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