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  1. Hi Guys I got WIRD situation with S1. I just bought samyang xp 50mm f1.2 EF lens (great lens btw). S1 closes down aperture of lens every time I hit record button/shutter. It's happening on every aperture beside f1.2. I'm using this lens with SIGMA adapter L>EF. This is not happening on any other third party lens with S1 and this adapter. This issue do not happening on URSA G2 with this lens (Lens works perfect as it should ) So I suppose that sigma's adapter do something wrong and probably firmware of lens and/or adapter/body do not corresponds proper way. It's happening in full manual mode. But maybe You Guys got some ideas ? Thanks for help. Where can i Find Samyangs officials that really could see this problem becouse i dont belive that when i will wirte to emails on their web page any one will ever respond to this : / ? VID_20191106_172935.mp4
  2. Hey Man! Thanks for interest. Yeah I understand You clearly. Those are just stills, I'm using peaking and focus are always finally where should be , but as You said I will make it on f8 or something like that. But something different bothers me, why this freaking huge aliasing pop up randomly ? I know there is aliasing but sometimes its HUGE like on this screen, (this is also very visible, in grabbed frame from resolve, also on via Blackmagic mini monitor declink via HDMI on my preview monitor, I see exactly the same . You know normal aliasing is not soo huge and visible as hell. This is wird
  3. This is good point but, issues happens also in 1080p and 4K as well,im previewing this in FHD but You know 4K from Ursa G2 on FHD do not have it, pocket also , and GH5 so I suppose that something is wrong when in one clips this is there and on second one there is nothing like that ?
  4. Hi Again! I have been investigating this issue more and this happens IN EVERY mode 24,25,30,50,60 4K, FHD, FULLFRAME AND apsc , and this happens totally randomly, one time the footage is as it should no aliasing nothing, (moire is there but as I said before its not issue for me) and next time this wird aliasing is there. Lines are just jumping around or pixelate like crazy along its vertex I'm 100% sure its happens in total random fashion. So it I more related firmware or internal error ? becouse its impassible that clips recorded with same lighting and same settings one after another has HUGE different and has very apparent Jitter/aliasing its looking like crazy (It happening in ACES and non ACES workflow also im not in half or quarter resolution mode)
  5. Thank You Guys for respond and some info, yeah I forgot do add that it was in 1080p and in FULL FRAME mode. I did some more tests and most wird thing what I noticed that this things happen in random. sometimes its there and sometimes is not. Tomorrow I will let ou know if its also apparent in 4K modes. Thanks!
  6. Hi Andrew hi Guys! I got new lumix S1 and I was testing the vlog. Once I recorded some clips I start playing around and I discover something like jidder. in attached video Clip A is ok, Clip B is wird. Please look closely on the "windows frames" in the right corner in the video at the "B" clip (its not about the moire). Look at the frame of windows, there is something like movement back and forth. Clips A&B are two different clips with the same settings(60p. 1/125, VLOG, 640 iso, f5.6, canon 70-200, at70mmwith stabiliser on) using sigma mc21 clips was recorded one after another,. The wird jidder shows up in specific areas on vertical lines but only in specific place not everywhere in the frame. Do You have any idea what is going on ? firmware in this unit is 1.2. Where I can report this to panasonic to let them know that this is fucked up ? and what more this is random thing once its there next time there is nothing like in clip "A". Here are the raws clips from camera and short clips exported from resolve with proper exposure hat I attached below > https://we.tl/t-4jUgNVyQPa after discovered this I recorded again 20 more clips and there is nothing besides moire, and I'm confused because not sure is my unit is failed or this is normal behaviour. Thanks for your times guys! wird_movement_dzwiny_ruch .mov
  7. Guys last one question about last FIRMWARE and VLOG - I found earlier in this thread some photos from menu but not all specs can clearly see. Does S1 can record 1080p 60/50 in 10bit LONG-GOP / ALL-in ? INTERNALLY ? All "charts" with video specs do not shows specs after vlog/firmware upgrade. Does the 1080p 50/60 (if available) do record in CROP (aps-c) and Full frame mode ? I'm not interested in 4K because there is no 10bit internally as far I know.
  8. Wow Thanks Guys! for such pleasant response! Usually I just read here but todays I'm delighted with Your Help! Thanks!
  9. Hello Guys! can som one who has LUMIX s1 or used this along with Nikon z6 can tell me about pros / cons between those two models ( VIDEO ONLY ) Will S1 will have more cons over nikon z6 in terms of grading and internal 60/50p (fullHD) ? I have to choose 2 new body for run & gun documentary for one year of shooting. Nikon z6 or Lumix s1 are two competitor (I have gh5 and this is beast but low light must be usable over 1600 in gh5 its not gonna happened). My Ursa g2 will be to big and too heavy, my pocket 4K is great but this time I need IBIS as hell. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Wow Thanks for such great comparision of all main players at the time! So cool to see all of those tools at once!
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