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  1. The legend Sage. I'm guessing with the new update for gen 5 coming to the bmpcc4k, we are covered by your last update!
  2. Much blessings to papa Mack! Thats much more important. Dont care if there is delays with the updates. Fam is much more important
  3. Man! This looks really good
  4. Like the frames. Was this using the latest version of the Gha? If so, did you apply the pre exposures as well?
  5. your promo looks great. I agree with you on downscaling to 1080. downscaling has a ton of advantages one of which i love: smaller / negligible visible noise on the 1080 timeline wondering why not opt for the P4K instead
  6. Legend man! When will the update be available? also any update to the daylight version with the new system as well?
  7. This looks great. looking forward to seeing the video. What lens is this? Looks incredible. Lighting and framinng. looking forward to the video. Im sure John Brawley is taking notice. BM should reach out to you to collaborate
  8. Can someone link the p4k thread. Perhaps, there's more footage. Great tutorial btw, i have it bookmarked
  9. this is from the genius Sage. Brilliant work. cant wait to use this on the p4k shoots I have lined up. Sage has to do a pipeline tutorial because for some reason, folks arent following the pdf
  10. This is lovely news. wondering why u didnt post about this before. Welcome the new changes implemented. This camera will absolutely shine. Just bought the new portkeys monitor to go with my p4k which has been doing wonders on few gigs. I am excited to use it on my feature shooting 2020. The GHalex has served me well Wish there were more examples of this with the p4k but I know there will be a lot coming out soon. Sage, you are the main man
  11. DUDE, people only paid for the Gh5 lut not the S! I dont recall Alex having a preorder for the S version. There shouldn't be anything to complain about. You used the word "entitled" in an earlier post. That's how the likes of you sound on this thread - "Entitled" for "Good money" It's beyond ridiculous. Like Jeremy said, Folks probably don't understand what goes into this. Let's Allow the genius to create, refine and continually develop the Luts in PEACE
  12. I am in agreement with you!!! I don't understand the rebellious-teen-diva-ish tone in some of the demands of this thread that the LUT be ready at their command. They probably don't understand that Sage is a one man R&D team, so he has to take his time to fine tune the luts. Plus as someone pointer earlier, updates are going to roll out soon and we don't know how that might affect the LUT as well. Sage probably has other film demands to attend to, perhaps a full time job? He owes no one any deadline schedule.
  13. Great! Good luck on the festival run
  14. cool...for the p4k, would the p4Alex be applied to braw or prores? Or can be applied to both?
  15. Any Idea if the P6K is the same beautiful but a bigger sensor as the P4K?
  16. Great color!! Genius shit as usual, Sage! Cant wait With the new 6K announced, should they be the same sensor, just different sizes, this would be dope! Also with the current p4k being developed, is the lut applied to the Vlog or prores footage? Or perhaps, it doesn't matter?
  17. Dope work as usual Sage! Selfish and unnecessary question but will there be a 4000 K or 4200 K WB option for those of us who love the bluish and greenish hues in daylight? Great work regardless... can't wait for the p4k version
  18. Man! Great pics! Whats your process of converting from BMD Film to Vlog? Absolute Legend - The man Sage! Started production on my feature....Cant wait to use these on my pocket camera.
  19. Can't wait to use the lut on my P4K. I know the P4KAlex lut coupled with BRAW would be insane
  20. Schweeeet!!! This is going to be a banger! So many of the bmpc4k in the wild and they are always out of stock at retailers. Cant wait for this as I just received my camera!
  21. looks pretty good great skintone Sage you made it!!
  22. Thats freaking amazing! I am going to experiment with shooting 4000 in daylight witht he GhA. I use to shoot 4200 in Daylight for those bluish hues or 7000 for the yellowish golden tones but reading the document had me apprehensive. I'll definitely do my tests . looks better than some gh5 vids on youtube! great stuff
  23. Man! Really great work!! Im interested in this particular frame! What was the white balance? Is the Blue hue post color work? If so what version of the lut did you use as base?
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