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  1. I haven't test it. I am not using any in camera sharpness after the black spot noise finding (sharpness 0).
  2. C-log resolution and standard look noise have been discussed here ... http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/19271-canon-xc10-c-log-resolution/#comment-134321
  3. Hey Andrew, great review but I would like to correct something... you wrote "In full HD you get proper tracking and object detection plus touch-screen AF. All this gets disabled in 4K and sometimes the camera will put the background in focus and not the intended subject. It can be hard to coax it in 4K without the touch AF." this is not true. The touch AF works in 4k. It is disabled only if you enable the rolling shutter reduction mode. If you disable the rs reduction it works perfect. Thanks again for the review. In hd maybe but there is no noise up to 5000iso in 4k. Not bad... I am still looking to find out what is going on with the resolution in 4k. I think there is a loss in resolution in c-log that dose not exist in standard profile. But you are wrong about the mobile run and gun shooter. xc10 is far superior because it has very good, actually excellent image stabilization for video. This is one of the big thinks in xc10 and it is surprisingly good.
  4. We know all the specs. But now a scientific test from EBU found "Resolution at UHD is only adequate, but aliasing is unacceptably high" and "Noise levels are consistently higher than acceptable, and noise reduction is too ineffective to improve things adequately." You have the a6300, do you agree with the ebu comments? Plus image stabilization and real 30min recording. But no, the dynamic range of NX1 is not 13 stops (not even 11 I think).
  5. Alan Roberts testing for EBU.... However, the camera fails expectations in several ways. Although the sensor dimensions considerably exceed the requirements of both HD and UHD, the scaling to produce HD and UHD images is unsatisfactory. Resolution at UHD is only adequate, but aliasing is unacceptably high. Similarly, at HD the aliasing is sufficient to cause problems in low bit-rate coding. The dynamic range is about 9 stops in standard ITU 709 mode (without knee), 11 stops in S-Log 2, 13 in S-Log 3. This is unsurprising since the camera uses only 8-bit recording. Noise levels are consistently higher than acceptable, and noise reduction is too ineffective to improve things adequately. Only at ISO100 or ISO200 could the camera qualify for HD Tier SP, using EBU R.118 requirements. The sensor is evidently scanned, the so-called ‘rolling shutter’ effect. Rotating motion is very poor. This camera is not suitable for use in general broadcasting, apart from Special Purposes where its physical size or shape makes it uniquely suited to a particular type of shot. http://www.newsshooter.com/2016/03/31/newsshooter-sony-a6300-ebu-lab-test-by-alan-roberts-surprising-results-not-suitable-for-use-in-general-broadcasting/
  6. nikos

    Guess the Camera

    low resolution and c-log... canon xc10 in hd!
  7. Found this interresting video.... How to adjust both the iso and the aperture from the wheel.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XwTpBQ5hao0
  8. Ok, I did some more testing.... Xc10 c-log has less resolution than the standard (look1) profile. Is this normal in c100 c300 c-log? ar you ok with that?
  9. Got it! thank you very much, I will try it. (although In ebu document says that there is less resolution in c-log)
  10. Yes hmcindie, you are absolutely correct. The standard setting in look1 is sharpness +3. I changed it to 0 and the noise gone. Here is a new grab in Look1 with sharpness in 0. So now the real question. Why there is less resolution in c-log? Is this only in xc10? (haven't seen any comment about c100)
  11. Reading EBU xc10 tests found that according to Alan Roberts measurements c-log has less resolution than look1 (standard look) Trying to test it in my xc10 I found that there is a loss in resolution going from standard profiles to c-log but also I found a weird "noise" in look1. c-log grab from davinci resolve 4k timeline (crop). look1 (standard) grab from davinci resolve 4k timeline (crop). resolution is better in look1 but is this "noise" acceptable? 4k 305mbp 500iso f5,6 25p(Pal) exposure a bit to the right. 4kclog_1.1.1.bmp Did a test with a bit more light. c-log 500iso f4 look1 500iso f4 Resolution is better in look1 but there is still "noise"... Any thoughts?
  12. I think prores LT is fine, you will not see any difference converting h265 to prores hq.
  13. 100fps are adequate for 2d kinematic gait analysis of walk trot or gallop in small and large animals. i am using a Samsung nx1 in dogs with great results. Auto focus of this camera is great but useless in gait analysis studies.
  14. bmpcc lumix 14mm barrel distortion (sea-sky)
  15. bmpcc lumix 14mm 1.5m distance from the library...
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