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  1. If what's wanted is an "immersive experience", and anyone's deadly boring life - you know, the one preoccupied with video equipment -- is insufficient, try hallucinogens. Mushrooms can be grown at home, natural and organic, and there's evidence that they have long-term therapeutic effects. Beats 8K any day.
  2. Bro, if what Trump says can't be taken literally, than nothing he says can be believed. See the problem, for the so-called leader of the free world? What's fine for talk-show hosts, TV personalities and wrestling buffoons doesn't work so well in the White House. And "liberal media"? Grow up! You really think Comcast and Disney are funding pinko-liberalism or a Marxist revolution? Even the explicit "liberal" advocacy found in places like MSNBC represents the corporate wing of the Democratic party. If Rachel Madow started advocating a Bernie Sanders program, she'd be fired in a day.
  3. Yes. He's fair game, and could end up in jail, though there's a statute of limitations which he can run out on at least some charges if he's in office long enough. Civil charges are almost certain, New York State is already working on it, but whether he ends up facing criminal charges in state or Federal courts remains to be seen. It comes down to whether they'll have the cojones to do it, for an ex-president and his age. This is one reason he'll do anything to get re-elected.
  4. And to add, for the non-Americans, and poorly informed Americans, the Trump administration is withholding evidence and preventing key officials from testifying. The House could, in theory, imprison Trump administration officials who don't show up, but that would precipitate a crisis, which they're not willing to test, for the simple reason that nobody knows what will happen when Trump flat out refuses to obey the law or leave office. The actual "trial" takes place in the Senate, should the House vote to impeach, but it's not a trial in the usual sense. None of this is. It's a politica
  5. I know it's hard to understand, but good government and the difference between reality and make believe is actually still important to some people. Not to Trumpers, as you've made clear, but you really do need to make more allowances for people who still read and think.
  6. Guys, you don't understand what's required. Here's the painting which was purchased by Trump's charity(!), for one of Trump's golf resorts. You know, the charity which raised money to support veterans. But bought portraits of Donald instead. To hang on the walls of Trump resorts. Now *that's* world-class color correction:
  7. You might want to read "The Paranoid Style in American Politics", for a useful description of Trump's style of politics, and that of the Republican party. Or for a more modern update, consider the views of two "fellows" of the American Enterprise Institute -- a right-wing think tank -- who explained what the Republicans were as of 2012: "The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition." B
  8. Do you guys really propose to assess a camera's "color science" by referencing one highly stylized and heavily color corrected beauty shot, at a complete remove from the naturalistic norms of modern-day dramatic cinematography? And what's the ideal? Accurate color or stylized color? By tomorrow morning, the forums will be full of people insisting that the S1H is as good as the Red Dragon and the skin tones on the BMPCC 4K are crap. I read it on the internet.....
  9. If folks really want their footage to look like this, you have to wonder why they'd bother to agonize over camera choice. Just about anything will do.
  10. I don't count myself either sufficiently skilled or so incapable as to want or to need to invent my own color grading workflow. I figure that the BMD engineers, camera and Resolve, probably have it over on me there. Namely, that the LUTs and transforms specific to the camera will take the footage into the correct color space, and the rest is up to me. I don't expect the transform to make the image look good or balanced, or to roll-off highlights in some specific or pleasing way. That would be up to the colorist. You know, lift gamma gain. If there is no supplied camera transform, as is t
  11. Here's Mr. Deezid's grade -- or something or other, no idea why he offered the shot here as he does -- of an S1 v. BMPCC 4K shot, kindly provided by another participant. See that brown potato quality of the BMPCC 4K and the wonderfully "organic" quality of the S1? https://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/34763-panasonic-s1-v-log-new-image-quality-king-of-the-hill/page/25/#comments You can find my own basic adjustment (not grade!) of these two shots a few post down in that S1 thread. Still no sign of brown potatoes v. organic wonders, but maybe that's because, unlike
  12. You have made *one* valuable contribution here: reminding everyone, once again, how silly it is to take seriously the "technical" arguments of people who don't know what they're talking about. Then again, you're all over the web, spreading disinformation wherever you go, so it's kinda hard to ignore, duh. But I'll certainly try, from this point out.
  13. 1) who said a word about the resolution of film negative? The issue is, the resolution available in film release prints with typical theatrical exhibition. Do you not listen or is this some sort of baiting attempt? And, really, you don't need any measurements to know how little actual resolution is present in release prints. Nobody, and I mean nobody, sees as much detail in a movie theater with a 35mm release print, as she does watching a bluray at home. Maybe you've never actually seen a film print? 2) yes, BMD converts braw/cndg to log or other color space format, inside Re
  14. How about we just cut to the bone? Let's see the terrible color science of the BMPPC 4k/6K, versus the sterling results you're getting from the S1H. And, maybe post your best grade of the S1H material -- something for BMPCC 4K/6k loyalists here, if any, to try to equal, All that's needed is two identical log shots, both exposed more or less equivalently, at their nominal native ISOs. It sounds like you've got access to both cameras, and it can't be any more time consuming than contributing to this forum. And might actually lead to something useful.
  15. Dude, you're talking about everything and anything. Working backwards: 700 lines is about all you'll get in a movie theater, from a 35mm print There's a white paper online you can search for, if you're interested, among other sources. It's not a controversial observation. "LOL". There is no ACES transform for the BMPCC 4K in Resolve, so it's not surprising you don't like the results. Again, your "color science is weak", etc. is typical internet-speak, where unsubstantiated claims vie for attention. One week it's the BMPCC 4K which is plastic and over-smoothing, then it's the S1H wh
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