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  1. It's called 'insecurity'. It started at the top with Jim. That spills over to the rest of the Red culture. On another note, even though I've lost all interest in Raven, my plan is still to complete the table that I started this thread with. I assume there are still many who are interested. My hope is to have a chance at that later today.
  2. I was just thinking that I could learn a bunch from you guys regarding your location scout checklists. Do you have an actual checklist? If so, I would love to see it if you don't mind. If not, what do you generally look for? For me audio, tod, power, and lighting are my main things, but I wonder how you approach those things. I'm sure it's different for different kinds of productions, but again, how do you come at it? Thanks.
  3. I created a comparison table for these two cameras with the info we have at this point, and some we can assume, and posted it on another thread. For someone like you who shoots music videos nearly entirely, the Raven might make sense for all the reasons you mentioned, including the Red logo on it. However, with considerably more filmmakers with a Red in their hands, will this have as much value? Have you name dropped Blackmagic on a client? I have and got a 'wow'. I don't think they had a clue but it sounds impressive. Just as impressive as dropping Alexa would have been. I also don't know that Red's 4K is very future proof. Hopefully there is a 4.5K firmware update or something. Probably not possible but here's to hoping. Prores, or lack thereof, might be important for some, will be for me. Let's see what happens.
  4. If you're referring to the 8K Weapon sensor, then I think this imy be false. If I understood correctly, Jared said early this morning that it was a Dragon sensor. Maybe that's the same thing. I don't know. We're getting into tech talk territory I have no business debating about.
  5. Nope. It's intentionally left out until we know for sure. I'm hoping for that too because you're right, kind of a deal breaker. But for the market they're shooting for with this camera, it's kind of a no brainer. Would be surprised if they leave it out. I'm also kind of hoping the max res is actually a bit higher. 4.5K at 30p tops would be cool. This is Red after all. Res is kinda their game.
  6. Some of you may recognize a similar table that I created a while back to compare several cameras, including the URSA Mini. These charts help me to make a more informed decision. For my purposes, there's been no camera to rival the URSA Mini (on paper at least) at it's price point. The Raven may be a competitor, though it could be shaping up to not really be in the Mini's price point. There's still a bunch we don't know, but a lot we do. I'll add info to the list as it becomes available. I trust you'll let me know where I'm in error. Updated with Raven 4.5K sensor.
  7. $5950 for just he brain. My impression is that sub 10k is for a shooting package, though mathematically I'm not sure if that's adding up.
  8. Can you paste the link here? I've looked it up and can't seem to find the deal you are referring to. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong service. Edit: never mind found it. I was looking at the wrong service. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/home
  9. I hadn't done the math on the SSD's yet so that's a good thing to look into. Good to know about NAS. Will have to research that a bit though. I hadn't thought about this seriously at all, nor had I heard about Amazon's service. I will look into that now. What happens to all your currently uploaded data when you stop paying the yearly premium?
  10. According to this graphic my idea of flash drives is actually the best. Though maybe not in typical thumb drive form but sd instead. That was actually my first instinct but just figured that the usb drive was convenient, but if they're not as good I'll just go with the sd version.
  11. What do you guys think? What's the best affordable longterm solution out there right now? I have been thinking about using a thumb/flash drive (or a bunch of them) as a possibility. They are not too expensive these days. Like this one. My thought at this point is not so much for storing all the source files and everything, but instead render out a few uncompressed versions (graded, ungraded, no transitions, etc) of each project and store those on the drive. I realize they don't last forever just sitting there, but my understanding is that if you fire them up now and then they could very well last forever. But what about the source files. I could live without them nearly always, and some projects could even fit on one of those drives above. What are your thoughts? Are there better affordable solutions out there?
  12. It crops way in on the footage. I think this definitely has its place, but folks that use gimbals probably don't want to lose 25% of their footage.
  13. As has been discussed in the past, Red blew this opportunity several years ago with the Scarlet. All Blackmagic did was deliver what Red promised. And Blackmagic continues to be as disruptive as Red thinks it is, without the continual boasting. Red does have a name and that counts for something. My impression is also that Jared is way smarter (and not as handicapped with a giant ego) as Jim, so it wouldn't surprise me if he has something legitimately intelligent up his sleeve, but can they deliver in under 2 years (and somehow people complain about Blackmagic's 3-4 month additional release)? Red also needs to bring down the cost of all it's proprietary accessories. Red can do all this..... but will they? Guess we'll see soon enough. For now, BM and the URSA mini have my money, and it would take a bold move to change that, unlike Sony's wimpy attempts.
  14. Experience was good. Simple and straightforward. The footage did come graded, and that's how I wanted it. I had no desire to spend time grading it. But to my knowledge, I believe you can submit both, graded and non. Probably the graded will be purchased more, but some may like the option to grade. Funny, corporate stuff is exactly what I used. I could see the family stuff working too. Ricardo, imagine you are a corp creating a vid to promote a new product or service. What would you need? Btw, I think your wine stuff is a great start. I have a friend who lives in wine country who does nothing but design websites for wineries. Definitely a market.
  15. Nice vid. Sad to me that she looks down on being a mom or wife. Highest callings in the world. Good job though Ed. You definitely have a recognizable style, which is a good thing... great thing.
  16. I've been thinking about stock footage too. I don't have a 4K camera, which I know isn't a requirement, but I feel like I'm limiting my market a tad if I don't shoot 4K. One thing I really think you need to do is think like an end user. How and where are these clips being used? I've used stock before, but having a good sense of this will help you determine what to shoot and how to shoot it.
  17. Have you tested this next to more than 1 Prime lens? I have, with 2 different copies of the Sigma 18-35 against 2 different primes. Same results. The Sigma is more like a T2.8 or slightly better at best. With the booster its going to be close to T1.8. Again maybe slightly better. T1.4? Maybe. Definitely not T1.1. I would happily admit that I'm wrong though. I'd love to know that my lens is faster than I think it is. My love for this lens would only increase. If you have run any tests regarding this I'd love to see them.
  18. From the sound of it, I'd say keeping your 12-35 is the better option and invest in lighting. Also of importance, when you use a stabilizer its usually best to stop down a ways for focus reasons, so you're going to lose even more light. Good luck and God bless.
  19. I suspect the 12-35 is not a T2.8. My suspicion (I've tested this a bit too) is that most zooms suffer higher light loss than primes, but I wouldn't know what it's transmission is, as I don't have that lens. However, with the Speedbooster you will DEFINITELY get a stop more light with the Sigma (probably very close to T1.8), but again, that's an additional co$t.
  20. I thought so too. So I ordered another copy only to find the same results. It may be slightly better than T2.8, barely, but not by much. Check out my post on this. http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/8536-is-the-sigma-18-35-18-really-18/?page=1 I also did more tests but was just too lazy to post the results, but they were all the same.
  21. Well, I have the Sigma 18-35 and it's my besty. I can't say enough about this lens, but keep in mind that even though it's F1.8, it's more like a T2.8. Now with the Speedbooster you will get another stop of light, but you're gonna spend another couple/few hundred bucks for that. But I do love the sigma and I think in the long run that lens is more practical as you can use it on more cameras. Can't go wrong with lighting better though. If that's within your budget, you should do that anyway.
  22. So, I've heard that 70% of what you see in the movies is actually what you hear. I for one fully believe this. I have experienced this over and over both as a filmmaker and audience. With that said, I have just discovered this website http://www.sonniss.com/sound-effects/. Maybe you know of this already, but if not please check it out, it'll be worth your time. Amazing sound fx (and music beds) at VERY reasonable prices with simple and straightforward license. Can't believe I've never seen this before and I wanted to share. In my opinion, this has the potential to set you apart as a filmmaker, depending on what kind of productions you're into I guess. Anyway, enjoy.
  23. Don, this is great. Is there such a thing that factors in anamorphic? Recently when that Revenant trailer came out everyone was talking about the big 65mm sensor plus anamorphic whatever and how a 40mm was equiv to a 20mm or something and I was lost. I'd love to know how to do this. Thoughts or tips? Btw, I don't really have the desire to shoot anamorphic, but I'd love to know how to convert the FOV to reference some of my favorite movies.
  24. So then my thought would be to explore the different focal lengths using that lens. Its got all the ones you mentioned, 21, 24, 25, 28, 30, 32. Then buy the primes in the focal lengths you really like. When it comes to vintage glass though, in the end you are going to find that the Sigma is as sharp or probably sharper, and with better coatings. Vintage glass yield beautiful and unique images though, but it's an expensive addiction. If that's something you can afford then cool. I'd love to still have my set of Leica R's.
  25. Jonesy Jones

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    Doesn't Peter Jackson own like 50 Reds. And James Cameron is close behind I think. I guess there's a difference between them and true DP's though. But if I'm Richard Deakins or Bob Richardson and I want to shoot the flowers in my back yard, I have probably a couple dozen numbers I could dial and an Alexa will be there in like 15 minutes.
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