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  1. Unfortunately Panasonic will botch this. Either will be priced too high to be truly competitive, or affordable but too handicapped. Companies with high end cameras can't do anything truly innovative, their hands are tied. Though they do have a huge gap to fill, what can they offer that would be an improvement over GH4 and not undercut their highend cams?
  2. So, I can pretty much reply from my desktop and laptop, but still not my iPad. I cannot see most videos. Quoting is a risky endeavor. And there are still strange glitches from time to time, like the post above, which I can't edit. Well, change that, I just edited it out, but that was weird how that worked. Strange things here at EOSHD.
  3. I just hope they go right on ahead innovating and being crazy. My hat is off to them for failing forward. Do what you do best, and just get better at it. Love these guys.
  4. Boy, the footage in that article looks really bad. I have no desire to recreate that.
  5. Mattias, I would love to learn more. I have always scoffed at film because it just seemed way out of my price range, but this is looking doable. Any info would be helpful. I'm totally new to this so assume I know nothing of film.
  6. Lets hope. If they can keep costs down and if I can learn to develop and scan I would totally make the transition. What would be amazing is if there was a way to combine the best of both worlds. What if a film camera could scan to digital in camera? Probably not possible, but perhaps the Renaissance to non-tech will bring about some creative thinking that hasn't happened yet and we end up with something we haven't even asked for yet or didn't know we wanted.
  7. What is the ISO rating? I haven't seen that in any of the articles. Is it UHD or true 4K? Does it do RAW? Maybe with a ML hack. Is the hdmi out clean? Or maybe it's sdi. I've never seen a camera announcement with so little info. EDIT: sorry, I'm such an idiot. I just saw the image and it doesn't really look very filmic to me. No longer interested.
  8. Red's website has them both weighing in at 3.5 lbs.
  9. With their new Scarlet announced which seems pretty great, why would I get a Raven (except of course for a B cam)? I realize $5K is not chump change, but if I were going to buy Raven, wouldn't I just get the Scarlet W? http://www.red.com/products/scarlet-w?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=CTA_button&utm_campaign=SCARLET-W_Launch
  10. That's how I want my colors to look. Like there is no look. Just right. Would love to see same subject in other sets if you have it. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Yes. I keep seeing the same thing from Sony cams as well. On another note, I just started watching the old X Files episodes on Netflix again and I just love that look. It's a little dark for obvious reasons but so nice. If you haven't seen it in a while check it out. It's weird because it doesn't really have a look, it just looks like it's supposed to look. That's my new goal with color. Try to have them get out of the way.
  12. Wow. I just think it's amazing how so many bash BM but at the end of the day those things hold their value and are amazing tools. I bought my pocket during the half off sale and sold it over a year later for quite a nice profit. I currently own the original BMCC with mft which I picked up after I sold the pocket. I LOVE the image from the BMCC and feel like I have my camera for years to come.
  13. Wow. For those not seeing the awesomeness of this camera please check your monitor. Maybe you have the suck button pressed. There is obvious DR there not really seen with anything close to our level. Colors are very similar to BMCC, but better. They told us this. And this is the one thing they are still dialing in, according to the testers.It is plenty detailed, but to me it doesn't feel overly detailed. Rolling shutter is surprisingly minimal. Where's the noise? Don't get me wrong, its there. But dang.AND... I still haven't even seen a raw frame. Have you?
  14. I used to have a small set of Leica R's - 19mm vii, 60mm, and 100mm APO. I've since sold them and gone with the Sigma 18-35. I loved the colors of the Leica's, but definitely softer than the 18-35. But the bottom line is that the Sigma gives me a range of my favorite focal lengths without having to change the lens, which is invaluable on micro budget shoots.
  15. I knew that I just wanted to see if you did. Ok. I'll stop offering technical support here. Definitely not my strength.
  16. Audio is carried through hdmi. So your VA will receive both video and audio with your hdmi cable.
  17. From this thread: "First of all on the topic, I personally don't think Samsung are going anywhere. They have one of the biggest CMOS sensor facilities in the world for starters." Oct 23 "And I don't think they are going to stop after all that work on a market leading APS-C sensor. Can you imagine the boss of their CMOS factory after billions of dollars worth of investment accepting a complete shut down of the camera business? Nah. Not going to happen." Nov 4 "So what if a few stores are dropping Samsung and a few rumours are flying as a result that they are ending camera development? I don't believe it." Nov 7 "This is very unlikely and anyway even if they do, your camera doesn't stop shooting amazing 4K video does it?" Nov 10 "Well well well. Unbelievable. Samsung saying their own flagship is superseded by "much better and upgraded cameras", presumably full frame stuff like the Sony A7R II is a disastrous policy." Nov 11 "I certainly hope so and think they will bounce back but when combined with the rumours of them shifting staff internally out of the camera division into other parts of the company and then read this news from Oliver about the NX1, you have to wonder..." Nov 11 "PS I'll open a thread in January 2016 called "Apologies owed to Andrew" where the rude posters can say "sorry, turns out you were right"." Nov 11 "The rumours have been going on from various sources for over a month. Let's face it, they have turned out to be true. When multiple people all over the world including store managers and Samsung's own customer services team are saying THE SAME THING it doesn't take Einstein to work out what's happening does it..." Nov 11 "A bold claim yes. Bet I don't get any credit at all when it turns out to be right." Nov 12 Does that about sum it up?
  18. Is this the only 1080P 5" monitor that records to prores that inputs and outputs both SDI and HDMI and (I assume) cross converts between the two? I believe so. It won't surprise me at all if zebras, focus peaking, false color, etc are added eventually, though I wouldn't buy it with that assumption.
  19. This is a joke right? It doesn't seem like it so I'm asking. Because in reality you boldly claimed earlier in this same thread that Samsung 'isn't going anywhere'. Jacob Lewis started the thread. Daniel Oliver posted his correspondence from Samsung. Am I missing something? Yes, it must be British humor that's escaping me, sorry bout that.
  20. Andrew, I know you're getting a bunch of requests but here goes a couple more. 1) Does it take a signal from the BMCC via SDI? Would be weird if it didn't but the BMCC's SDI is qwerky. 2) Does the video assist take an SDI signal and output HDMI? In other words, input from BMCC and output to flatscreen TV or monitor. 3) Does the VA downscale from the URSA Mini 4.6K while shooting RAW.... kidding.
  21. Well I have used LOTS of cameras and never experienced noise and color shifts the way he is experiencing it.
  22. It seems to me that Trevor's point is being missed. The 'kind' of noise and the strange color shifts are just as if not more troublesome than the amount of noise. Not to mention that even though Andrews explanation has the ring of truth to it, my gut tells me there's something funky happening there too. He may have a faulty unit. Anyone else experiencing these issues?
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