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Fuji X-T4

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3 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Are you 110% sure the cards are legit? Where did you buy them from?

Yea, I always format in camera before I start shooting. I've had problems with Adata and Sand Disk Extreme. Both I've used on GH5 400mbs 4k with no problem. Thousands of clips. I've had maybe 2-3 errors on the S1 (shot 100s of clips) with both kinds of cards. Moved to Sony M cards and haven't had a problem yet. I bought them on Amazon, but I think it was Adorama as the seller (but can't remember for sure). This isn't an isolated issue. If you go on the FB page and search you'll find someone posting every few days reporting various cards. I thought it was only SD but someone posted and mentioned the XQD slot too. Yes, i could dual record with an external monitor, but if I'm adding another 1k to a 2k camera, at that point I could just sell and looking at a used EVA1 or FS7 which are both under 4k now. This is why the Xt4 is interesting. 2 cameras would be within my price range (I do lots of interviews), but reliability is my #1 concern. Love their color science, auto focus, and lenses. 

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I think the main problem coming from these videos is that 90% are made from photographers that have limited understanding of video work. They think IBIS is a gimbal replacement or some sort of steady

I can see why he needs raw, wb is totally off 😄

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31 minutes ago, mercer said:

So no 6K... then what's the biggest new feature... IBIS?

Well, if they can keep the cost of the X-T4 very close to the X-T3 and include IBIS... IMO... that's an instant win.

However, I would love for Fuji to do something out of left field like ProRes... I hate h.265.

I agree,  IBIS and a better battery alone would make a worthy upgrade.

Prores would be incredible. 

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4 hours ago, Brian Williams said:

Fujirumors.com also just confirmed no 6K.

Androidlad was soo confident, I think I will take everything he says going forward with a grain of salt.

I've taken it with a serving of salt ever since he said the A7s3 would have an addon unit to allow raw recording on the AXS-R7 recorder back in *checks* 2018. I mean rumors and speculation are to be expected, but it's nothing more than that until an announcement.

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1 hour ago, Trek of Joy said:

This rumor is really losing steam as the XT4 is looking like another XH1 disappointment, without the 6k capabilities the 4k120 seems like a non-starter as well. Meanwhile the EOS R5 is blowing up. Go figure.


But I agree with @Stathman if it's XT-3 guts in an XH1 body (maybe improve the IBIS) that fulfills a lot of people's hopes. 

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Yep, I couldn't give a shit about 6k, just give me IBIS, flippy screen, better battery - the 30 minute limit removed, full size hdmi, and an easier 10 bit to edit would be icing on.the cake but I don't want anything that will push the price too high. The  XT3 is a great camera that just needs a few improvements, big difference to Canon who are finally coming out guns blazing after all the crap they've been serving up these last few years.

The R5 sounds like it will be a great camera too but at a much higher price with big heavy full frame lenses required. I much prefer the sleak svelte Fuji system

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6 hours ago, Stathman said:

I believe that everyone who used X-T3 and X-H1, all wished for a camera with X-T3's guts in an X-H1 body. 

It seems that this is exactly what we get, plus some extras.

Keep the price at 1500$ and I couldn't be any happier. 😉



This + the bonus of a better battery.

That is all I want/need.

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