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Fuji X-T3 has 4K60P and 10 bit


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Given what Fuji has cooked up for the XT3, it makes the XH1 a real head scratcher. So they have all these advancements in the pipeline and instead of putting them in the XH1, they release an underwhelming body at the end of the 24mp sensors life cycle. 4k60p 10-bit internal, and a vastly revised AF system with the IBIS body would be one of the best hybrids on the market.

The XH2 with the XT3's hardware will be a beast, hopefully Fuji doesn't wait two years to make it a reality.


4 hours ago, jhnkng said:

Yeah I’m not holding my breath. But then the X-Pro2 wasnt supposed to be able to shoot 4k either. Though the difference here is that they had 2 more years of development time from when the X-Pro2 was released with the current sensor/processor to wring every drop of performance, but now that they’re moving onto a new generation I wouldn’t expect too much more development time being put into the current line. Still — it’d be amazing if they did!

They said at the XT2's release the Xpro2 could shoot 4k, but customers didn't want 4k. It was intentionally gimped at release, it always had the capability.

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5 hours ago, Jimmy said:

I do think the XH1 will get some interesting upgrades over time. Fuji are pretty cool for that.

Not so much between hardware generations. Development drops off pretty sharply on the older platforms as soon as they start on the new one. They get so many updates and new features as they are developed for new cameras using the same basic hardware, which then trickles into the older models (on the same platform). Some minor, non-hardware specific stuff does come across from time to time. 

On the plus side the X-T3 does look pretty awesome. Have a Fringer ready and waiting...

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31 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

So, h265, internal 10-bit, 4K 60p confirmed.

I wonder what minor detail reviewers will choose to complain about in order to overshadow it.

Jordan already tested it

Still no 8K 16 bit raw recording at 240fps with sub 500 Eur price tag. Shame. I think i'll wait for X-T6 or GH9.

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I saw the review on dpreview (on their YouTube channel), along with the mini comparison with the GH5. The shadow recovery and colour correction seems difficult in post (in comparison). 


The 10-bit internal is 4-2-0 of the Fuji. It seems very strange to put it politely.


The Autofocus had improved vastly. And face tracking in video seems almost as good as Sony (it seems yo have similar 495 autofocus points as the Sony, incidentally). 

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So taking in all the info and videos... It seems like a better sensor, processor, much improved still AF, some strong still features (30fps for 66 frames raw!)... Great video AF, zebras, 10bit 4K/60p (4:2:0), colour looks beautiful, as expected... 120p is now as strong as the other 1080p framerates. 12 stops on Eterna, more in f-log, H265 codec option, much reduced rolling shutter, 17ms in 4K. 4K 30fps now records for 30 minutes, 60p for 20 minutes. 4K crop similar to XT2.

Very impressed, and would bet my house on a 4:2:2 upgrade in the future (Hybrid Log Gamma upgrade already confirmed).

The only thing holding me back is the idea that the XH2 will probably have all of the above plus 10bit 4:2:2 and IBIS, making for a more or less perfect hybrid. They know how to keep you hooked!

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28 minutes ago, Simon Young said:

No 4K crop? 

I believe no crop unless you are in 4k 60p in which case it is a slight crop. It is a tough one because I think this is the camera everyone wanted the xh1 to be. Sales of that camera should plummet. I think fuji will be forced into bring out an xh2 fairly quickly to the detriment of those who have already invested. It was always a head scratcher when the xh1 came out knowing the xt3 was in the pipeline. I think people should take a wait and see approach with this one as you will probably get 4:2:2 in the xh1 with the ibis. The problem with the fuji system is that there isn't any great stabilised lenses to assist with shakiness. Looking at the cinema 5d footage I can see the wobble. 

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Couple more bits of info. Price is cheaper than expected $1499/£1350

Can charge with usb power bank while recording

Low light improvement of around 2 stops at high iso

No sensor crop in 4k/30p and below. 1.18 crop for 4k/60p

DCI 4K 30P up to 400mbs

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Really great looking camera, IV been enjoying my xh1 and need to decide if I should pick one of these up in addition/instead of or wait for xh2 ummmmm or get p4k instead ?

Good news is (I'm from UK) living in Egypt and have a great direct Fuji contact that will let it go for £995 GBP 

Is that a good enough excuse to buy it and keep the xh1? Probably not ... But then again..

In all seriousness I would love a day with this, a nikon z6 and a p4k 

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50 minutes ago, Oliver Daniel said:


Now this is how you make a hybrid. In a lot of ways, the EOS R pales in comparison. 

Might make this a “personal purchase” on the basis I exceed financial results with pro work. Always loved Fuji images. 

Do it mate... you'll never look back. Turns you into a gushing fanboy the minute you cut some eterna footage!

33 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

Thanks Fuji, great camera, but FF is the real game. Let's see what Panasonic brings.

Have you seen the fuji lens line up? FF makes little difference when you have such fast primes.

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38 minutes ago, wolf33d said:

Thanks Fuji, great camera, but FF is the real game. Let's see what Panasonic brings.

I  only really use vintage lenses, I currently have a set of Nikon ais lenses on a speed booster on the xh1, so I use it like a full frame camera really. still I agree with waiting to see what Panasonic bring. I need to lock my wallet shut for a few weeks and see how things play out ?

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