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  1. I tried to reproduce the issue with no success. The image i see in FCPX is identical with the one i see in Safari. But i did realise this. The uploaded image is completely different when it is small. it's like you described it. Darker with more contrast maybe? When you click on it, it's ok. Don't know why though...
  2. Hi! If i understand correctly, you are saying that there is a difference between the exported frame you upload and the one you see in FCPX. I imported the ungraded tiff in FCPX and the image i see inside the program is identical to the one i see on my browser (safari). Can you share the graded tiff also, to compare?
  3. Yes, it's amazing! You should just change the naming scheme to Davinci Resolve. Everything else, leave it as is.
  4. You should see something like this (attached file) MLVFS option under services.
  5. Yes, that was my feelings exactly after trying out a 70D. Although it can't do 1080p (almost) the color depth and the flexibility of raw is magical. I would choose it over super crisp cheap 4k without a doubt.
  6. Definitely! Maybe also treats better to those harsh highlights. You can send me some frames to check it out for you, if you like.
  7. Nice! If you have any raw footage i could play with, i would really appreciate it. I' m thinking of getting one.
  8. Beautiful! Did you use any filter to reduce moire?
  9. Like New. Barely used. Body bought on 11/2017, Lenses bought on 06/2017. About 200 shutter actuations, less than an hour of video recording . Body in original box with what it included. Canon 55-250mm in original box. Canon 18-55mm in white box. Purchased from authorised Canon reseller. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty You can calculate the remaining warranty. If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks EU only - Paypal only Price: 700€ Body only: 550€
  10. I don't need the filter anymore. Thanks!
  11. The guys at the ML forum are having progress on the digic 6. Hopefully santa will come with an 80D!
  12. Thanks for this!!! This method works better than any other i have tried so far.
  13. Hi! I would like to buy a VAF filter for my 70D. EU countries please to avoid import duties. Thanks.
  14. I 'd like to test raw footage from 70D. If anyone could share i would really appreciate it! Thanks
  15. Stathman

    Adobe Rant

    WTF? Back then, when you shared some clips of your footage, all of them played in real time in Premiere even with luts applied. I opened today the project i have saved, Premiere prompt me to save the project again because i use the latest version now and -surprise- the 10bit files are not supported anymore! Go figure... I use a mac (10.12.4), by the way.
  16. Maybe there will be "R" and "S" version like on A7 series?
  17. IBIS and sturdiness wise, which is the best option? I would like to have aperture control on EF lenses but AF is not the matter for me. I would like to use manual EF mount lenses also (samyang) with ibis. Apologies to OP. Thanks!
  18. First of all, thanks for taking the time to do the comparison between the lenses and for posting the results here! This is what about the forum exists. Don't be discouraged or disappointed by the different point of view of other people. Some others do really appreciate what is kindly offering here. PS. Sorry for my terrible english, i hope you can get the point.
  19. I'm lucky to report that i have no problem to play all of the files without a glitch. (Premiere CC 2017) Both windows and mac. On windows computer the graphics card is a gtx1080 and on mac a gtx780ti. Both computers run the latest version of adobe premiere. On the other side DaVinci won't recognise the 10bit files.
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