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  1. BM is using an HDR sensor but doesn’t actually have an HDR mode correct? They’re only using its dual iso capabilities if I’m correct.
  2. I hope avid or blackmagic have their version of this. Single file "raw" video that is cross platform and works in Premiere and Avid Media Composer natively.
  3. This focal reducer has made me decide to get an ursa mini 4.6. I am going to get a used Ursa mini 4.6k in southern california for around 3,750. But i've been communicating with Luca via facebook. Really excited about this.
  4. Adobe is very slow to upgrade things. I hate how you have to nest when adding some fx (stabilize and twixtor) to non native res files. Fit to fill sucks, max motion effect sucks. Ame has room to improve too. It should have pass through for audio (especially when you can only relink to files with same amount of audio channels DUH), same as source frame rate, and ability to add pre/suffix to file names. Edit ready is much better. The fan boys ruin it for those who want to improve the software. Customers need to be more demanding.
  5. I own the current flagship iPhone but I hate Apple these days. So glad resolve and premiere are cross platform. I can't stand a company that refuses to share tech. The lack of prores on windows sucks. We must spend our money on platform agnostic companies. I just built an amd ryzen 1700 system for cheap. 300 for CPU, $100 mobo, $225 64gb ddr4 ram. I'm using my old 980ti and ssds. Media componer doesn't run so well on ryzen it so I'm thinking of going kaby lake 7700k ($300), and $150 motherboard. Apple is the only company in the world that has convinced idiots that a modular system is bad. I like Wozniak (he was actually techy), but Steve jobs was a salesman who sold koolaid to millions of people. Think different my ass, you can't even chose your own hardware like a gpu. If i edit at a production company it's usually on a mac. These companies just don't care about performance anymore. A lot of these places are using iMacs and editing media on gigabit. And of course they disable spotlight on the network so you can't search for shit. I totally prefer to edit on my cuda enabled windows box off ssds where I scrub through media like butter. Mac is good for 1 thing now, you can export prores from tons of software.
  6. Everyone should collectively not buy this camera until these features are released. They could very easily delay the release of all these paid features..
  7. Everyone including philip blooms cats hahahha. Youre my favorite writer in the game. so is used 1dc for 4000 usd worth it? i hate grading.
  8. Since its a smaller improvement from what we expected, a price cut would be nice. How about the old $500 summer special.
  9. Does this camera have overheating issues at 4k 24p? or is it mainly when shooting high speed?
  10. I just sold my a7s. I'm skipping this one and waiting for the a7sII.
  11. Do you guys think a cinelux with an rx10 II and rangefinder would work? I know most anamorphic users use manual glass, but im curious about cameras with lenses. EDIT: Ah crap. never mind, that extending lens makes it very complicated.
  12. How would a 70d w/ autofocus and this anamorphic adapter work. Or any af camera/lens for that matter. Thank you for your involvement in making anamorphic available to the masses andrew.
  13. I wonder how the sigma 30mm f1.4 performs with the speedboster.
  14. I wonder how a helios 44-2 would look w/ this adapter. It would certainly add unpredictable results to the image.
  15. fs700 w/ sLog 2 + speedbooster w vintage glass Sounds like a good day to day work camera to me. I wonder how low fs700 prices will be now that there are new versions coming out.
  16. Axel is my type of guy.  Well put my man. Yesterday I watched:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariel_(film) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Is_Colder_Than_Death_(film) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Collectionneuse   People who make advertising or corporate propaganda (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW_rIdd69W8)  as i call it are a complete joke.  They deserve no respect.
  17. Hollywood and Spielberg blow. F that crap.   On another note i watched ali fear eats the soul by rainer fassbinder last night.  Now that was a guy worth watching.
  18. I know the 5d mk III gets credit for being the lowlight king,  But how would a 5d III raw w/ a samyang 35mm f.1.4 compare to a BMCC mft with a voigtlander 17.5 f.95?
  19. Im averaging 70mbs write w/ my komputerbay 64gb 1000x card w/ my 5d mk3  Pretty upsetting, i need to return/exchange it.
  20. you'd think that with all of this affordable technology that people would redefine the art form of cinema.   unfortunately the majority of people out there are just trying to find jobs and continuing the status quo of the bullshit hollywood mentality. There are no rules or limitations to art and cinema.  people need to open and expand their minds and just do things the way they want to, rather than what  schools, books, and retards are telling them how things should look.   books like "save the cat" and others, that make cinema formulaic are a cancer to the spirit of originality and are only good so that lame motherfuckers can have a day job.
  21. oled viewfinder is why i want this.  no bulky plastic view finder sticking out the back and getting attention. does this camera have ex tele mode like the gh2?  I wish i could use my super fast c mount zooms on it. c
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