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  1. Honestly - I haven't got any, yet ( I have been using the P4k since october 2018)
  2. Great blog post from Brawley - as close to the source as we possible can get. At least he is not speculating but actually reporting. The price of the camera means that it will be pretty economical to rent as too. good times. I like the braw codec and how davinci makes my computers feel almost new again. At least comparing to premiere.
  3. Since this camera doesn’t have a bayer sensor means that BRAW is not violating RED’s patents, right?
  4. I prefer the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSDs for the P4. It gives me 500MB/s no issues in any quality / fps
  5. I had a top spec'ed 17" MBP that after two years started to show glitches on the screen and eventually failed. Gpu issues. Almost out of warranty. Later Apple acknowledged a production run glitch that affected a 'few' and ended up producing a new batch of motherboards (no used parts) and free reparation (so even if under 1% were affected we are still speaking about thousands of units). All great. But I had the MBP shelved for almost two years before it could be used again. Being quite outdated when it was working again. That being said. Dealing directly with Apple regarding warranty issues etc for 15+ years I find the services and support great. However getting Applecare for portable devices is recommended -> Apple are more flexible if shit happens. I am not sure how say Dell or HP are dealing with these type of issues nowadays. Some companies have more bad stories than others I suppose. But all have some. Some strives more to make things right in the end. Leasing/renting the gear can also help minimising that these issues falls back on yourself I have both Macs and Pcs in the studio. That will not change. The latest MBP seems like a nice laptop. But I will probably let others do the benchmarking and stress-tests to se how it fairs with throttling before buying. The new Mac Pro is also around the corner. Curios to see how it fairs too.
  6. I would say that was my experience too. It became worse as the day went on. Is that the same with CFast and SSD? It happened to me with the firmware 6.1? (the cdng release version from one year ago) with a sandisk extreme 512GB ssd - with sdcards I never had an issue. It seemed to me as if it was calculating something. Amount minutes left to record and clips recorded and it somehow took quite a bit of time. And worst - one could not start recording until then. but with the next camera update (the braw one) it was gone (at least for me )
  7. I simply love your enthusiasm Emanuel - and actually I feel pretty much the same. It is almost like Xmas each time a camera update gets released or resolve getting an update. lovely tools ? Any plans for a 240fps 1080p ?
  8. When recording internally (in my case on sd card) and having the screen brightness around 50% I get about 40m ‘on time’.
  9. With the p4k 1080p in prores is great. Both oversampling and crop
  10. Is it just me or would a P6K with Sony E-mount be much more interesting than the current EF version?
  11. On the microsite they clarify a bit better - up to 60p full sensor readout. However with P4K recording 1080p braw is windowed no matter framerate. 0nly oversampling with prores. Curious if 4K dci with the P6K does the same. Edit - Ouch, never mind . Already answered!
  12. it seems that the Off-speed frame rates aren't windowed like the P4K - i.e. recording 1080p120 is only possible windowed with the P4K I hope the P6K uses the full sensor.
  13. I quite dissagree with the subscription model being bad. I use photoshop, illustrator, after effects and premier all the time. Instead of having to buy the pre CC Adobe media bundle for €2500 and pay about €700 for an update every 18 month I prefer the cloud model any day. And in the past skipping 3 version updates would unqualify your license to be upgraded to the latest version. The six years I have been using CC I have actually saved €1000 compared to the traditional adobe model - €5100 if you take into account that you can use the software on two computers at the same time. One really never owned the software anyway. Only a license to use it. And Let’s face it. App and OS version are quite close tied together too. The fact that you can jump between windows and macOS as you please is awesome too. And the CC model ended the desperate hunt for the ‘we need to introduce a stupid killer feature / effect for NAB to make people upgrade’ - at least for photoshop and After Effects - was quite noticeable with many more performance focused updates instead of headline FX to sell new licenses. But not everything is roses. Lately bad versions and bugs still occur. As always one has to update carefully. Lately the ‘please login to verify your license’ is getting very annoying and isn’t one time a month anymore. But for each app. And it can become a problem more than ever if you suddenly are in a remote location for days without cell coverage. While I am happy for the fcpx and resolve software model paying once for a lifetime of updates I doubt a software only company can be profitable that way in the long run. Maintenance and R&D does not come cheap. The subscription model isn’t perfect right now. I.e. Adobe needs to introduce more flexible short term license options for when you need a few extra seats for a team license. Or options to have team licenses but without the cloud storage options.
  14. I bloody love this camera - we are using it all the time to shoot elements for video, projection, visuals, shows, etc. It is great. For my use. I love to have latitude and no macro blocking for when grading. I am not sitting around waiting for the next big thing (anymore). 10bit prores/raw is awesome too. With no external recorder!
  15. off-topic: Amazon has a Sandisk extreme ssd flash sale: https://www.amazon.es/SanDisk-Extreme-Portable-Velocidad-Lectura/dp/B078SWJ3CF/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_9?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=5E3CKC449XG5RHZHJHE7 I use the 500GB model with the P4K and they work great together no drop frames in any resolution/framerates/duration-of-capture. €110 / 500GB
  16. The firmware update from the 27 may didn’t mention any upgrades for the P4K...maybe it was a silent fix? Haven’t tried upgrading yet
  17. I never lost files not even with the first firmware. Looking on the external sdd the files where always there and useable when the battery ran out of juice.
  18. Braw works really smooth. Prores for that matter as well. Really happy for the latitude when grading and the lack of macro blocking too. Resolve is your friend. Otherwise it is hard to get the most out of the camera. Especially with the lack of adobe support for braw. I was really impressed with the sharpness of cdng raw. A pitty it got axed. Not that I was using it that often. But nice to have the option.
  19. It took E.T. ages to be released for vhs/laserdisc back in the day. I was doomed to dark for viewing outside a theater/darkroom. So it got a ‘tv’ grade to make it more watchable in the living rooms. But it took 6+ years...
  20. I think it is a petty that the show is to hard compressed. HBO in my region introduces a lot of macro blocking and banding. And it is not my line (600mbit). This particular episode suffered more from that in my opinion. It doesn't seem like 1080p and the compression is quite below dvd quality. On the other hand availability has unfortunarely always won over quality since 'digital' got introduced...
  21. 3.1 is (was) 64m /500GB (4K Dci 24p)...2 hours pre-braw on 500GB has never been a possibility in 4K
  22. Braw - variant of ‘brave’ (according to google)
  23. I haven't lost recordings either. The times that the battery depleted during recording the files were alway there and working after a automatic camera shutdown.
  24. The Panasonic EVA1 can be had for a considerably lower price: https://www.teltec.de/panasonic-au-eva1.html?listtype=search&searchparam=pana eva1 kamera - €2600 less Not sure if it is a black friday promotion
  25. not on mac (haven't tried on pc)
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