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  1. I finally recieved the mc-21 adapter today so I did some totally unscientific moire tests after seeing that dpreview chart which I thought initially looked very sketchy. To my suprise it did conform to reality. The S1 does seem to suffer from alot of moire in APS-C mode. I find the levels of moire in aps-c is near unacceptable, I believe panasonic has messed up here in their quality control. Also the 4k image is a bit softer than expected. However in 24/30p the moire levels are very low and the image is much cleaner so there it delivers stellar results. I think S1's strong points is its dynamic range and low light performance but it does come with some drawbacks unfortunately (atleast for us that mainly got it for its 4k60 and high frame rate modes..). Setup: S1 firmware 1.2 GH5 vanilla firmware + dummy adapter Lens: Samyang 85/1,5 AS IF UMC II VDSLR at f4 S1 settings: All default. Standard picture profile and 8-bit video. Might try to play around later and see if the moire can be lowered with some settings adjustments.
  2. You are right that it looks terrible, not sure what is going on there? I mean 4k even looks worse than Canon 5D4/1DX which is known to have soft 4k. I'll remain a bit skeptical to this test 😄
  3. You are sort of right. In Lumix Sync App It's possible to select 10-bit but if you connect to your S1 when it's in slow motion/VFR mode you can't seem to change frame rates from within the app which is a bit odd? Other than that it seems to be fairly similar to the Image App. EDIT: Seems to be no possibility to view fullscreen in landscape mode, that is a bit annoying as they had the same issue in the beginning with the Image App. I've only tested it once so no expert, but I've attached a few screenshots. Panasonic has actually been quite good in improving their app if you make your voice heard, I'm not sure if they actually read e-mails but if you make a forum post or post in the comment section on their facebook pages (on what you are feeling is left out and why it would benefit their app) they seem to have some coordinator that takes notes and routes them to the correct people within their organisation (which is good!). My biggest wish right now from Panasonic is that they seriously would take into consideration to add manual exposure in the VFR mode, it's really bugging me because other than that it's a really good camera. I would actually pay extra to get that limitation removed 😄 The last screenshots is how it looks when you connect to your camera when it's in VFR mode. All frame rate options disappears.
  4. I found the free S1 v-log (DMW-SFU2) claim process a tad confusing since regions seem to have different approaches, so I did this incomplete summary from what I've been able to gather: US: The process here seem to be that you contact the store where you bought the camera and they will send you it free of charge. Some people have reported that Adorama have denied them the upgrade, in those cases contact (nancym -at- adorama.com) directly and she will help you. UK: https://promotions.panasonic.co.uk Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland): https://lumixs1upgrade.refundere.com Anyone have more links and which region they are valid for?
  5. Congrats! I wonder if Panasonic officially lifted the fixed price now? I see several swedish/finnish shops offering deals with ~$300 off for the body. I like it! https://www.scandinavianphoto.se/panasonic/dc-s1-kamerahus-1043032 https://www.rajalaproshop.se/panasonic-lumix-dc-s1 I think this definitely a more reasonable price. The vlog looks great and hoping to get my current gear sold so I can purchase as well 😄
  6. andjo

    S1 Anyone?

    New firmware publicly available to download now at (even though text says 1.1 but actual download page says 1.2): https://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/index4.html Hoping to see some more tests with it as I might buy one myself 😄
  7. andjo

    S1 Anyone?

    This upgrade is a move in the right direction and being able to use v-log on the S1 looks super sweet! Awesome job panasonic! I still question panasonics decision to cripple the VFR mode of the S1, which I'm guessing the sole reason is to differentiate it from the GH5/S1H(?). But it's still a $2500 system camera and being able to use full manual is a big selling point with any system camera. If you want full auto you go and buy the cheaper pocket cameras 😁 I think it's a big drawback that I wish they would address.
  8. Z-cam has updated their product pages for their new E2 flagship models: S6 http://www.z-cam.com/e2-s6/ 6244x4168 @30fps max (Open Gate) 6144x3240 @48fps max (DCI 6K) 6144x2592 @75fps max (DCI 6K 2.4:1) 5760x3240 @48fps max (6K UHD) 5552x4164 @30fps max (5K 4:3) 4992x4160 @30fps max (5K 6:5) 4096x2160 @30fps max (DCI 4K Low Noise) * 4096x2160 @75fps max (DCI 4K) * 4096x1728 @100fps max (DCI 4K 2.4:1) F6 http://www.z-cam.com/e2-f6/ 6244x4168 @30fps max (6K Open Gate) 6144x3240 @48fps max (DCI 6K) 6144x2592 @60fps max (DCI 6K 2.4:1) 5760x3240 @48fps max (6K UHD) 5552x4164 @30fps max (5K 4:3) 4992x4160 @30fps max (5K 6:5) 4096x2160 @72fps max (DCI 4K) * 4096x1728 @120fps max (DCI 4K 2.4:1) F8 http://www.z-cam.com/e2-f8/ 8192x3456 @30fps (DCI 8K 2.4:1) 7680x4320 @30fps (8K UHD) 6144x3240 @30fps max (DCI 6K)* 5760x3240 @30fps max (6K UHD)* * Cropping / Supersampling selectable
  9. That is awesome, I couldn't really figure out how to place screws so I didn't get very far on my build 😄 but putting the building aspect aside, just being able to 3d preview the individual parts is amazing. Good job smallrig!
  10. I recently compiled a small list which you can view here http://sandladan.com/camera/gear/field-monitors/ It's nothing fancy, just an aid to get a easier overview on brightness/weight etc. However I think you'll be perfectly fine with the smallhd focus.
  11. One thing that I wouldn't mind see in the S1H (well any panasonic camera for that matter) - is some kind of burst slow motion mode in 4k/6k. Like being able to get a 4 second burst of 4k in 120fps/96fps. I think burst modes in general are quite underrated, but I love them.
  12. There is one area that favours good AF and that's when covering live events (festivals, sports etc) where you don't have any kind of control over your subject. You have about 1-2 seconds to capture the moment and nailing focus manually within that time frame is quite difficult (atleast for me). In those cases the difference between a average AF and good AF can be a life saver. So I do think that AF provides value to a camera even though maybe a lot of us never have to use it in controlled situations.
  13. I can't help but feeling slighty disappointed. I really want to like their l-mount line but man it's difficult 😄 It looks all right but that's about it. Feels like panasonic is doing everything wrong with the l-mount, I mean they have the right ideas but seems like they fail to execute in the correct way. It's weird because with the GH line they have been doing everything right. But it might just be me being negative, looking forward to read those that feeling positive about it!
  14. If the specs on the image has any sort of substance, I wonder if that means Atomos will reveal a new recorder that supports 6k60p? Maybe they already have that, discard this thought if so. I'm abit out of the loop on external recorders 😄
  15. Since Alicia is a EVA1 user, I'm guessing they are just moving that line to l-mount instead. Seems like the most logical thing they would do. So much interesting cameras in the pipeline right now with the z-cam ff series, a7s iii and now this. This one I think will be way out of my ballpark sadly, but one can hope!
  16. Dynamic range on the full frame version looks very pleasing from this example
  17. Very interested to see what z-cam can deliver with these new cameras. I hope they release some more specs soon!
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