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  1. waiting for sony's upcoming aps-c offering before i decide between that, the x-t3, or bmpcc4k. my samsung nx500 has been great to me but the dynamic range and lowlight deficiencies have me renting a7sii's/gh5's for weddings and events.
  2. As a solo hybrid shooter i've been waiting for an announcement like this. Had the a6000/nx500 for the longest time and rented a7sii's/gh5's/a7rii's as needed (aps-c is the sweet spot for me for most gigs). I've kept minimal native glass for the sole purpose of going all in on a system when the time is right. Now to see what Sony responds with..
  3. Willing to buy NX500 for $375 body only or $450 with the kit lens. Willing to negotiate!
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