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  1. No examples of your work? Exactly! Get out and do something dude!
  2. Not sure how that grade abysmal. MattH, would you please post some of your films with examples of your grading work so that we know your reference point and so we can all see how it's supposed to be done. Thanks.
  3. John, that's another solid idea. Thanks for your help guys. I dunno. Maybe I'll feel them out at the premiere. Still waiting for that moment of clarity. This is one of those things you never think about as a filmmaker. I spend all my time thinking about story and gear and such.
  4. Hmmm. Now I'm even more concerned. :{ Well, the next couple weeks/months will be a great learning process that's for sure.
  5. Yes JohnVid. The film is called Luggage. You can learn more about it at www.seethroughproductions.com or check out the trailer
  6. That is actually happening as well. However not everyone will be able to attend so they want a copy to show those folks.
  7. So I just finished my first feature film. My plan all along was self distribution, however, some interest has developed from a potential distributor. They are asking that I send them a copy of the film. They are willing to sign an NDA, but being that this is my first rodeo I just don't know how concerned I need to be about protecting my film. I understand I have some natural copyright protection, but I definitely do not have the resources to protect it legally speaking. Anyone have any experience or advice with this? jonesy
  8. Ebrahim, you nailed it. For commercial use I think this camera is probably just right, but for cinema... no way. I am definitely more interested in cinema capabilities and the ursa, as odd as it is (and btw this FS7 will be even more odd and heavy once equipped for cinema), is much more attractive to me.
  9. My belief is that if you have a great story that's well written with great performers and if your tech is good enough to do the trick and not distract or get in the way, then you have cinema (regardless of where it is playing - TV, internet, theater). If you do those things right people will get engrossed in the film and all the other things don't really matter. Of course, we all have our preferences of what cinema should look or feel like, but that is very subjective. I could give you mine, but would that really get us anywhere? Make your films look and feel the way you think they should. But don't forget story, script, performance, tech.... and in that order. My $.02.
  10. Matt, you nailed it! :) 95% of this film was shot with a 7D. The only part of the trailer that is not 7D is the sand at the very end... which is GH3. Also, thanks for the tech suggestions.
  11. Filmed in southern California. Actually though, the cameras did fine in the sand. They're built pretty durable. Believe it or not, the gear that had the most trouble were tripods and vari nd filters.
  12. Been working on this one for a while and would love to hear your thoughts... critical or otherwise. This is the trailer to a feature film with a runtime of about 80 minutes. Was made with less than $8000 and a TON of sweat equity. Would be happy to share more info about the film if there is any interest. www.seethroughproductions.com I'm also curious to know if the camera used is obvious. I assume it probably is. Anyway, thanks for looking. jonesy
  13. So, just a quick question, am I allowed to post a trailer here, or will that result in a forum whipping? I know that's kinda what the screening room is for, but no one ever goes there and I'm sure you'd get a lot more traction here. I have a trailer I think some folks would like to see and know about but I don't want to overstep my boundaries. It's not my house after all.
  14. Really great thread. Thank you for asking these questions (great original post) and for those offering their knowledge and experience. With that said, can anyone answer this question? Do the lower .3-1.2 tiffen ND's not have the IR protection that the higher 1.5-2.1 ones do? If you look at the BH site it specifically mentions this feature for the higher ones, but not the lower. But when you buy them altogether in the kit the IR feature is listed as if they all have that feature. Does that make sense? Here are the links. See what I mean? Lower http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/729107-REG/Tiffen_W77INDNDKT_77mm_Indie_Neutral_Density.html Higher http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/729157-REG/Tiffen_W77INDUGKT_77mm_Indie_Upgrade_Infrared_Neutral.html Kit http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/729154-REG/Tiffen_W77INDPROKT_77mm_Indie_Pro_Infrared_Neutral.html
  15. Andrew, just out of curiosity, does this mean you know something that you can't tell us, or are you simply stating what is most likely the obvious hand writing on the wall?
  16. hmcindie, good list and good examples. You're right, I hadn't noticed those, but that's because they are the exception, not the rule. When you look at cinema what sticks out to you is NOT shallow dof. And as Axel said, those shots could easily be achieved with an S35 sensor, even m43 for that matter. As I suspected, this discussion of FF vs S35 seems to come down to dof, which again, is of almost no importance for me. I definitely think there's a time and place for it, and it is kinda nice having the option. But the microscopic dof achieved with FF is almost pointless imo. Also, I don't buy this claim that FF is different than S35 with speedbooster. A 35mm is 35mm however it is achieved. Anyway, thanks for all your input everyone. It's been very educational.
  17. Not everyone. Something else to throw into the mix is that cinema lenses are designed for S35.
  18. Honestly, if they reshot Good, Bad, and Ugly, I would puke all over myself... on purpose!!! That film is utterly gorgeous. That is the last thing that film needs to redo. My biggest complaint about that film is the audio, which is atrocious. Really really bad adr. That aside, it's an amazing film. I think the thing that turns some folks off is the lengthy story development. It takes like 45 minutes to get to act 2. That was pretty typical though back then. Our attention spans these days are
  19. Question, do FF in crop mode give you the same res? IOW, will FF 4K give you 4K in crop mode? I don't think so, which would kind of defeat the purpose.
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