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  1. I'd be interested to see what other's have to say about this as well. But I've been told that the "poor man buys twice", so maybe we should just go get the right the first time. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/476493-REG/Sekonic_401_760_L_758C_Cine_Light_Meter.html
  2. Well, if the music is good then those prices are EXTREMELY reasonable. That would make me very happy. If it works out, here are some of my thoughts as to what would be useful for me. 1. Allow non watermarked lower quality download before purchase. I know this is kind of a tough pill to swallow for content creators, but I'm thinking that most will be glad to pay for high quality music at those prices. Then let us download a useful temp track without an annoying watermark. The higher quality file that will be obtained upon purchase needs to be the identical duration and volume so that an easy "replace file" command can be done. 2. Get cinematic stuff, and beddy stuff. The Music Bed has some great stuff, but much of it seems to end up crescendoing, which is great for films and a bunch of stuff, but not for simple videos where you just need a light filler in the background. 3. It'd be great if you could offer different versions of the same track that are included with the purchase. Like one with and without piano, or drums, or vocals or whatever. I find that when I have 2 or 3 different versions (all the same duration and volume) I can easily arrange them and end up creating something unique and useful for my project. I'll probably have some more thoughts, but those are first ones to come to mind. I think the idea is great, and there's a wide open market. jonesy
  3. "Something is going to change big-time soon but I can’t spill the beans until June 3rd, however you have to know now for the sake of the review being comprehensive that sensor size and inability to get the most out of your EF lenses will not always be an issue…" "Not signed an NDA but the company are friends and I'm going to shut up until they're ready. I have been testing the X today and all I can say is.... WOW!!" I too am assuming this is a speedbooster... maybe a Sigma one. I just hope they have all varieties, including one that takes Leica R.
  4. In my opinion, doing all the research that you are doing is great, and absolutely necessary, but there is nothing like experience. Here's the thing that I have learned, you're going to buy a camera, and it's not going to be perfect, regardless of the one you choose. You'll learn a ton from your experience with that camera, but then you'll want to upgrade and so you'll buy another one, and it won't be perfect either. So, you'll upgrade again eventually, and so on and so forth. Until eventually you realize that investing in cameras is like pouring money down the toilet. So you'll begin investing in lenses and tripods and mics and other things that don't lose value so quickly. But your tastes will change regarding those things, so then you'll eventually replace that gear with other gear, until one day you realize all that stuff doesn't really matter because it's all about story. Along the way you'll waste tons of money and time, but unfortunately there's no way to skip from A to Z. The journey is very important and unavoidable, and fun. Just be prepared for the world you're about to enter, and jump in with both feet. You're gonna make mistakes and there's no perfect anything. At least that's been my experience.
  5. So, thanks to everyone for your help. I just recently discovered this forum. Man, where have I been hiding? "sorry but correct me if im wrong. no country was not shot with anamorphic lenses." "By the way, neither "The Matrix" nor "No Country For Old Men" was shot with anamorphic lenses." This I guess is just my mistake. I thought for sure they were anamorphic. I guess they were just printed to anamorphic for distribution? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0133093/technical?ref_=tt_dt_spec "in my experience it's the opposite... with anamorphics you get wider shots so in essence you almost always are using a longer focal length so to simulate the look you have to compress the depth a little using longer lenses and moving back..." You might be right. Thinking about what anamorphic lenses do makes my brain hurt. I'm looking forward to testing this out. But for some reason I'm still leaning toward thinking it's wider that I'm going for. But we'll see. "Short answer - use a spherical lens and crop top and bottom" This is what I was thinking. "Yes. Impossible." Are you referring to the look of anamorphic lenses, or the field of view? I'm not too worried about the look so much, just the field of view. And I don't really understand why the field of view would be impossible to replicate. Your just squeezing an image and then stretching it out again. But again, thinking about this makes my head hurt. I need to try it out to grasp it. Thanks again everyone.
  6. So, for starters I have to admit right off the bat that I have not purchased and read the EOSHD Anamorphic guide. I have thought about getting it, but it kinda depends on the answer to my question. Recently I have been watching No Country For Old Men and The Matrix, two of my favorite films ever and I'm just so impressed by the look and feel of those films. They're both shot using the anamorphic process and it got me wondering if that look is ONLY achieved with anamorphism, or if it can also be achieved with a spherical system. Let me clarify what I am speaking of. I have NO interest in cool lens flares and almost no interest in oval bokehs. There does seem to be an interesting texture (if I may call it that) that comes with anamorphic lenses, but that still is not really what interests me. The thing I am interested in is the field of view. Is the field of view that is produced with anamorphic lenses IMPOSSIBLE to achieve with spherical lenses, or is it just EASIER to achieve with anamorphic? I can't help but think that I can just slap on a wider lens and move in closer (and of course chop off the top and bottom of the frame in post... gasp), but I've yet to really conduct a thorough test of this. I plan on doing a test in the next couple weeks when I have some time, but I thought maybe someone here already knew the answer. I'd really love your input, and if anyone has seen any tests on youtube or vimeo I'd love to check them out. Thanks in advance. jonesy
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