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  1. Yah. These images are so sweet. This camera is going to be awesome.
  2. I believe that if you want to monetize from filmmaking, you will either need to sell yourself to someone with a lot more money than you have, or spend time (years probably) building an audience. An audience costs time or money, or both. Make great content. Give it away and promote the heck out of it. Then you'll have an audience, and a chance to create something that may be profitable.
  3. Well I'm nearly certain there was at least a brief turn for the worse during the first part of season 4. Way more contrasty. I feel like the writing shifted then too a bit. Like they were trying something new and then realized their old formula was solid.
  4. Me and my kids watch everyday on Netflix. Love the look. Haven't seen the new ones. Question, did they go with a somewhat different look somewhere around season 4, at least temporarily?
  5. I am not knowledgeable enough to know why, but the images here are amazing. I am depressed to learn that they are mostly film, which is above my pay grade. Just fabulous.
  6. Yes, moire everywhere. Blown out skies everywhere. Way overly crushed blacks. It does not look like Breaking Bad at all. Though I'm struggling to believe BB was shot on film, but I'll take your word for it. For tv I thought BB looked good but not a look I'd strive for myself. I love both stories and am able to get past the look, but sometimes it's pretty distracting.
  7. Actually my understanding is that it's not cold weather, but cold resting temp. Apparently you need to do a power cycle once it's been on for a few minutes and at normal running temp. The sensor is having trouble calibrating itself as it goes from resting temp to running temp. Still annoying, but at least there's a workaround and I assume BM will get it right eventually.
  8. I've just now got around to watching this show now that it popped up on Netflix. Personally, I love it. I'm a sucker for lawyer stories. However, my thought the whole time was that, good Lord this footage looks awful. What did they film this with, an iPhone? Then I checked the tech specs on IMDb which said that it was filmed on Red Dragon. I couldn't believe it. So I looked for bts images and all I saw were Arri cameras. Now I'm even more at a loss. Would love to hear your thoughts. Is this just a horrid grade? Is this what audiences expect?
  9. I kid you not, as I was writing that, somewhere deep inside I knew that pun was happening, but the lame part of me blocked it out. Good catch.
  10. I can't verify either way since I have not owned or used one, but this discussion has gone on at another forum as well. My understanding is that the majority of the issues would not be if users worked within the cameras known strengths and weaknesses. Seems to also be some kinks with some of the cameras as well. Hopefully BM resolve these sooner than later. I also preordered and cancelled. I still think that the 4.6K will one day be my camera, but the image one can get from the bmcc and pocket are so awesome that I am happy to use them until both I and the 4.6K are ready.
  11. You must master your art, or it will master you.
  12. Maybe your joking, but isn't it designed to go on either side?
  13. Yes but you need the HXR interface, in addition to the Atomos or Q7. So FS700 ($4K), HXR ($2200) and whatever recorder you go with. Seems way too bulky and pricy to me. Actually price isn't that bad considering what you're getting but still a mess to shoot with.
  14. Eric, thank you so much for these. I actually meant to thank you earlier but my account started acting up and I couldn't post replies. I've looked at some of your music and it's awesome. I will most definitely be using it. And to be honest I feel it's sad more folks here haven't got excited about it, but maybe they'll come around. When I do get to use it, not only will I credit you, but I'll try to tag you on social media or something. But again, much appreciated.
  15. It is my understanding that the URSA mini is not windowed until you shoot above 60 fps. And yes, 120 would be windowed.
  16. No. It is about not defaming or slandering or prematurely judging until due process has been done and/or not being dogmatic if you are not an intimate part of the due process. What Henry should have proved to you is that you do not know all the angles. How could you critically judge a movie if you hadn't seen the whole thing? That wouldn't be a fair critique to the film or filmmakers. Hastily casting judgment without being a true unbiased investigator first puts you in the same corrupt category as those you are pointing your finger at. How do you not see this?
  17. Ok. I'm sold. Where do I go to start learning about more about these lenses? Also, just curious, you went with the pocket? Is there a reason you didn't go with the bmcc? Was it an image thing or a size/cost thing?
  18. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on those cameras as that's quite a list. Please do share your experiences if that's convenient enough. The only camera within grasp for me is the URSA mini, so hearing how it stacks up to them will be extremely interesting.
  19. Flawed is very different than broken. To lump the entire judicial system into the same bag as this one is broken reasoning. I know of no one who does not accept that our system can improve. Most people, myself included, believe something inappropriate happened during the course of this case. But that does not equal a broken system and warrant an #OccupyJustice mentality. I would also add that our system is one of if not the best system to have ever existed historically speaking. And to disrespectfully throw the whole thing under the bus because of this documentary is faux courage.
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