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Fuji X-T3 has 4K60P and 10 bit

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4 hours ago, Django said:

Also there is a 1.7x crop in 4K on Fujis so it isn't really S35 and 1080p has moire/aliasing issues. I'm really hoping XT3 sorts that.


It’s a 1.17x crop, not 1.7x. And while the moire is pretty bad in the 120p mode, at 60p or slower there’s little to no moire that I’ve seen in my footage.

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2 hours ago, jhnkng said:

It’s a 1.17x crop, not 1.7x. And while the moire is pretty bad in the 120p mode, at 60p or slower there’s little to no moire that I’ve seen in my footage.

I’m not bagging on Fuji, as this announcement sounds better than both Nikon & Canon’s upcoming cameras... at least to me...

But @Django is correct it is 1.7... to be more precise 1.755... because although it’s advertised as 1.17 crop... that crop is already from a cropped 1.5 APS-C sensor... 1.17 X 1.5 = 1.755.

Nonetheless... lets not jump the gun and speculate too much on what may be or not.... let’s see what they will put out with the XT3.

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With a 26 or 28 megapixel sensor I would think Fuji could make the 4K work without a crop a la Samsung. As long as they figured out the heat issue.

At a wedding this past weekend I was talking with a group of people who make music videos for hip hop artists. They all said with all of he camera announcements coming that the X-T3 was the most interesting because it has the potential to mix the best of Panasonic (minus ibis) with the best of Sony. That 10 bit Fuji color would be in one persons words “the tits”

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5 minutes ago, Attila Bakos said:

To me it seems like 4K60 10bit 4:2:0 internal, and 4:2:2 external.

Yea, hard to work out what it means... Hopefully it is just 4K/60p that has to take the hit, with the rest of the resolutions/frame rates getting 10bit/4:2:2

30fps in stills too!? Probably just jpg, but the jpgs on Fuji are beautiful 

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1 minute ago, Simon Young said:

The X-H2 is going to be special for sure :)

haha yea... there is always a carrot dangling just out of reach

Agree with the above about AF... If they get that perfected, i'll buy. If not, i'll see what happens with the XH2 and continue loving my XT2.

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On 9/3/2018 at 1:12 AM, Andrew Reid said:

Fuji should have a full frame option. Yes, medium format is very nice, but none of those cameras have proper video... yet.

X-T3 is a small fish APS-C in what is about to become a sea of full frame sharks.

When you can buy an A7 III for only a BIT more money, you have to question if high-end APS-C has much of a future.

Sony is also going to launch a high end APSC camera soon

Interesting coincidence

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Official specs apparently.  


Equipped with back-illuminated “X-Trans CMOS 4” sensor with newly developed effective pixel number of approximately 26.1 million pixels (Low pass filter less)

High-speed image processing engine “X-Processor 4”

By increasing the number of phase difference pixels to about 4 times the current ratio, the image plane phase difference AF area is expanded to the entire screen area (about 100%)

Extended the low illuminance limit of phase difference AF from conventional -1 EV to -3 EV

4K / 60P 4: 2: 0 Compatible with 10-bit SD card recording in the camera. 4K / 60P 4: 2: 2 Also supports 10bit HDMI output

“Sports finder mode” function is newly installed. Blackout-free high-speed continuous shooting at the maximum speed of 30 frames per second is possible within a frame equivalent to 16.6 million pixels (1.25 times crop)

Newly equipped “pre-shooting” function that starts shooting from the time when the shutter button is pressed halfway and records the shot image by pressing the shutter button all the way

“Monochrome adjustment” function is newly added to “Film simulation”

“Color Chrome Effect” function is first installed as “X series”

USB Type adopts Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1) standard

Standard ISO: 160 to 12800 (extended ISO: 80/100/125/25600/51200)

Continuous: About 11 frames / sec (mechanical shutter), about 30 frames / sec (electronic shutter, 1.25 times crop)

EVF: 0.5 type organic EL finder Approx. 3.69 million dots 0.75 times

Rear liquid crystal: 3.0 type approximately 1.04 million dots 3 way tilt type touch panel liquid crystal

Film simulation: 16 modes (including ETERNA)

Wi-Fi · Bluetooth 4.2 installed

Battery: NP-W126S

Number of storable pictures: approx. 390 pictures (in normal mode)

Size: 132.5 × 92.8 × 58.8 mm

Weight: 539 g (including battery and SD memory card), 489 g (body only)

Color: Black / Silver

Reservation start date: September 6, 2018

Scheduled to correspond to movie shooting with hybrid log gamma method and “Simultaneous film simulation / F-Log simultaneous output” by firmware update through 2018

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7 minutes ago, jhnkng said:

The X-H2 will be interesting but I’m wondering how many of those features will flow through to the X-H1. Either 10bit or 4k60p would be amazing — even if it was a paid upgrade

I think I read that the XH1 processor is not fast enough for these new specs.

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8 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

I think I read that the XH1 processor is not fast enough for these new specs.

Yeah I’m not holding my breath. But then the X-Pro2 wasnt supposed to be able to shoot 4k either. Though the difference here is that they had 2 more years of development time from when the X-Pro2 was released with the current sensor/processor to wring every drop of performance, but now that they’re moving onto a new generation I wouldn’t expect too much more development time being put into the current line. Still — it’d be amazing if they did!

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