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  1. Ban people because they don't agree with you... classy. "Dishonest. Misleading. Unnecessary." Selection and omission Andrew, ever heard of it? You said specifically Log. Log is only through the HDMI. Log is only on an external recorder. Everyone must conform or hit the highway eh? Ohhh look at the Nikon, it's superb. Boy Canon are shit. Better?
  2. Almost looks as good as a Canon, weird praise Andrew. Wait, wait, wait. Has logic totally escaped you? This is what you have to say about the EOS R (which we know deep down you love and why you keep pulling his / her hair): "10bit is only via HDMI. Some may see this as progressive. I don’t. It’s a hangover from the past that pleases nobody but the external monitor manufacturers. HDMI is the worse connector known to man. Back in 2014 I did not want to use a bulky recorder on the Sony A7S to get 4K, yet they think I want to use it here just to get a small incremental improvement i
  3. Why not 1" or 1/2.3"? It's closer to S35 than it is any other standard format.
  4. Oh here we go 'bro'. Clearly you're a clueless drongo and one with nothing to back up his mouth. So let's try starting here: https://www.eoshd.com/2017/08/slow-mo-shootout-camera-gives-detail-120fps/ The A99 II comes out on top. Ahead of the GH5 which is ahead of the Leica SL which is ahead of...wait for it... Your drongo noggins 1DX II. The A99 II is the same as the A7R III. The A7 III is considered to be better than the A7R III. That's not focus breathing. Get a clue, then come back. Also not breathing. For what? Got an example? *sigh* get a clue. Fin
  5. Hahaha sounds like a bunch of excuses. Sooooo 1 stop difference is lens is unimportant, but going from crop to full frame is a world away. Do people have an actual clue?
  6. I think I may have. When it was rumoured on the fanboy sites it was the most amazing thing ever. When reality struck and it was a $6k behemoth that is MF only... LOLZ. The 50/1.2 from Nikon won't be a dime cheaper. Wonder if we'll dig this up then (in a few years when it actually finally lands). In the mean time instead of spending $3k on a miraculous f/2 zoom lens, we can instead all rush out and spend $2400 on a Nikon f/2.8 zoom plus another $250 for an adapter and LOLZ all the way to the bank with our very savvy $350 saving Because that Canon is clearly RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.
  7. Sure didn't. That is one thing that is kind of annoying for sure. Only works with adapted lenses. I don't know how that means much in my hypothetical C50 / C100 III? I was just presenting the same camera in a slightly different guise for an alternative context.
  8. Focus breathing is from lenses, not AF systems. I don't know what focus modes people use, but the AF is excellent in the modes where you just have a focus box and keep it over your subject. Tracking gets murkier. People confuse tracking and AF-C all the time. Are you sure you're looking at the right camera? I've seen you say the same thing in a lot of threads, but the A7 III 120p spanks most things out there. Perhaps someone was using the S&Q modes (which work differently to the 100/120p mode)? Or maybe you're referring to the A6300/6500 which indeed had pretty awful 120p
  9. So what ever will you use? I think they all seem like over hyped, under delivering toys (except the BMP4K). And of those toys, because that's all any of them are, the Canon suits me best.
  10. Seems to me there was no hype. Hype perhaps that it was going to be mega disappointing? You thought it was crap before and now think it's what? Where is the let down? At least something we can agree on. Sony do. Samsung did. Nobody else has what it takes at the moment. Canon steadfastly use their own sensors (except in compacts). When they design them for video they make them to the right pixel dimensions. When they make hybrids, there's a crop. 5DSR II sensor. Definitely. Do you think that will be a video-centric model? Do Sony and Nikon do video centric models with
  11. Top dollar? You were expecting better than 1DX II performance in a $2.3k camera? It is significantly cheaper than the 1DX (1/3) a grand cheaper than the 5D IV, but eclipses them both in video (1DX does have some advantages). But then look at the C line, the C200 doesn't have 10bit. It has a similar sized sensor area for video (somewhat bigger) but also has Log, DPAF, EVF, ND filters etc. This is not 'that' far off a C200, for $2.3k. Why all the hand wringing? It's not a terrible camera. If you can't do something decent on this I doubt a full frame is going to save you (I don't mean 'you' speci
  12. Honestly the 1DX II sensor would have probably 'fixed' all the complaints. But being Canon they would have come thick and fast anyway. There seems to be some weird genuine rage at this camera (and company... and anyone who isn't enraged). I think a 1DX II sensor version is coming. People will probably cry about it too. But 'maybe' they will have slightly less rage.
  13. 1.4kg is 'nearly' 2kg? Maybe it's 'nearly' a tonne? Obviously it is heavy, but it really isn't much bigger than (say) my 85mm Art. That's hardly massive. People shoot with 70-200mm f/2.8's every, single, day. Let's have some perspective. Also there are plenty of UWA lenses that are getting in this same territory, I don't hear to hand wringing about that. Absolutely! Those Singer fanboys are militant Zing!
  14. Looks like. It is a fairly bland camera. Always knew Canon were going to mirrorless-ify the 5D IV guts. It was always going to be not that fast (anyone used a 5D IV in live view? The claims about it's abilities were grossly over exaggerated by fanboys - Claim about how great DPAF is). I don't think there are going to be many rushing to buy it. To be fair, 5D IV users (and 1DX II and 6D II) already have the majority of what's 'new' in mirrorless, i.e. decent live view. Nikon users are 'gaining' much more for their system with the Zeeees than Canon users are with the R. W
  15. Hahaha, still not native. Try again. Fanboy talk. I don't need to, I have zero interest in it - Did you not understand that? They have no lenses I want and I'm not about to start buying F mounts to try and fill in the enormous gaps. The Zee launch was at best pathetic as a new system. Way behind what Sony managed to do 5 years ago. Way behind Fuji. Way behind what Canon did days later. No amount of minor 'spec' differences and fanboyism is going to change that for me. MAYBE if they opened the mount so there would be a future better selection of lenses than what Nikon w
  16. Three native lenses champ. A slow zoom and two expensive f/1.8 primes. Astonishing. Talking adapted? What a joke. Get a clue. Bahahaha yeah except Nikon are locking down the mount and protocols. Got a bit more of a clue then some mindless fanboy spouting his mouth off. Great and still only useful for F mount fanboys... which is what I said to begin with. Not going to build up a base of F mount lenses just to mount on a camera that is flavour of the month with some small ‘spec’ advantage. The ‘system’ has ZERO enticing about it (again unless you’re already a die-hard
  17. Andrew Reid - struggles with accuracy of a string of a whopping 3 letters I can think of worse things to using this Canon, like dribbling over the Nikon Zeeee... You mocked the 1DC. AFAIK in 2018 you still own that camera. Crop and rolling shutter and all.
  18. Agree with that. 4K is preferred to me. I don’t mind having a FF option if available, but want a close to S35 crop as the primary. Me either. But also has implications for stills here too, especially with the adaptability the mount will have.
  19. Thank you! So it did inherit the focus aid that uses the DPAF to determine focus. That to me is a HUGE HUGE advantage over everything else, hands down. Now the question: is it only with native lenses? that would be very disappointing if so...
  20. This looks better than I expected. The C-Log and 10bit our are way more than I thought they were going to give us. The crop doesn’t bother me. Rolling shutter isn’t great, but can be worked around. Can always shoot in 1080 as well.
  21. That’s a grand cheaper than the 5D IV, plus ships with Log, has a better codec and does 10bit out. It’s actually not horrendous.
  22. The 50mm is $2299. What’s actually wrong with the 5D IV’s DR?
  23. Not so. The various output feeds from the sensor for different modes are based on the sensor’s abilities also. There are plenty of sensors that can only read out the whole pixel range at sufficient depth for a subsection (crop) of the sensor. The Z7 and A7R III aren’t reading out full pixel data at 30+ FPS of their 8K+ sensors and then that is pixel binned by the processor. That occurs on a sensor level or the whole thing would explode. This is relevant how? Nobody is getting their sensors from Samsung... so...? In terms of processing those signals, no, you’re right. However s
  24. Same can be said about the complaints pegged at Canon. They needed to so they didn’t shut down the whole division. Zeees are just a mirrorless body for F mount users. Same as the R. Nobody expected anything more surely? That’s all the fanboys needed. The compelling thing for RF other than the EVF is the lenses, makes one want to actually buy some new lenses, not just adapt them. Nikon Zeee bodies have arguably better specs, but there is nothing enticing about their mediocre lens lineup. Canon on the other hand have made all four lenses really indispensable and a huge part of
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