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Blackmagic to announce new camera related news at 12 noon PDT (8pm London)

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Whoah...hang on there you two. You are doing forums wrong if you agree to agree. Splitting hairs, clinging on to a semantic rock and repelling all boarders...that is what it is all about.

Isn't it pensive piano music and slow motion shots of your girlfriend walking through a park with a teal and orange LUT?

Yeah, I was careful not to add the "but you probably wouldn't want to" so that I could retain the technical win

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13 minutes ago, Sid said:

I don't know if it is an urban legend but I have heard BM have a lot of quality control and reliability issues, so I have to say the Sigma fp looks more interesting to me.  It will be interesting to see the price compared.

Not really. There are many many owners of BMD systems on this forum. I've been using BMD stuff for a long time and never a failure.

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2 minutes ago, New_E said:

Undercutting Panasonic and their S1H, although not necessarily a bad thing as competition may drive the S1H price down...

Unlikely that most S1H buyers would take this instead. The S1H is a hybrid, the BM camera is not.

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Black Magic is doing so awesome things and I do love BM Raw. I find the EF mount disappointing and would have much preferred the RF Mount or L-Mount (if they even have access to those). Though, outside of BM Raw and a bit cheaper of price, there isn't much here that would tempt me over the S1H (which may have some form of raw).

S1H will have a flip out screen, should have IBIS, wayyy better battery life, has the dual XLR adapter, better form factor, way better stills camera, better autofocus (assuming the Pocket 6K is a single point, single shot AF), easier to use on gimbal, more lenses available via adapters, full-frame sensor, probably better low light if the S1 is anything to go by, more dynamic range, and a couple of other advantages I'm sure I'm missing.

Yes, you can save $1000+ by getting a Pocket 6K, but I think all of the above specifications are worth that and more. Black Magic should have used all of that EF-Mount real estate for an electronic ND filter - that would be game-changing. 

Still, Black Magic is doing an awesome job releasing some really cool cameras with a gorgeous image and really pushing raw - which is great. 

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10 minutes ago, dslnc said:

it seems that the Off-speed frame rates aren't windowed like the P4K   - 
i.e. recording 1080p120 is only possible windowed with the P4K 

I hope the P6K uses the full sensor.

The reason why 1080p is not windowed on the P6K is because it only records that mode in ProRes (along with both 4K flavours as well) therefore it captures the full sensor and then downscales it whereas the P4K can do both, BRAW windowed or ProRes downscaled.

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