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  1. Yes. There’s a new “Do the work” mode, where you grab your camera and go shoot something. I haven’t tried it yet but eventually I will, once I get the right lens.
  2. Plus lenses for s16 could be more affordable or you get more for your money. You may be able to pick up an old cinematic zoom for less than a couple k.
  3. Even though the video looks gorgeous here, YouTube seems to add a “Suck” filter to everything uploaded. The Vimeo version, that I can only find on their site here, looks so much better. Almost 2 different videos.
  4. I changed my mind. The Angenieux EZ2 15-40 T2 is my preferred lens for this cam. ? But seriously how awesome would that be. FF 23-60 equiv. T2. Size and weight are the only drawbacks. Well and price. Tamron 15-30 could be nice too. Rear nd inserts. 4.5 stops of stabilization.
  5. Just watched all the sample vids of the P6K on BM’s website again and I am truly impressed. I didn’t think I’d care about 6K or S35, and maybe I don’t, but whatever is going on with that image is gorgeous. Oddly, 6K doesn’t look clinically sharp. It just looks right. Perhaps the larger sensor is helping. I have no idea. The color. The feels. Perfect.
  6. I’m thinking Tokina 11-20 and the 18-35. I don’t shoot much on the long end so that gives me wide to portrait. Btw, does anyone know the exact crop factor? Also, after seeing the footage it looks very very nice.
  7. Please provide evidence for any of this. Or not. I don’t care because at this point all you’ll share is fake news vitriol. What leftists have decided they can do is pick a position, scream it as loud as they can until they and everyone around them believe it’s true. If they want to punch you. Well they say it’s ok to punch Nazis. Then label you a Nazi. Then punch you. Regarding “confessed aspiring rapist” I assume you’re referring to his pu$$y comment. Which anyone with half a brain knows was said and meant as an exaggeration. Like “I’m going to kick his ass.” But I’ve never seen anyone
  8. I wouldn’t want to judge until I saw in the context of moving images. But based only on those screenshots I’d probably still meet them halfway with more saturation. Maybe not half but closer. At the end of the day, what does it matter to you? They’re paying for it. If they want fake tan skin, give it to them. Perhaps you could respectfully share your concerns, but if they want what they want, gladly give it to them. You can always create a version for your reel colored exactly the way you like it.
  9. I hadn’t seen that. Those are really nice. The wedding one was stunning. Gorgeous image. Looks like color science right ooc is super nice. I’d still like @Sage to put his touch on it but it is beautiful nonetheless.
  10. This is a promo. Not a film. More than not commercial stuff is going to be more saturated and brighter than you’d prefer. That said the first one is too much. If I were you I would crush my ego and say, “Oh. That’s great. I totally see what you want here. You’re definitely going in the right direction. However, there are a couple shots where it may be too much. Now that I know exactly what you want, would you mind if we dial those few shots back a touch. I think we’ll end up with exactly what you’re looking for and appeal to a wider range of preferences.”
  11. Maybe, but I’m not sure they have too much to worry about. $2500 is waaay different than $1300. Personally, without seeing footage, I’d still choose the P4K, and that’s not even based on price. I just like m43. 6K means more data. Def faster cards. And then there’s the xtra $1200. Maybe my mind will change once I see footage, but I’m thrilled with the P4K still.
  12. I agree. “Here is the camera. Here are the specs. Here is the price. You can buy now. But no sample footage.” Strange.
  13. Not that I’m a triggered snowflake, but the double standard is too frustrating to stay silent on. I get that many here hate Trump. This is ok. Freedom of thought and speech is healthy. So in that sense, fire away. But check this out... I couldn’t stand Obama. Still can’t. But imagine if I called him “the brown man”. Triggered much? See my point? Even though I’m ALL for freedom of speech, I’m also pro civility. Be respectful. I would never use the above phrase because I know there are various opinions and various sensitivities. It’s disrespectful. So I apply the golden rule
  14. You are correct that BM traditionally uses NAB for major hardware announcements, however BM actually announced the first URSA mini Pro a month before NAB. Seeing as its roughly a month before IBC it’s possible a newer pro version of the P4K could be announced. But I don’t think so. When they announced the first UMPro they first teased with a dark image of the new cam. So I’m guessing just firmware updates to the P4K. But here’s to hoping for a surprise.
  15. All of those are very nice, but that last one is perty. Really like the natural film like colors.
  16. 2 Timothy 3:1-4 (ESV) 1 But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. 2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, For many, the situation our world finds itself in is not a surprise. Still sad though. Jesus is the answer my friends. John 16:33 (ESV) I have said these things to you, t
  17. What is a moment anamorphic? I haven’t heard about this.
  18. Shot with my iPad mini last night. No pp.
  19. My understanding was that codec was a derivative of “COmpression DECompression”. So the video signal needs to be compressed and then decompressed. It is also my understanding that some codecs are compressed/decompressed in a way that is more suitable for cameras and editors. And some are more suitable for video players. The trade off being that the smaller files that video players handle more easily are more taxing to compress for cameras and more taxing for an editor to decompress and edit on the fly.
  20. I only have this device, but I can’t see it at all.
  21. Could you point out what you’re seeing? I don’t see it. I’m watching on an iPad mini. Not a big screen but not a small phone either. Footage looks beautiful to me.
  22. Regarding the Red patented compressed raw problem. Could it be as simple as just not marketing it as raw? Instead calling it a “dynamic codec” or something. Would be interesting if @CaptainHook or someone with real world knowledge of this could chime in on what make compressed raw an infringement. i bet the line is blurry.
  23. Just throwing this out there. yesterday I rented and watched Venom. I noticed some red clipping in the night chase scene. More than once. None of the other colors. Reminded me of the P4K. Was shot on Arri and Red. Not sure if that was a fault of the camera or delivery. Recently saw a black hole in a major studio production. Can’t remember which it was. It was super brief. Probably no one else noticed.
  24. One more thing. For better or worse I’ve decided to stop doing what everyone else is doing. Everyone wants attention. Everyone wants to build a following. Everyone wants to preach. I want to be different. I’ve decided to do the work. I’m going to make films. If i have any success at all let it be for that. As fun as a side project would be, if it takes away from filmmaking it is simply resistance that needs to be vanquished. (As is participating in forums all day.) You recently finished a film. Great job. Keep it up.
  25. My 2 pennies based on no first hand experience and a decent amount of second hand experience. Develop a brand. Determine your niche and demo and then stick to it. Refine sure. But I think consistency is key, both in production quantity and branding. By the way, you need a draw. Personality. Cuteness. Awesomeness. Something uniqueish and engaging. Reach out to non competing but overlapping creators. There’s a name for this but I can’t think of it. Ask for things, help, shout outs, whatevs. The more others talk about you the quicker you’ll rise. Sometimes they’ll say no. If so ask
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