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  1. Statistics are like bikinis, they don't show everything.
  2. Is there a solution for attaching it to the P4K other than velcro or zip ties? Also, has anyone tried powering the camera from a monitor yet like the SmallHD focus (or any one of the cheaper knock offs)? I wonder how much time you'd get out of a Sony NP powering the monitor and camera. Is a couple hours conceivable?
  3. Keep in mind that the "Hybrid" aspect is entirely irrelevant. It is a little to not used feature for narrative cinema/shows. I guess I could imagine some rare uses for stills, but you get the point. Now as a freelancer/traveler/hobbyist that's a different story.
  4. @Sage, I have very little free time of lately and therefore little time to post, but your V3 is so nice I am astonished. In fact, I am so impressed that I was, for a short time, considering not trading the GH5 for P4K since the look you created there is amazing. But... ...this means you will be creating your conversion for the P4K? Because, YES!!! If so, your conversion plus .braw will be so potent that I can't see needing much in an upgraded camera for some time. I am still so busy that I can wait for both .braw and your conversion. Please please please keep us posted on the P4K progress. Btw, I think this is a brilliant decision for you. Both the Gh5 and especially the P4k will be purchased by scores and scores of filmmakers. Your consumer base will be yuge. Thanks again man. Great work.
  5. So I know no one has them in stock, but is there a dealer in the states that we know/guess will get the P4K sooner than later?
  6. Not sure if you guys have seen this one yet. It's long. Skip here and there through it if you like. I've personally shot a LOT in the desert. This is what it's supposed to look like. I shot with multiple different cameras including the BMPCC and it looked very similar. Personally I think this camera is all it's cracked up to be, the physical quirks aside which will eventually get remedied.
  7. Good lord. Are we talking about cameras or camera companies? Or members of this forum? Regardless none resemble a dictatorship in any way shape or form. Do the definition of words even matter any more?
  8. Would love to hear your thoughts about my power solution. As you'll see my solution is dependent on being able to power from an external source while also having an internal battery in the camera that charges while connected to an external source. I don't know if this is supported yet, if we need that coming soon cable solution first, but regardless I believe it'll be supported at some point. Also, I have become accustomed to leaving my camera on all day during production. I love this. For some reason it is a constant source of purpose and inspiration. Whether I'm holding the camera or it's on a tripod, I like the camera being on. Therefore the internal batteries alone are not an option. So first, while on a tripod I'll just keep it plugged into mains. However, this is not ideal if out in the field or if moving the tripod a lot. In which case I plan to attach a large v-mount to the tripod, which I can connect to the camera while on the tripod. From one of the videos I've seen these 150 batteries can last 7 hours or more which could basically do the trick. I plan to have a second 150 battery that I keep clipped onto my belt. I want to have a scrunchy coiled cable that I use to connect that to the camera when I go handheld. This should keep my rig light and give me the freedom to move around freely, and give me 7+ hours of power going handheld. Both batteries become a backup to the other depending on the style of shooting that is happening. I will easily have power for a full day. If for some reason I need to be completely cable free, which will probably be rare, the internal battery is fully charged and I should have at least 30 minutes. Clearly, the last scenario is the bottleneck. If you're on a gimbal a lot that wouldn't work. For me that probably won't be often. I plan on using the old school steadicam/glidecam rigs. Perhaps the newer 3 axis gimbals will allow to also power the camera while attached. My setup could also work if you like to shoot shoulder mounted. Putting a battery on the back of the camera eliminates the nice ui of the camera itself. But I guess the battery also makes a good counter balance.
  9. With the addition of USB C, does that mean we can finally connect to a camera? There were at least two images during the presentation of the iPad Pro connected to a DSLR. The P4K has USB-C. Can they talk to each other? Even if the Pro can't be a live monitor, it'd be awesome to be able to view .braw file dailies from the P4K on an iPad in the field, especially if you are somewhat remote. Thoughts?
  10. Did you touch either, or is that straight ooc? The bottom looks like the darks have been pulled up.
  11. So ignore the following because I'm inclined to trust you on account that you're smarter.... but.... I would say the audience sees none of those things. They're wrapped in the story. We do need more testing though, on the P4K. I can't wait until you get a P4K in your hands, especially one with .braw. Also, according to a certain DP who has been on this forum but not so much lately, Alexa ProRes is purely budgetary. When you have 3-6 cams shooting RAW, the storage difference compared to prores is not negligible. We're they similar (or less like .braw will be) date rates, you can bet they'd shoot RAW.
  12. Yes. In my opinion this is why the P4K comes out way on top when we're speaking only of image. When .braw hits the P4K, good night everyone. Now of course image isn't everything. But 2 things people seem to overlook often on the P4K is the user interface and false color. Not saying those make up for IBIS, AF, battery life, etc. But they aren't forgettable either, although a lot of people do.
  13. What about a 15mm rod/rail that literally is a battery? So like, you have a cage with a handle and rod that a couple accessories attach to. But the rod itself is a battery. Maybe the handle too. Maybe this is a dumb idea that's already been mentioned. But it just came to me.
  14. So I'm wondering, if you go this route don't you lose access to the nice BM user interface? This one of the selling points for me actually. If you cover the screen with v mount and add an external monitor is it still possible to easily make camera setting changes? I get your point though, but it seems like we're going to need another solution. I think there is a wide open market for "creative" power solutions. Make a rosette side handle that doubles as a battery. Or a quick plate that is a battery.
  15. Have you personal experience with the OS on newer BM cameras? It's awesome. So nice. And I believe there are at least 3 assignable buttons.
  16. I love the GH5, particularly IBIS. I do love the image that I've seen coming out of the GH5s, but I just couldn't see paying $2000+ for that camera. The image is too close to the P4K (or GH5) for me to switch or buy the GH5s. So for me it'll either be to stay with my GH5, or go to the P4K. And really this comes down to trading IBIS, ETC, and battery life for image/color science, codec (and upcoming .braw), better lowlight, Resolve, and great menu. And honestly, that last one is yuge. I really dislike working on the GH5 because of it's menu. It slows me down, and that is the point of these cameras in the first place. Though I do go back and forth on the P4K, the more footage that comes out, the more I am liking it. I plan on keeping my pre-order on q. Maybe even testing them side by side before deciding which to keep.
  17. Footage is beautiful. What's up with 30p?
  18. When I said other cameras, I was referring to other non BM cameras. Yes, it will be added to the P4K. Perhaps some other BM cameras, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY .braw will be added to other manufacturer cameras for free. The best analogy I can think of is this. Lets say a nutritional company has created a health system that guarantees you more energy, strength, stamina, whatever, etc. It is based on some new biotech research. Based on many reviews it really does seem to work, but it has to be customized for each person. So you make an appt with one of their personal nutritionist. They take myriad tests and measurements on you personally. Based on your current condition, blood type, build, etc they prescribe a handful of dietary supplements along with some workouts and lifestyle changes. Several weeks later they test and measure you again. You've made progress. But they tweak the prescription a bit based on your reaction to it. Several more weeks pass and they test and measure you again. You're doing even better, but they tweak the prescription once again, though likely this will be your new and default program from there on out. And truly you feel amazing. Your friend comes along and tries the same things you did, with no tests, and sees little to no effect on his personal health. BM is able to get amazing things out of the UMP because of the their R&D AND the implementation to that specific sensor/camera combo. In other words, not only was there a great amount of effort spent developing the .braw codec, but it has to be taylor fitted to each sensor/camera combo which requires a great deal of resources. Not only does this give BM cameras a marketing edge and would be silly to just give it away for free, but it takes a great deal of time to implement. There is also the issue of camera processing power as well. Each of these reasons make it unlikely that we see .braw in a non BM camera and if it does happen, and I would love to see that, it won't be for free. The Pan "Lumix" lenses need software correction, but Oly's don't rely on that as much according to Brawley. I kind of assume the Leica lenses don't rely on it as much either since Leica has such a great lens making heritage.
  19. The SDK for playing/editing .braw is free. Installing the codec on other cameras is not free, nor is it easy. They've patented it. But I assume that down the road, something "like" .braw will be available for most cameras. Hopefully.
  20. Thanks Kaylee. Not sure if this link still works but that is where I sold it on demand. Warning: the film is slow. From a "check out what I made with almost no resources" I'm extremely proud of it. Cast was amazing. I just wouldn't produce a film like that again. But I learned so much and hope to try again.
  21. We'll see. I've got the P4K on preorder but have my finger on the cancel button. I'm waiting to see more footage. It's very possible that with the right lens, filters, and Sage's lut, GH5 is a no brainer. But from the footage I've seen so far the P4K has the edge in image quality for sure. But like you said, maybe not enough to choose it over IBIS, ETC. The GH5 is also getting an autofocus firmware update in October so that may be another edge. Battery life is another. However, .braw may do something special to the P4K. We'll see.
  22. @mercer really appreciate the encouragement. Means a lot to me at this point in time. It's funny. It's almost like the message of that trailer, made years ago, was meant for me today. Words can't.
  23. @mercer I'm starting to come out of the personal funk I've been in for about a year. I'm looking forward to trying @Sage's LUT. Mercer did you say there was a CineD version to try? Where do I find that?
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