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  1. I love the original URSA. I think the mini is much more versatile, but I would love that big screen and two other screens and big LED's.
  2. I just realized that the URSA mini on display at NAB is behind a glass case, i.e., there is no hands on demo. 2 years ago the Pocket and Production cameras were introduced and both were available for hands on demos. Last year URSA and Studio cams were introduced, both had hands on demos. This year, no hands on demos. Do you think that means anything about their current state of development, and possibly shipping dates?
  3. ​Then why not advertise as such. Seems like a missed opportunity, if those features do exist in the device.
  4. I have been wondering about the waveform and histogram stuff too. My greatest request would be false color. I assume it will have waveform and histogram like the side panels of URSA (I believe they have these) as well as focus peaking, but probably not false color. But couldn't they add whatever is missing via firmware update?
  5. ​In the video at around the 1:38 point there is a shot of the skateboarders with the sun almost directly behind them. The skateboarders are still completely visible, not dark silhouettes, and the sky is still properly exposed all in the same shot, you can even see all the clouds, some of them right next to the sun. To my eye the colors throughout the video are really really nice, and the low light seems to be at least decent. If you are only a doc filmmaker, maybe the FS7 is still the way to go. Definitely better lowlight. The ND's as well. As someone pointed out, you can make the Sony stuff look cinematic. But to me, the Blackmagic stuff just oozes cinema without even trying. I've just always been a fan of the Blackmagic look, and it appears as though they may have outdone themselves here. The ND's aren't a big deal to me, though it would be convenient to have them there. But I'm just thrilled. I've already pre-ordered mine.
  6. How in the hell does one company do all of this each year. I am so impressed. I am racking my brain trying to figure out why I still need Premiere. I use After Effects, a bunch, so there's that. I may just downgrade to CS6. Fusion may pick up right where After Effects leaves off. At this pace, Blackmagic is going to be on every product I use within a year or two. So impressed.
  7. I love Blackmagic. No camera is perfect. They've brought best specs at most affordable prices of any company I know of. Big thumbs up Blackmagic!!!
  8. That video has that classic GH4 sharpness that I'm just not super thrilled with. But definitely seems like better DR.
  9. ​Maybe this gives a little credence to my theory that the products with the little blue 'New' label on Blackmagic's website will be receiving an upgrade. But no label is on the Pocket, so...
  10. ​This is the camera I'm most excited about so far, but my impression is that it's not really much smaller than the URSA. I believe this model has the rod receivers built in and the lens on the front still looks pretty small on this body. It appears 'smaller', but I don't think it will be 'mini'. Which means the 'lightweight' feature is probably via light plastic body. Also, it says 4.6K sensor. Does that mean it shoots 4.6K, or just that it's a 4.6K sensor that shoots ultra HD as it also says on the sign? Guess we'll know soon enough. I'm on Vegas time over here in socal so it's still early for me.
  11. I don't ever shoot full frame, or at least I never have. Mostly BMPC or Sony S35. I could live without the long lens. I shoot almost solely wide and normal, but still, I could pick up a decent long lens for those rare moments. I think renting the Sigma is a great idea, but in the end, that may only make the decision harder.
  12. Hey guys, I'm not at Blackmagic's website that much, so I am not sure if this is normal. But if you go to their website and view their 'professional cameras' you will see a little blue 'New' label on the upper left corner of each camera model (as well as Resolve 11) except the Pocket, even though those camera models are definitely not new. What I am reading into this is that there will be an upgrade with each of these models, and Resolve, but not the Pocket. Thoughts? https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products EDIT: The blue label is not on the URSA. Maybe the URSA is not getting a new sensor? I dunno.
  13. How can anyone not like Blackmagic. Of course, we really don't know what these cameras are capable of. But man, do you know of any other company that brings it year after year like these guys?
  14. Ok. So I wanted to get this in before all the NAB craziness begins. Currently I own 3 Leica R lenses. 19mm ver ii, 60mm, and 100mm APO. I love them. They are not everyone's cup of tea but there is just something about them. I don't know, maybe it's skin tones, and just color in general. What they lack in modern coatings and micro contrast they make up for with beautiful flatness and natural color rendition. They're also expensive. I feel like I need to get a couple more primes on the lower end to have my bases covered, and that's money I don't necessarily have. However, it has occurred to me the Sigma 18-35 and Metabones gives me all the focal lengths I basically ever use in one sharp fast lens. I guess having both the Leica's and the Sigma would be cool, but I'm not really well off enough for that. At least it wouldn't make sense to me. I'm kind of a 1 or the other kind of guy. My thought is that I could sell the Leica's and have enough to buy the Sigma and several other cool toys, like a gimbal for instance. The zoom also reduces production time a little imo. But is it worth the trade off? I love the look of the Leica's. Though maybe once you factor in color correction is there a significant difference? And once I sell the Leica's that's it. I know I would never buy them again. Maybe NAB is going to introduce some new wrinkles to this dilemma. Regardless, if you have some sage wisdom for me, or maybe you have experience with one or both of these lenses, I would love to hear from you. I guess it's probably also worth mentioning that my filmmaking interests begin with narratives, some documentary, and commercial last and rarely. Thanks in advance.
  15. They said disruptive, and I think Panasonic is crazy and desperate enough to try it. I wonder if their Varicam is not doing well. Because in order to be truly disruptive they will have to have to sabotage it. To be truly disruptive, they are going to have to put all their goodies into a camera that is truly affordable.
  16. ​Personally, I couldn't care less about a stills/video camera. Two different cameras for two different jobs.
  17. I would trade 4K and high frame rates for an additional stop of DR any day. An improved 2.5K sensor with 1 more stop of DR is what I have been secretly hoping for. But for some reason I don't think there is a chance in hell this will happen. 4K and 150+ fps sound way sexier than 1 additional stop of DR. Oh well, I'm still pretty happy with the current pocket and cinema camera and will take advantage of their falling prices on eBay.
  18. Is there a reason this conversation turned private? Seems like good info for all. Why not share?
  19. Great question. I will enjoy seeing other responses too, but here is my experience. First, I don't know that there is a standard, it seems. Watch Netflix, audio levels are all over the place from one show to the other. Same with DVD's. Same with TV. And movies/shows can even be extremely different from one minute to the next in the same scene. I worked on a TV show for a short period of time and we had to mix levels at around -6 to -12 db. So that's about where I start. However, I also throw on a movie into the same audio system and environment and somewhat match. That is, I know, extremely subjective. So I kind of split the difference between -6db and my ears. Hopefully someone else chimes in with better info. But if not maybe my response will help.
  20. Thank you canstin for what appears to be a very imformative reply. Thank you Ed for the original post. I comment on here, not because I really have anything to add to the discussion, but because this discussion matters so much to me. The thing is, I HATE youtube. It's great for research, but each time I post something there that I have created I absolutely cringe and die inside. The viewing experience, for reasons that I cannot explain, is atrocious. And for whatever reason, my experience with Vimeo is at least better than youtube. Is it worth the $60/year I pay? To me it is, barely, and I regularly consider ending that. I think Vimeo is slowly improving. For instance a year ago their player was so frickin slow, but these days it is waaaay faster. According to either Bloom or his buddy Miller, Vimeo was testing 4K on some videos, so I think there will be progress in that respect eventually. But I guess it would be nice for us to hear from them about what is coming. Again, I do not have much to add, other than that this is important to me. Vimeo, are you listening? We like you. Please reciprocate that with some communication and transparency. Reach out to us now and then, even in this thread for instance. Ed has some good ideas. Talk to us about them. We are why you exist. Please don't forget about us.
  21. Yes IronFilm, Deakins is referring to that Arri Zeiss 32mm, but I think it's not so much the brand, but the focal length. I assume his reasoning is that 32mm gives him a FOV he likes, and it's a pretty normal lens, now that I know it is still subject to the 1.4 crop factor.
  22. Ok. Well, sounds like I understood this all wrong. Thanks guys.
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