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The EOSHD Interview - Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma and Takuma Wakamatsu, Sigma Fp Product Manager

Andrew Reid

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This is an excellent interview, the man clearly is on top of the issues and is dealing with both the technology as well as the business environment.

I thought his answer to the Olympus question was masterful, he ruled out nothing but highlighted his priority is his people.

It would be difficult to find a comparable performance by anyone from Nikon, Sony or Canon, they all all indians, not chiefs.

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I really liked reading this interview and I appreciated that he seemed rather honest and not BS you. He knows the limitations of his camera's sensor and he says it. He doesn't comment when he knows the answer might hurt the company's business... all normal responses from a company head.

I've been so close to getting their point and shoot Merrill series because they're so small with such great color and detail out of that Foveon sensor. Sure, batter life and workflow really killed these cameras, but man oh man the quality of the image is like no other. I really wish they could carry that over to video... wishful thinking maybe.

I really do believe that Sigma could kick some video butt due to their not having higher-end cameras to protect like Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.

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I loved the insight into the family business and it’s priorities. I know at the end of the day all corporations are there to make money but it’s refreshing to hear (and see in other interviews with Sigma) Sigma’s commitment to its employees’ wellbeing. I think in the “west” we totally disregarded workers health (physical, mental, spiritual) in the overall productivity of a company. The human factor should be on the spreadsheet too!

That being said. I like the concept of the Sigma fp. I think I’m going to wait for a mk2 of it before I would think about buying one and into the L-mount ecosystem as a whole. I think we will see a growing benefit to the L-Mount alliance as time goes on. Panasonic delivering the more traditional cameras, Sigma delivering on the more “risky” style designs and ideas, and of course Leica lending its name and boutique offerings. Sigma is a very important part of the Alliance imho.

I also think Sigma has a chance with a future Foveon sensor to take a stab at the cinema world with a cinema grade Foveon Cine camera that has that magic look! ISO performance isn’t a issue in the cinema world because they have the budge to control all aspects of the lighting. Would be really interesting!

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On 9/4/2020 at 5:00 PM, cameraeye said:

I think the fp is my next camera. Something truly flexible made for artists.

I really want an external prores raw camera too.

I’ve never used an L mount camera, how well does canon glass work on the fp? I know I can google but I prefer talking.

I shoot with the fp almost exclusively wigh Canon lenses. All work fine (IS, AF), but some perform better than others - faster AF. Performance is similar on Canon bodies, except no AFC in video mode with the Sigma adapter. Ask me about specific Canon lenses, as I have a bunch, and I can tell you about my experience (I shoot only RAW video).

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Man, great interview! It’s a major buzzkill that it will never do open gate video recording though. I don’t know how to push this on full-frame cameras, but as of now, only the S1H even utilizes the full sensor height in video, which makes the anamorphic shooter in me cringe to no end. That, and the GFX cams are obviously also a larger imaging area... but then those have even more sensor height they could be using, so.... yeah. A bit depressing.

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I quite like the look of 1.5 Iscorama or Bolex in 16:9 so not a major dealbreaker for me. Heck, I even like the super-wide anamorphic look of 2x from 16:9!! 3.55:1! The more black bars the better!

Only Panasonic really recognise anamorphic shooters at the moment.

Not even Sony have an open gate mode on the A7S III.

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