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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


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28 minutes ago, spinkscapes said:

Just received my Pocket 4K, incidentally the day following receiving my XT-3.

Got a wedding to shoot on Saturday so good timing.



Would be great to so a comparison involving skin tones in either F-Log (DCI 4K 24p All-I, nr/sharpening -4, inter frame nr off) and Blackmagic Log (DCI 4K 24p, ProRes (422 or HQ)(no sharpening)) and RAW (1:4 compressed should be fine).

Still undecided between these two lol

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1 hour ago, DBounce said:

Awesome, I'm sure we will all be curious to hear how your experience goes when comparing both cameras. And as they are priced similarly, perhaps you can also share your thought on build, durability etc... ?

Modern vs retro.

Already I love the intuitive menu system and the 5 inch screen of the Pocket 4K.

The current data rates on any slow motion 4K footage however....

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6 hours ago, dslnc said:

10bit log is more than fine when it is accompanied with enough bandwidth - The 150mbit from gh5 wasn't enough. The 400mbit codec upgrade helped ( But the bare minimum at 4K with h264)


Great codec. It´s extremely powerful. Don´t know if for 4K delivery but for 2.5K, C2K, HD it provides fantastic quality and beautiful gradeability and image. Just don´t shoot it with too high Kelvin number in sunlight. Color will get a bit brownish then, depending on lens and filters of course. Panasonic has a history of strong codecs. The 8bit 25mbit codec for the Lumix G7 is like c100m1 quality.


9 hours ago, BenEricson said:

Really nice looking piece. It should be noted that it really helps that every shot in this piece is either a sunset, silhouette, or some sort of low split light setting.

The really great thing about the OG pocket camera is that you can get that cinematic look in the middle of the day, overcast, or even indoors. Watch this, shot with the pocket and 16mm film and you’ll see what I mean. Very vivid looking images. 

It will be interesting to see what people will create with th new pocket. Hope I can be proved wrong. 


Hey Ben, thank you for posting! Holy cow! Fantastic image. One of the top three and best I´ve seen here! Now I am thinking about getting the older Pocket.

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2 minutes ago, jonpais said:

Kessler made the right decision to drop him.

Perhaps. But that doesn’t give anyone on here the right to condemn him.

Especially based on rumours less well  evidenced than the specs of the A7S3.

Focus on his abilities as a film maker and life will be happier for all.

(superb review of Mavic 2 Pro on Bloom’s site)


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I'm not passing judgement on Philip Bloom. Corporations hire celebrities to represent their brand. If they no longer feel the relationship is fruitful or fear it will hurt their reputation, they're entirely within their legal rights to let them go as brand ambassadors. 

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2 minutes ago, DBounce said:

Aware of what? Was he convicted of a crime? We are getting into very dangerous territory when all that need happen is a woman claims abuse and everyone is expected to believe each  and every word she says whilst totally ignoring comments from the opposing party. From what I can see, if something happened she should have filed charges and they both would have their day in court. Until then it is nothing more than a case of "he said, she said". I'm not defending PB... I don't have any unique information regarding this alleged incident. I'm just sick of this pitch fork mentality.

I'm sure some will take exception to what I have written. To them... you can take a long walk off a short pier. I have personally known someone that was falsely accused. Thankfully, there was an investigation and exculpatory evidence proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the supposed victim was full of $h!t. 

Oh I'm in complete agreement with you. The allegation was nothing more than an unsubstantiated Facebook post. I wasn't taking sides; I simply did not know such a post existed.

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2 hours ago, Jocelyn Deguise said:

He said she said. Kind of reminds me what is going on with this US Senate thing. I bet everyone on here could go back to a girlfriend, a boyfriend in the past, and if they dated a reasonable amount, their X, would all have some person say he, she was a horse's ass. I have no clue if it happened or not. He does not come across as the most laid back person I have ever seen, he is a go getter, a make shit happen guy, and they are not the type to be huggy, kissy, yes dear types. So I am sure sparks flew as they say. Who knows, but to just throw him under the bus with no proof, well pretty week minded if you ask me. Strange ass world we live in now. You people accusing him don't know him from dog shit.

The old "He who is without sin" thingy.

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