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  1. Thanks Sam! It's great to hear that, but I don't want to risk it (to many projects in there)... I'll check Liftgammagain for an answer. Thanks! Thanks for the reply Cantsin! I'll look in to this for sure once I get the backup done, and everything is running smoothly again. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, After 10 hours of editing I'm in panic mode right now because I can't find my old projects of Davinci!! I downloaded the latest version of Davinci 14 (to try out the Raw files of the Canon C200). I already had Resolve 14, where I had all the projects I have worked with since 12.5. I intalled the latest version and when it opens I get the option to upgrade the database, but they recommend to backup the existing database first. So I haven't done nothing yet. I'm afraid of srewing up here!! Loads of projects, some unfinished. I never had this problem going from 12.5 to 14! Where can I find the files?? Can I still open them? I've being looking around google and BM forums, and I don't know if it's because I'm in panic mode, but I just can't find it (on windows 8.1). Has anyone else gone through this? Could you point me in the right direction... Where can I find the files?? Can I still open them? (with any other version of Davinci) Thank you for your time!!
  3. Hi! I just bought 2 C/Y lenses for my BMMCC, and after trying them out, they don't seem compatible with the Speedbooster (Pocket). They do connect properly, but the aperture blades stay totally open and they don't close. Has anyone had this same problem? Any workarounds?
  4. If you want something big, check this one out too... http://www.trustedreviews.com/aoc-u3477pqu-review
  5. You can definitely hear it, I would say It's as loud as a Macbook Pro. If you get in a less than a meter range, a condenser mic could pick it up. Out of that range you should be fine.
  6. It looks like the Nanguang CN-60F is a knock off of the LightPro DN-60F (or just rebranded)... Could be a similar case to the AXRTEC AXR-A-1040DV and the Excelvan 1040LED (best bang for buck on the market IMHO), aside from some small cosmetic changes, they both seem identical. Axrtec is running for 749$ on BH, and the Excelvan is 200€ on Amazon. Anyway, just to share the info with anyone that's interested... in the video he measures the light @ 1m with the fresnel on, and it's just under 5000lux on flood, and under 11000 on spot. Not bad at all, but less powerful than the Pixapro (18000lux with fresnel on spot). CRI rating looks better on the DN-60F.
  7. Looks good, and I think they would work great on my Excelvcan 1040s. Only 2 cons... only grey imports available in EU, and the grid is overpriced (30$). Dunno, maybe the power difference could be due to the fan of the Pixapro. I do like it as a hard light, but I use it without the reflector because it blurs the shadow edges. I might get a cheap reflector and paint it black inside.
  8. 1 hour @ full power, 2,5 hours @ 50%. Not bad, given that 30 to 40% (with softbox, grid and double diffusion on) is the sweet spot when I shoot 800 iso with the BMMCC + Speedbooster. And if I need extra power, for exteriors mainly, I can get up to 3 hours... I was tempted to do the same thing, but I do think the extra power can be handy. And I must say that I'm pleased to avoid customs (in Spain it's a nightmare) and all the hassle/cost of sending it back to UK.
  9. Just wanted to let you guys know that I contacted Pixapro (essentialphoto), and I told them my problem using the Kayo Maxtar batteries on the 100D. They were quite supportive and they gave me the option to buy their 130Wh batteries at the bundle price (135£), so I got a few, plus a double charger (also with a small discount). Not a bad deal given the £ to € rate. So yes, I spent a small fortune, but I'm keeping the light (which I like a lot), and it's huge but great 120" EasyOpen softbox. So if you have the same problem and/or need batteries... contact them.
  10. It looks like an interesting option, only problem is that buying from China and it going through customs can bring the price up a fair bit.
  11. Only 20min? I'm a bit lost with all this... In the review of the 100D done by McGregor, he says that a Pixapro BP130Wh LED V-Lock Battery (supplied with the light) can last around 1 hour at full power. Hasn't a 190Wh battery got a higher capacity? Does it depend on the power it can output? Just for the record.... a 177Wh Kayo Maxtar gives me just over 3 hours on my 1040LED Excelvcans @ max power.
  12. I just got my Pixapro 100D MKII+ and a 120" softbox... All seems nicely built (I really like the softbox), but surprise! My 177Wh Kayo Maxtar batteries don't work with it. That means I can't use my 700€ investment in batteries with this light . The Maxtar's work perfectly with my 1040 LED panels, so I suppose the problem has to do with the power input of the 100D, but I can't find any clear info on this. I'll send them a e-mail to see what they got to say. So BEWARE! If you already got V-lock batteries, make sure they work with it beforehand.
  13. I recommend trying this option out first... Using a (decent) tripod head as a handle, It feels nicely balanced and it's easy to pull focus with your other hand... I use it like this all the time
  14. Just in case there's any students interested... 10% discount https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/student_discount/ And I think it's time to stop stealing Aputure's thunder from this thread (I love their products).
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