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Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill

Andrew Reid

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The self-hosted Video looks better in Safari than anything I have seen on Vimeo and YouTube so far – good job Mr. Reid! But in Chrome the Thumbnail remains visible after pressing play while sound is playing fine (iMac 5K, 2017). Is that only happening on my Computer?

And yes – great IQ on the S1! Impressive

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I finally recieved the mc-21 adapter today so I did some totally unscientific moire tests after seeing that dpreview chart which I thought initially looked very sketchy. To my suprise it did conform to reality.

The S1 does seem to suffer from alot of moire in APS-C mode. I find the levels of moire in aps-c is near unacceptable, I believe panasonic has messed up here in their quality control. Also the 4k image is a bit softer than expected. However in 24/30p the moire levels are very low and the image is much cleaner so there it delivers stellar results. I think S1's strong points is its dynamic range and low light performance but it does come with some drawbacks unfortunately (atleast for us that mainly got it for its 4k60 and high frame rate modes..).

S1 firmware 1.2
GH5 vanilla firmware + dummy adapter
Lens: Samyang 85/1,5 AS IF UMC II VDSLR at f4

S1 settings:
All default. Standard picture profile and 8-bit video.

Might try to play around later and see if the moire can be lowered with some settings adjustments.


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Hi all !

For the S1 + MC21 owners : do you have a manual lens with contactors to try, like a samyang/rokinon ? I am debating between a 14mm f2.8, 20mm 1.8, and a IRIX 15mm f2.4. Both samyang lenses are available with or without contactors and aperture control ("AE" in the name of the lens).

I ask because I read several persons having problems with a Nikon Z6 and FTZ adaptor + samyang lens WITH contactors. They were forced to tape the contactors on the lens to avoid wild behavior. I wonder if it could be the same with MC 21+ S1... In that case, I would opt for a non-contactors version.

I found a big list of compatibility, but no samyang/rokinon : https://www.tttphotography.com/sigma-mc-21-ef-l-lens-adapter-compatibility/

Thanks !

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On 8/6/2019 at 12:28 AM, ac6000cw said:

Just so we know, is this with 4k24p, 4k30, 4k60 or 1080p, and using FF or APS-C mode?


On 8/6/2019 at 12:22 AM, Andrew Reid said:

LOL. It's not the camera.

What problem with your computer / display do you have?

What player did you see the moire in?

It's more evident 1080 25p.

Found it through all the resolution thought.


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1 hour ago, Mahownie said:

It's more evident 1080 25p.

That matches the results in the dpreview 'Video Still Comparison' images - the 1080p moire looks worse than the Sony A6300/6400/6500 and the A7 III (which also have some at 1080p).

That said, at FF 4K it's not visible on the test charts. so are you sure the 4k moire you are seeing is not a result of downscaling in the monitor or software?

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10 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

I'd want it but really just coverage not any of the fancy editing with music or staged stuff. 

Strange opinions here,

the couple received a 1 min cut for FB,

3 min trailer( in this case he is a big Mustang Fan and a crazy person, so the cut is how he like that)

a 15 min cut

and 45-60 min reportage of the hole day ( mixed original sound and music )

We have a very funny time, nothing staged, simple let do the couple what he like...


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17 hours ago, Trek of Joy said:

Here's another piece (not mine) with 10-bit 4:2:2 Vlog and some 60p. 


I really like the look. He mentions having used Varicam LUT (I guess the free ones offered buy Panasonic ?) and Juan Melara's LUT (did not know he offered LUT).

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40 minutes ago, omega1978 said:

Strange opinions here,

Im sorry if our discussion made it sound as if we where putting down the work you do. That was never my (and I suspect anyone else) intention.
It was merely a side discussion about how I have huge respect for you guys shooting weddings but that Im at the same time very glad I don't have/need to make them. Because they are simply not my cup of tea to watch and/or make.

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