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  1. Guys thanks a lot for your info I will take the Voigt. I am so happy with my 17.5mm so if they match together it will be great. Just this is how my Voigt works:
  2. Hi guys, I have decided to buy wide lenses for my GH5. Now I mostly use Voigtlander 17.5mm f0,95 and I love its non digital "sterile" look like other lenses. So just only for video what do you think? Voigtlander 10.5mm 0,95 or Panasonic Leica 12mm 1,4? (I never use AF) Thanks!
  3. Yes you right thank you I will try to repait it!
  4. I have come across Film Convert and this is a game changer for me. I think that it helps so much to easy and fast to make colors look nice ?
  5. You are right, I graded it like film but promos are more artificial so I changed it. I think that now it looks like it could match the clients needs but I still think that his grade is too orange and too saturated what do you think (my grade is the upper pic):
  6. Yes managing the client's expectations is sometimes very hard and I belive that the same colored shots some client likes meanwhile another client dislikes. I attach what I shot (it is without graphic) and thank you for your comments:
  7. I think that colorgrading is like music so it means very very subjective ? I personaly do not like oversaturated colors as it looks very cheap and not "filmic". No I did not used GHAlex I just used LUT vLog to REC709 from Joo Works + LUT from zack Cravitz "Okay Fine cube" + color corrections with AAV Color lab + some brightnes adjusts ?
  8. Hi guys, I shot promo video for my client. I used GH5 Vlog + Voigtlander 17.5mm f0,95. My client told me that my colorgrading is awful and I had to send him my raw vlog files and he colorgraded them himself. Now I saw what he did and I am a little bit disgusted... Please, is it just only me who do not like this orange and too much blue oversatured image? I will be so glad for your oppinions! I attach 2 screen photos. The 1st pics is my colorgrading and bellow is cliens colorgrading:
  9. Hi guys, I use Vegas pro 16 for editing and grading. When shooting to v-log I firstly use panasonic LUT V-LOG to REC709 and after I do some grading (saturation etc). Do you think that GHAlex Lut will work with Vegas pro? Has anyone tried it? Thank you a lot!
  10. @Benjamin Hilton this is actually the most difficult shot to grade. As you can see the face is behind fire so the air is wiggling. Now I see that my grading was not nice so thank you a lot!
  11. Hi guys, thank you all! I really appreciate your suggests as it is the greatest project I have ever done. I will do as you write. @maxotics you are righ with Poe! I do the colors just only by heart and they are certainly influenced by my mood and emotion so now I need to step aside and use more brain. to @Deadcode bellow is a short ungraded video that I uploaded on Vimeo and it is possible to download the original file:
  12. Hi guys! I am just grading my new film from expedition to Matsés tribe in Peru. I shot all with GH5 10bit 24p (+ some shots by basic dron DJI Spark and a few shots with gopro). I do not use any luts and have been trying to get the best jungle adventure look for a week but my eyes are confused and I really do not know if this is ok or not. The problem is whether the colors are rich enough and if the jungle atmosphere in picture is decent or if it is a piece of shit... Please can you take a short look to give me any advice of uninvolved person before I will grade all the hundreds shots manually? The thing is that the colors, saturation and contrast looks pretty different on my DELL UP2716D UltraSharp 27 compared to my Panasonic NEOplasma VT65 so I can not decide if to continue in Dell way or try different approach. Thank you a lot!
  13. To me is GH5 the most capable camera to very extreme conditions. I have just spent 10 days in peruvian amazon rainforest and the humidity and muddy conditions were hard. I shot V-log 10bit 24p and the results seems to me very good (filmic :-D) as you can see on this very short trailer to movie about expedition to Matses tribe:
  14. This is a pure adventure I have experienced just a few weeks ago in the peruvian-brazilian border. In deep amazon jungle lives Matses tribe and now you can see a short trailer of three friends (father his daughter and me) going alone to this very remote part of the world. The film will be done in the middle of 2018 :-) Shot on Panasonic GH5 10bit V-log, GOpro + DJI Spark. Midloch
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