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  1. Great. Any application of this for sound recording as well? My understanding is that sound does not work with lossless compressed, right? Perhaps with higher speeds one can record uncompressed with sound.
  2. You are right. MLV App reads the files with AWB as 6000k always. It is strange that it can read manual white balance properly. Do you know any app that can convert eos m files and read AWB properly? Also: the MLV app cannot convert to cinema dng in my mac (high sierra), only ProRes 4444. Do you know anything about this bug?
  3. I agree, if you are looking at S16, it is better to go with a BMPCC. You probably can get a used one for just a bit more than an eventually new eos-m speed booster.
  4. I got it to work and now I have the AWB working in camera and the Mac's MLV App reads it properly. How do you deal with exposure, any tips? Especially, how do you set zebras, 90%, 80%, etc..
  5. Great video, @Alpicat. Thanks! However, I am not sure if I explained myself clearly. I want to be able to get the auto white balance on camera to work. I cannot set my eos m to AWB with magic lantern. With magic lantern installed, I have to choose the white balance manually putting the value in kelvins. Is there a way to get the AWB with magic lantern to work in camera?
  6. Hello, folks. Is it possible to have the auto white balance working with ML RAW? I am using the MLV App (mac) to convert the files to ProRes 444 and I see it can read the white balance information from the raw files. It would be great to be able to use the canon good auto white balance as a base for grading, etc. For now, I am just using it as super 8 film. 3200k internal, 5500k external.
  7. I just got a Fotodiox adapter. Much better. I still think the the lens screw a little bit too much, but you get a good parfocal performance with the 6-66mm, not perfect though. But the lens stays upside-down! Also, the fotodiox does not work with my Schneider CCTV 12.5-75mm. Thus, I have to keep the older adapter for that lens. It is crazy how those c mount adapters are all over the place! I am glad humanity invented the bayonet mount!
  8. Thank you very much, folks! Probably the M mount version of the Schneider is more precise too but those leicinas sell for a great prize. It is great to hear that the Angenieux has a good cover though. I will try to get one soon. I will try to get a new adapter as well. I am also thinking about trying some brushes between the lens and the adapter to see if I get the lens to screw less.
  9. Hi folks... which adapter are you using for the Super 8 lens? I noticed that the Schneider 6-66mm in the fotasy adapter screws too much, passing the optimal point. I cannot get constant focus through the zoom range, specially towards the wide end with a 1.8 aperture. Did you notice this problem with your adapters or did you find a solution? I had read the the schneider-beaulieu lens did not have exactly the standard c-mount flange distance, because of the internal filter of the super 8 lens: it seems to be true.
  10. Thanks. so, are you using the standard ML build with 14 bit raw. What is the maximum resolution you get in crop mode for Super 8 lens?
  11. I can confirm that the "Beaulieu Optivaron 6-66mm f1.8" vignettes as @Alpicat showed. Does anyone have a Angenieux 8-64mm 1.9 to test in crop mode to see if it also vignettes at 4:3 (1408x1030)? I would like to buy one, but before that it would be good to know if it would cover this resolution. Perhaps @cantsin or someone else? According to Pro 8mm the 6-66mm will vignette with a Super 8 camera with the Max 8 modification (which is basically an enlarged gate). However, they say the Angenieux 8-64mm will not vignette on this Max 8 mod. Then, it seems the Angenieux should have a larger image circle. https://www.pro8mm.com/products/schneider-lens?variant=30610041601 https://www.pro8mm.com/products/angenieux-lens?variant=30609178561 I can confirm that Schneider CCTV 12.5-75mm 1.8 covers the crop mode fine. It is a relatively small light for a zoom, but of course the fun is in having a real Super 8 covering as much the sensor as possible.
  12. What is the influence of the speedbooster on the rolling shutter in S35? I don't see how it can alter the rolling shutter as the rolling shutter is linked to the reading out speed of the sensor... right or am I missing something?
  13. How do you get "the normal framerate in colour with the correct framing, no choppy b&w preview" with the "crop rec 4k experimental build"? I assume you are not using the Magic Lantern Preview but the canon stock preview mode? If so, the framing is always 16:9. When I use the Magic Lantern Preview mode instead of the canon one, the image is very choppy, almost unusable, but you can get other framings like 4:3.
  14. Is the crop 3x the same as 1:1 Raw? I got a Schneider 12.5-75mm CCTV lens for basically nothing. It seems the same lens made for several brands: Toya, Canon, etc. It is very light and compact. Anyone has some experience with this one? I am still waiting my EOS M to arrive from Japan. This guy seems to like the lens:
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