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  1. Why this has to be personal, did I offend you somehow? I did not judge your personality If this is not moire ,what else it can be? You can disagree with me,or make your own review to prove Dpreview done a wrong test . And I am not making fake news here,all I did is posted some screenshots of Dpreview‘s website and share some of my thoughts baseed on what I saw If this is something bullshit or something misleading,try tell that to the Dpreview ,not me Right,if I done something wrong ,I will apologize and stop posting wrong materials
  2. Most of the cameras nowadays shoots good images in real world ,in fact ,that chart is a real thing in the real world too,it is not CG This is the best reference I can find so far No other way I can think of to compare such many camera with the same conditions at the momment Whether S1 or S1R worth the price when compare to the others,that is the question here~ I am not go for the S1 or S1R after seeing these results The X-T3 looks invincible now Does Panasonic know the video quality of the S1&S1R is bad,so that they planing to make S1H?
  3. DPreview had just reviewed the S1R, and the results are not impressive The 4K of S1R is so soft! And 1080p of the S1 is fill with Moire~ Even X-T3 performs much better than S1&S1R! Guys,what is your thoughts?
  4. In fact,none of those online tests or website tests I seen proved they are using the best colour settings for their cameras,just defult settings for comparisons is stupid Who will always using defult settings ? If one camera on defult settings provide bad results,then claim it has bad colour science That is unfair and not scientific If I am using sony with EOS pro colour setting VS defult settings on a canon camera,and their image looks totally the same ,can I claim they both have the same colour science? What about cine colours on GH5,film simulations on fuji cameras? There are many potential possibilities for just one camera,and I think the way we judge the colours on cameras,mostly too subjective and not in a fair way I can also do a blind test on this topic Can you identify which pic is the canon?
  5. Iphones are made in china,no problems for Apple The only thing that matter is quality control
  6. Here is a good example of showing you what fanboy BS is Well done,Tony Colour science will soon be a out dated topic ,lol
  7. Does someone know how to create a web live workflow by using GH4 or GH5?
  8. man,why dislike canon is a thing?I can dislike any brand I what Why do you care someone anti-canon or not?Did I hurt your feeling? I am a panasonic and sony user now,I was using canon cameras 7 years ago ,5D2 and 500D was my main camera, I was shooting wedding and ads back that time,but damn I dislike canon so much when they keep making overpriced crippled cameras after A7S came out If canon throw something better than sony at the same price,I will definitely shut my mouth Before that,I will keep making criticisms to this brand that disrespect its users Let the brand making better product to justify itself,not some fanboy BS
  9. Not only some youtubers misunderstand sharpness as resolution,but they are trying to prove the crop 4K is as good as the supersampling or the non-crop ones,Canon must be so happy seeing they making excuses to justify their crippled products Hell yeah, as you guys wish ,Canon will keep that crop 4K forever,lol
  10. Just stop making excuses for canon not to involve or even try harder what if the EOS-R II comes out tomorrow ,and still do 4K with a crop Canon just tell everyone that some pro users did some tests and proved the IQ as good as the supersampling one,forget the fXXking supersampling , you don't need it!
  11. If a sharpened 1:1 pixel readout image can as detail as the super-sampling image,why any brand even bother to make super-sampling 4K? Even line-skipping will be enough for all camera,including cinema camera That's ridiculous Sharpness ≠ detail is already been proved in max's video,Z7 is a in-camera sharpened image without any extra detail
  12. Actually I mean the 1080P and 720P is line-skipping,but the 4K on EOS R ,it really very soft and lack of details when compare with other 1:1 pixel readout 4K cameras I think the soft image is caused by the smaller size pixel. The bigger the crop is,the smaller size pixel it gets,like the D5,which is also very soft,but still a little bit better than canon. The full sensor 1:1 readout looks really great,well balance between resolution and rolling-shutter performance,IMO
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