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  1. Don't think so. Apple is hugely bigger than RED, if they lose, it is only bit of money. RED however is fighting for its life, a loss would almost certainly decimate the enterprise value and make an outside takeover vastly more likely.
  2. Think that is not the likely outcome for Japan, which still has a strong social fabric. In the US, the destruction of much of the black middle class thanks to the mass foreclosures during the 2008 banking crisis has shredded that fabric. Conditions in Baltimore etc reflect that.
  3. Samsung is looking prescient, they recognized that the camera sector was facing massive change, making it a bad place to launch a 'me too' product. Canon lags in the sensor space and in the software arena., which are the technologies driving the changes in the relatively stagnant imaging market. Canon is pursuing a rational corporate strategy in response, to maximize the returns from this fading sector to invest in more promising industrial markets. So it is unreasonable to expect massive new product investments here, rather a continuation of the existing policy of low cost, cautious and incremental development. The new mount exemplifies this tack, zero new technology, just a repackaging of the existing capabilities, hyped as a 'mirrorless breakthrough'.
  4. Sony sells more lenses at Nikon's expense. Why is this a lawsuit worthy issue for Sony?
  5. etudiant

    Nikon 8K?

    Would not an Apple/Nikon partnership in imaging make sense? Nikon is a great name in optics, but has no real partner in digital or electronics, while Apple has those, but is not a player in optics. A hookup would avoid the humiliation of Nikon going to Samsung or Sony for their electronics and systems integration, plus Apple could fund Nikon from their petty change account.
  6. Perhaps it is a straw in the wind, firms recognizing that there are too many systems to support in an at best flat market, especially when one player has half the market.
  7. This is a Foxconn initiative. It has a Canon sized $30B company behind it. Apparently Foxconn is trying to step out of its roots as a contract manufacturer and to achieve end product producer status. High definition video offers them an unusual opportunity to do just that. They are familiar with the technologies involved, but have no existing franchise to nurture. Hence they have the opportunity to disrupt a complacent sector and to develop a new line of business independent of their existing base. Canon's frantic '8K is in our road map' comment suggests they recognize the challenge.
  8. The old rule is 'Follow the money'. The various members of the European Parliament all have side jobs, sinecures but often very lucrative ones, sponsored by special interest entities. Vote correctly and keep the job, vote wrong and probably lose it. Human frailty does the rest. The 'public interest' is easily suborned.
  9. The forum discussions are one of the principal attractions of this site, we get unvarnished experiences garnered by experts. Here we have a thought provoking discussion triggered by a surprising, but well articulated system switch. I don't see how that falls under the GAS rubric, so just a silly comment.
  10. Is there some way to tell whether the lens was stolen if one is offered on Ebay? Serial numbers or some more specific model details would help a lot.
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