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  1. Now it appears that there is a 200W version of the Pixapro LED available for preorder. I wonder if they will also release a plus (+) version which they name the versions which will run off both mains power and batteries. https://www.essentialphoto.co.uk/product/pixapro-led200d-daylight-balanced-led-studio-light/
  2. @squig : Thanks for sharing more of your thought process on why you consider the CN-60F and its sister lights the better choice for you I can see why it would probably be cheaper with the CN-100F for day long battery operation and good to know about the difference in beam with and increased color bias on the 100D when using a fresnel attachment. I'm also pleased to hear that you're not worried about fan noise on the 100D. Nice that there is an s-mount adapter available for the CN-60F and its siblings. Interesting that Nanguang also makes panels and you happened to have one. Thanks for your qu
  3. @squig : thanks a lot for your comparison of the NanGuang CN-60F to the PixaPro 100D Mark II I'm still leaning toward the PixaPro myself, as I really appreciate the Bowens S-mount for adapting different light modifiers. Also, in my case, I would have to add 5% import duty and on top of that 25% sales tax as well as a processing fee to the price of the CN-60F making it quite a bit more expensive. However, I really like that the CN-60F has no fan. That's about the only thing that's still holding me back from just ordering the PixaPro. I'm very particular about noise, but so far the feedback from
  4. Thanks John Emery! Sounds okay, though I was hoping you'd have to put your ear up next to the light to hear the fan. With a softbox in front of the light, I guess you'd most often be more than a meter away from any microphone. It would be great if someone would do like a Youtube review where they (ideally) were in a sound studio and moved a widespread and popular microphone on a popular recorder closer and closer to the light till the microphone picked up the fan noise. I also hear people use the low cut filter for air conditioning noise, perhaps the noise of the fan is in a frequency range
  5. To those of you who have received the PixaPro LED 100 Mark II, how loud is the fan? Supposedly it's very quiet. Would it be possible to get up really close to your subject with a big softbox and not have the fan affect the audio in a really quiet interview situation?
  6. This video review by Dave Dugdale is a bit old by now (2012), but it might be interesting for you to watch anyway: As scotchtape recommends, do some research to avoid buyers remorse. Good luck to you! :-) Ah, just reread your post and see that you're in a remote location with poor data connection. To sum up the below review, Dave went with the Tiffen variable ND, but that was in late 2012, so things could have changed since then.
  7. HJD

    Sony a6300 4k

    Hi DayRaven and alexO, I used the word "bug" because that is the term the reviewers in the videos I link to use to describe the issue. Apparently what "bugs" them is that you can't turn off the soft skin "feature" when using an external recorder in video mode - unless you also record in-camera. As I understand Mark Gilden that means for longer takes on the a5100 he pretty much gets to choose between the camera overheating or having waxy skin applied to his talents. And I'm pretty sure that would "bug" me too It would also "bug" me if I can't use face detection auto focus without havi
  8. HJD

    Sony a6300 4k

    It would be great if Sigma would make a speedbooster version of their new MC-11 Eos to E-mount adapter. Would be great to gain a stop of light from full frame Sigma lenses and get the most out of them on both APS-C and FF. I asked Sigma on their Facebook page if they would consider making a speedbooster version, but so far no reply. They certainly would be able to. :-) I'm exited about the Sony a6300 which may become my first Sony camera. I've asked a few online reviewers about a potential issue with the camera that I'm concerned about, and I'd like to ask the a6300 owners i
  9. In the case you haven't seen this interview already. The Vimeo version had audio drop out after 6min, but the Youtube version has audio all the way through :) :
  10. The Youtube version of the Newsshooter interview with Dan Lennie and Kanta Yamamoto (on the a7s) has audio all the way through:
  11. Hi again Andrew and everyone else! It appears that the Panasonic GH4 can now output 4K 4:2:2 10-bit to an external recorder through the onboard micro-HDMI port! :) In February I posted a screenshot and a link to the GH4 spec sheet in a thread here on EOSHD, which pretty clearly seemed to state that you can only record 1080p through the onboard HDMI: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Recently, I've seen rumors floating around the web stating that people with hands-on experience with the GH4 now claim that 4K 4:2:2 10-bit is indeed available for external recorders
  12. 1. I don't want the AG-YAGHG (brick) either. I already have audio equipment and don't see the need for 3G-SDI for my use. But even though I'm "just" a learning hobbiest I'd like the best image and audio I can get within my budget. I'm a bit worried about the quality and robustness of the GH4's internal 4K recording. So if the GH4 could output 4K 4:2:2 at 10bit through the micro HDMI on the camera, and if there will be reasonably priced 4K recorders available, I might just go for one, if I felt the need. However, I fear Panasonic designed the GH4 to only offer recordable 4K out when you pair it
  13. Hi there, I'm a first time poster, and it's really nice to read the articles and discussions here. I'm learning a lot :) thanks! From Andrew's conclusion: "The GH4 has a lower point to entry but to get 10bit 4:2:2 and ProRes from an uncompressed 4K feed you will need the add-on box." I was hoping the micro HDMI on the camera itself could output 4K 10bit 4:2:2, so you would "only" need an external 4K recorder to get a stronger codec at 4K resolution. I did a search for the official specifications and unfortunately it does sound like there is an automatic down-conversion to 1080p befor
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