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  1. Budget... let's say $5,000 for a usable system. Presently I shoot nikon and use a camera from their 1 system for slow motion, but due to the somewhat unpredictable movement and length of time I would desire to record, I find 2-4 second caps and then waiting for a buffer to clear to be limiting. Low light is not necessarily required, but preferable. Outdoors midday in fair weather will be the primary working environment.
  2. I'm looking for a camera that can sustain a high frame rate for a prolonged period of time and is self contained (no external power, etc) for recording and analyzing the gait of fast moving animals (think cheetahs and greyhounds.... reaching 30mph and up in only a few stride lengths). Being capable of reasonably autofocusing would be ideal, since I'd like to be able to hand the camera off to novices at times. Is the A7SII the best option at this point with 120fps at 1920x1080? Would I be better off looking at a panasonic camcorder? Something completely different? Thanks
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