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  1. Dont think we get specs out of them but maybe if you ask about the difference between the two panasonic ff.. So far we just know price and megapixels... Maybe they give us a hint. Is one just the little sister or has it certain features that the more expensive does not have..
  2. "If they applauded him after the screening, then I would have been surprised." didn´t he get standing ovations after?
  3. "probably because they didn’t like the fact the fictional psychopath serial killer protagonist wasn’t extolling feminist virtues." why so salty? If you are in a movie, you are IN.. of course you know it´s fictional, but it doesn´t matter that much... I don´t know why I would want to see breasts cut off or lets say sadistic gore in general... I´m not getting anything but disgust and hate. I completly understand why someone would walk out of the theatre. I know what you mean with "personal offence" though - yes, maybe this film is a big fuck you in this direction - and rightly so.. but it is also a little bit too easy to get away like that.
  4. Would not advise that... the consens half a year ago was premiere eats fast clocking cpu preferably with 8 cores.. gpu is "neglegtable", and don´t go lower than 32gb ram... especially after effects renders significantly faster with more ram.. resolve on the other hand relies heavily on gpu and does suggest a 8gb card...
  5. Insane machine you bought there ^^ But before anyone throws something out of the window by frustration... a computer for instance... Be sure that performance problems were not infact software related.. i ran into this piece of crap on my current project: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2193382 Quite common it seems and has especially problems with 4k and lumetri filters.... had to upgrade to cc 2017 as only fixable solution..
  6. hmmm still loving that BMCC image... Sadly I need a run&gun style camera for my work... BMCC + GH5
  7. Collaborate in creating a system... yes.. because one alone wouldn´t have had a chance... and they surely have set guidelines... but you still buy either a panasonic lens/camera or an Olympus.. or do they share their earnings? Of course they don´t want the other to fail and retreat... but you cannot just divide a market like moses and everyone gets 50%... of course they are also competing with each other while creating new collaborations... see panasonic/fuji or olympus/sony
  8. still they wont go above 2k... that´s APSC and FF territory... They don´t compete with Sony as much as with Olympus... They positioned themselves as a long run contender for highest quality video features in a DSLR style camera.. you know, a horse/system you can bet on... this feature set challenges every camera manufacturer, with every price tag, out there.. which makes absolutly sense because, every single one of the competitions lenses can be adapted.. but their immediate pricing is based on what the immediate competition, aka Olympus, has to offer..
  9. the timing seems rigged ^^ http://www.43rumors.com/ft4-first-panasonic-gh5-spec-4k-422-10-bits-internal-recording/ 1) The camera has no crop for 4K 2) 4:2:2 10 bits internal recording!!!!
  10. sorry to hear... I lost my whole camera setup years ago this way.. in france.. along with my car and everything else lol.. I tried local markets the next days.. those markets where people just have a blanket on the floor and on it what looks like the inside of a travelling bag... had no luck. the car was seen one or two month later, two black guys trying to cross border to england... well.. english border control did not react fast enough and they got away.. since your case is already 20 days old.. i guess you are looking for a needle that someone might have dropped into a haystack, or somewhere else... :/
  11. I kinda like my GH3... had the choice between Alpha99 and Mark III back then.. didn´t make an upgrade to the GH4, the 4k was not necessary for me at that time and the iq didn´t seem to improve significantly... Gh5 will be another crossing, stay in m43 system or go another way.. the sensor size, with its low light flaws is a real downer but Panasonics commitment of delivering surprises is indeed loyalty worthy... though.. it will probably just be the small extra tip on the scale if two cameras/systems tie... I hope they improve their jpg/color engine... I´d rather take a lovely out of cam picture in favour of grading every single log clip just the little bit better..
  12. stop worrying about your equipment.. it´s fine ..ask yourself of the legal status of the project.. where will it be shown.. filming people in public for commercial is.. well.. not excatly legal.. at least not in my country.. and remember that every sound you hear.. if there is music somewhere in the distance.. you have to license for that right of use... I´d advice get in contact with the expo, you probably need a permission.. and also make up the story you want to tell.. don´t just hold your camera on things 4 days long.. good luck, do it and enjoy your learning curve
  13. "somewhere in the world"... boy, you sure are a dreamer.. talk (precisly listen) to woman more often.. only advice I can give
  14. Is it really so hard to believe that internal misogyny exists? of course they don´t say, I hate woman, therefore I hate this movie... but you know the pattern is kinda striking and no.. it is not just kids, cause kids don´t care, except when educated by society.
  15. All fair and well, discussable but not the main point I was referring to. Heres my concern: by mixing transgender and other minorities with woman in the equality debate, you are simply draging womans rights down, leaving them debatable and attaching a certain level of ridiculousness. They are 50% of worlds population.. trans people are what? 0.1? No, I don´t think they have the same right of awareness. Women do not have an obligation to help everyone, they will only come out as losers as your example so finely presents: That Austrian music award: 0 Woman won a price, even in the femal section the winner was Conchita, a man (and plz don´t be fooled to think that the best just happened to be man) I have never heard of that discussion about St. Nicholas and his beard, and I agree, if true, it is simply face palm worthy. On the other side, there are customs with a questionable origin.. I think you do know the game "wer hat Angst vorm schwarzen Mann?" Is it a tradition worthy keeping? Yes, in the museum of folk studies.. So, back to Ghostbusters. It has nothing to do with beeing politically correct (I know you agree with me here). It´s just a female crew which happens to be so unbelievable disturbing. I just wanted to highlight the fact it sparks the "what´s next" debate is a sneaky way of patriarchy defending their lands.
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