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  1. Is this an NX1? In 2021? On a Netflix series? Used by a psycho influencer? Is this random or a secret message from Samsung?
  2. Just do whatever makes you happy my friend. Heartbreaking video. Move on, bring the joy back. Very much appreciated all the knowledge, heart and soul you shared in this place. Looking forward for your next step. Cheers mate, stay strong!
  3. @zerocool22 I think the best solution is to put the lens in manual focus mode. Focus the point you 'll be standing, hit the button and go! I believe this way will be 100% in focus. I wouldn't rely on AFC with an adapted lens. Cheers
  4. Small correction. It's 4:2:0 actually.
  5. Fuji's 10bit is 4:2:0 vs 4:2:2 on the S5. This means better color information in the S5's files. Although 4k50p is 4:2:0 on the S5 also. Ibis on S5 is significantly better. I don't know if intra vs long gop makes a big difference in this case.
  6. For the vintage lenses you don't need something special. I use a simple one for m42 lenses and ibis works just fine. Coming from xh1's ibis experience I would say S5's ibis is on another level.
  7. Quick question! Is there a way to preview 10bit mov files on macOS finder window? I'm on 10.15.6 (Catalina)
  8. Firmware 2.10 available. https://fujifilm-x.com/global/support/download/firmware/cameras/x-h1/ Auto exposure stepping issue fixed. (Auto ISO video mode). I can definitely see an improvement on ibis stepping issue too. Well done!
  9. Atomos Enables 12-bit 4K ProRes RAW Recording with Fujifilm GFX100 via Firmware Update! https://www.atomos.com/firmware/ninja-v#TWfullr-FujiGFX100
  10. My setup is struggling with the 100fps XAVC HS files. Does anyone experiencing smooth playback? I'm on a mac. Tried them on Premiere and Resolve Studio, latest versions.
  11. I sell one too. Received it yesterday 20/07/20 from amazon uk. Same description as above. Brand new, only unboxed. 160€ + postage. Shipping to EU countries. Payment through PayPal. Sorry @funkyou86 for using your thread! Thanks.
  12. I tried v2.26, v2.27, v2.28, v2.29. All with the same result. No OIS for video. Ibis doesn't work either. It would be good to know if Fringer supports lens stabilisation in video mode.
  13. Just received the Viltrox EF-FX2. Tried to use it with EF 24-70 L IS F4.0 on X-H1 but the IS of the lens is not working. The adapter has the latest firmware version. I tried the workaround @colepat suggested and it worked for a second but after that it stoped working again. Is there any other solution or is it better to send it back?
  14. Is stacked sensor means lower DR?
  15. Just a joke... - Look, I just bought a new car! - Wow, it looks amazing! - Yes! Read the specs: 2500 Horse Power, 450km/h, 0-100 in 1.3 sec!!!!!!!!!!! Only for 350.000€! - Whaaaaaat! WTF!!! - It has a little issue though.. When you start the engine, it explodes... - Yeahhhh! Let's go for a ride!!!
  16. Stathman

    Fuji X-T4

    Nice! Let's hope they will fix it for X-H1 also.
  17. Stathman

    Fuji X-T4

    Did anyone try ibis with the new firmware? Is the stepping issue solved?
  18. Latest versions of Resolve are optimised for Metal on macOS. I suspect this is the case. Do you have any utility to check gpu usage while playback? Try to disable igpu in bios to see if it makes any difference.
  19. No problem here. It plays smoothly with a lut applied and some basic adjustments (4K DCI timeline). macOS 10.13.6 - i7 8700K - 1080Ti Resolve 16.2.2 Maybe bad hackintosh configuration? Resolve version? *edit: - This is true when using metal GPU processing mode. I tried with OpenCL and I get 8-11fps maximum.
  20. Can you share a couple of seconds to give it a try?
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