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    Canon 1DC in 2018

    Same here. I was on the fence about the 1DC but as someone who shoots run and gun documentaries, I need a camera that helps me. Soft, but beautiful, 4k is still soft I went with a C100Mk2, a solid camera that let's me focus on story. Pretty pictures can only get me so far. Maybe get two C100s, of course it all depends what kind of work you actually do. It sounds like you are in a controlled studio so you might be fine with the 'fiddly' cameras.
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    So 4 out of 10 still use film. And as I recall this is the smallest percentage it has been since people started saying "film is dead". Doesn't look very dead to me. (I see you next year when history repeats itself for the tenth time )
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    Don Kotlos

    Sony a7 III discussion

    Yeah battery life is definitely not a problem with the new Z batteries. 3 of them would be enough to finish a short . But I still prefer the Fuji/Nikon solution mainly because it is far easier to remove the grip without having to take the battery holder out of the grip, remove one battery, stick it into the camera, remove the battery door from the grip & attach it to the camera. And then do all that to put the grip back on. I don't take the grip off that often but it is a fairly involved process.
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    I recently finished this project. If you like the results, download the LUTs for free on colorizer.net.
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    That looks awesome. In the meantime is there a simple way to switch between normal and the hack settings? My wife said the hack limits the camera to only Cine D.
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    Samsung "The Frame"

    Tried it myself. It didn't end well.
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    Samsung "The Frame"

    I wish I could make my iMac look like a fireplace. 😂
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    Samsung "The Frame"

    Couldn’t agree more.
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    Yes, its so I can listen to music while I work out why it doesn't work No, its the actual unit that controls the camera over wifi and gives you feedback on your settings. It can be mounted on a hotshoe like it is here or wherever you want. I don't need Kickstarter to finish it but do need Kickupthearse
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    Samsung "The Frame"

    @Matthew Hartman Another factor: Any brick and mortar store that has a wall of TVs is viewed relative to all of the other TVs. Then it becomes a race to which TV has the "brightest" and "sharpest" image.
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    The cleanest 8 bit Log footage I've seen so far comes from Canon (C200 e.g), comes close to 10 Bit V-Log on the GH5 which is amazing.
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    Yeah I used my X-T2 to create the LUTs, I just tried them on the X-H1 too and they seemed to work. I sold my X-T2 but I'm not sure if it was a good idea. I wanted to get the X-H1, but it has serious AF issues, lots of moiré/aliasing in not just 120p, but 60p as well, and I've seen jerky movement with IBIS in more videos. In many ways the A7III looks better, but I can't leave Fuji just yet, I love the colors and their lenses. With my method I could create Fuji LUTs for the Sony though, but I will wait and see if Fuji can fix the mentioned issues. @deezid is unfortunately right, when you shoot F-log, there will be blocky noise which is not, or not entirely related to compression, and I see it especially in the red channel. At first I thought they fixed this in the X-H1, but now I see it in Ryan Carlson's footage. I had this even with externally recorded ProRes on the X-T2. This is the red channel after nothing but a color space conversion and an s-curve: Once you start pushing the footage, you will need heavy noise reduction. I'm not sure if this is normal. This is the red channel of ProRes from the X-T2 + Video Assist 4K, again, only color space transformation and s-curve: You can't see if from these still images but this noise is all over the face, especially problematic in the darker parts.
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    Nice video Attila! God I can't believe how good the Fuji stuff looks. It's not ALWAYS right, but when it is - god damn!! Really making me re-consider the X-H1 over the A7 III. Edit: Oh wait, this footage is actually from the XT2. Damn! Hah. Who needs FLOG when the standard profiles already have as much dynamic range as necessary.
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    Matthew Hartman

    Samsung "The Frame"

    I read an article about a year ago that Samsung has done extensive user testing/research on the "Samsung look", and they found that "most" consumers prefer the image "sharp" and really punchy. To the untrained eye I could see why ppl would latch on to these qualities, they give off the impression of "high tech". THIS is why Samsung crams these characteristics into their display technology. Some like it, others don't.
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    Are you planning to start a Kickstarter for a final device?) Also what is that little device with a screen, an A mp3 player? Looks very intriguing
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    Don Kotlos

    Sony a7 III discussion

    Both batteries are in the grip. For some strange reason sony uses a fancy connection that is located inside the battery compartment of the camera. My guess is that there is no space left on the bottom of the body . There is no space even for weather sealing
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    Full Frame For Interviews

    hmmmm... a7 III maybe?
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    I got one. Indy film festivals are a dime a dozen. There's thousands of 'em. There's not all that many that are hardwired directly to Hollywoo. You know how it is, big name festivals earn the luxury of advanced screening of studio films. It happens when the brand and event goes corporate. SXSW is now an industry event. You ever been? I was there once 10 years ago and it was already pretty much big biz'ness. Actually, I should give all y'all here a submission code discount for the festival I'm a part of. What do you think? You want an indy fest, let me tell you, we're definitely an indy fest.
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    That's weird, it seems to work for me. Even when the magic lantern overlay is on liveview, I just press the Q Set physical button and from there I tap on the screen to choose different colour balance presets, which include AWB. I always leave my camera on AWB since it works very well. Very true. I've also checked with Fotodiox as they already make a Sony E-mount to M4/3 adapter, as do various other manufacturers. The Sony mount is very similar to the EOS M mount with the same flange focal distance so should be easy to produce an adadpter for EOS M to m4/3, even if it lacks electronic contacts. Fotodiox said they'd talk to the design team and see if they can make such an adapter.
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    GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    no restrictions. records forever working on a full review on this setup. will be released next Tuesday
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    Sony a7 III discussion

    Jordon Drake is the tall, seemingly uncomfortably in front of the camera guy. The other guy is Chris Niccolls, who has enough hair gel/ hair wax for a an entire village. They actually do a superb job with their reviews. Jordon implied that the viewfinder had major issues, but as Chris pointed out, he probably exaggerated the claims. They have improved it majorly, even if it isn't in GH5/G6 territory.
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    Trust me, it's bewildering to many Americans as well. I won't get into political conversations here, so if anyone has a retort you will not get a follow up from me. But we definitely need a good overall of our public policies in my country. Webrunner's story is not unlike many, many Americans. Statistics show that many Americans are roughly a paycheck away from total poverty and many go bankrupt with medical bills, even with having insurance. I recently had a talk with my 13-year old son about what to do if some crazed individual comes to his school with a weapon. Not a conversation I ever imaged I'd have to have with my children. It's surreal.
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    Hey guys, I wanted to share with you an awesome and affordable monitor made by IKAN that can, with a tiny bit of work, be used as an EVF. The main reason I wanted an EVF + loupe for my Micro setup was to create a fourth-point of contact between my Micro and my body. With my right-hand on the ENG grip, left-hand on the len's focus-ring, chest-pad against my right-shoulder, having the IKAN + loupe pressed up against my right-eye added that extra piece of stability I have been looking for - not to mention being able to monitor and pull focus perfectly in bright daylight. For those interested, the monitor is called the IKAN VL35 and can be had for as little as $259USD: http://ikancorp.com/productdetail.php?id=1738 I rigged it together with an old ViewFinder that I used to use with my A7S and A7RII. Having sold those cameras, I decided to use it as a loupe for my IKAN VL35. It doesn't fit the VL35 perfectly (as it is designed for 3" monitors, and the VL35 is a 3.5" monitor), but it will do for now. However, the good news is IKAN recently told me that they will be releasing a loupe specifically designed for the VL35 - and given the affordability of the monitor itself, I'm sure the loupe will be priced very nicely. As for the quality of the monitor itself - all I can say is that it's great Very similar to the monitor on the BMPCC. I haven't conducted any scientific or methodical tests yet, such as running down the battery or precisely measuring colour and luminosity, but I have used it plenty in the real-world, and it has functioned flawlessly and beautifully. Highly recommended for those looking for a setup like this Anyway, here are some pictures for those that are interested
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