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19 hours ago, Arikhan said:

@kidzrevil + @lucabutera

Here is a screenshot from an early release. 

UHD | 25fps | 1/50 | Manual WB (blue hour like human eye sees it) | Zeiss O 28mm 1.4 at F7.1 | edit in post: slight WB correction | File edited with Premiere CC | Workflow recommended by @Mattias Burling --> here <--



Even a Phantom 4 Pro would do way better in a shot like that... :confused:
Artifacts everywhere. 

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3 hours ago, deezid said:

Artifacts everywhere.

Please check:

[   ] - I am aware, this is a screenshot from a video and it's a JPEG
[   ] - I simply don't care about context or compression facts, I want just to say hello. Please go to this permanent loop:

while (true)
{    System.out.println("I am an expert");

I always appreciate expert opinion and advice:


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2 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Stop teasing us and show us the money.


One of the main rules in business is to under promise and over deliver.

If some kid doesn't have time because of soccor practice they shouldn't go on the web stating I can do 4k raw with this or that hacked DSLR/mirrorless camera.  All the reactions in this thread are normal and predictable.

If this guy really is a student then it is a good learning experience.  If I did this at my job I would be fired.  There are so many BS rumors, vaporware, and scams out there no one should be surprised by the reactions.

And the legal excuse is nonsense.  That isn't how the legal system nor the world for that matter works.  Go on a thing called youtube.  People mod and alter all kinds of things to function in ways the manufacturer never intended.  And for a discontinued camera?  C'mon.

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Hai hai hai .... boy, you have arrived at the terminus!
@Arikhan I've always spoken well of you, but now it's time to do your part.
Do not take advantage of our intelligence, nothing prevents you from loading the raw file, just the fact that you do not have it!
I no longer want to hear any excuses, legal, study, time, translations or bla bla bla ...

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While you, full grown men, have not the patience (he asked for just a week!) nor the discipline to tame your urges for a camera some of you do not even own.

What if it's nothing at all? Will that change your life in anyway? You can choose not to talk/reply on any if his posts, and that's that.

I am surprised that so many people can not wait for 7 more days for 1 person, while still waiting for the discontinued announcement by a company with dozens of thousands of employees!

Internet is a vail, that can hide real person's personas/character/emotional statement/etc

A hack for a camera it's nothing for a young student, succeeding in his entry exams (that will judge in what universities he could apply or not) means the world, and probably his/hers future (we have a similar entry system with Germany, too stressful).

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48 minutes ago, kidzrevil said:

@Damphousse exactly. Thats all I'm saying. Too many snake oil salesman out here. That eebrahim dude that was scamming people on the forums comes to mind. Not saying this guy is a scammer but imo when you make claims you have to provide proof ASAP. Thats how the real world works.

And he stated his ASAP was April 1st no? I don't see the issue here other than impatience. 

I own this camera. Don't you think I'm intrigued? The only reason he's "teasing" is because he's feeling pressured. And then when he does post something, you all manage to flame him.

The kid has been super clear and forthright in everything he's stated thus far. There's been a lot of projection taking place and that's simply not on him. 

Remember my comments about approach? You seemed to agree. Are you retracting? 

You all can jump in the same wagon, along with Andrew, and pat eachother on the backs but it doesn't justify the approach. You may want to try encouragement instead of pressure, there's a difference. If you had children you'd know that one works and the other does not, especially with GenZ.

5 hours ago, lucabutera said:

An anti-moire filter can be mounted to reduce excessive sharpness and artifacts.


Is this easy to apply? 

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The kid is not holding anybody else's money, he will either deliver on his own time when he's good and ready, or he won't and we can all go back to our regularly scheduled activities. Brow beating and bear baiting is not going to change anything. I agree it was probably a strategic mistake to start posting about this before it was completely done, but that's understandable given his age and probable level of excitement. 

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13 minutes ago, noplz said:

. I agree it was probably a strategic mistake to start posting about this before it was completely done, but that's understandable given his age and probable level of excitement. 

Agree. This is the point off all of this.

But even one .dng would have made a difference. But I can wait, no problem. I bought the BMCC couple months ago. So I can play with raw. Still have my 2 NX1's though.

So I am too interested what is going to happen with this raw thing.

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Hey, I didn't get a pm to help support this April fools joke and be in on it... well... guess I'll go along anyways.

WOAH! Promising! Dang, can't believe I didn't pull the trigger way back when it was bottom dollar (but erm, well EUR). So stoked for this! Give the guy some time! What a hero.

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Poor ingenuous...
Vasile, Kinoseed and Otto k released the video hack immediately, I posted NXL video and photos immediately.
Why so much mystery? Why waste more time posting a screenshot to trim instead of a ready DNG file?
I do not wait for April 1 day to take a fish and have me sniffed around by a brat!
This forum is a place to seriously discuss cameras, I hope @Andrew Reid takes measures to close the boy's account, I would like to prevent this forum from becoming a site of pranksters instead of professionals photographer. 


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45 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

The guy lives in Germany, we should all go with fires and sticks to poke him out of his hole. Germany is not that big anyway..

This is getting sad. I am not going to post again, until something really happens.

Likewise. It's also getting ridiculous, especially if you don't even own the camera anymore or ever. I'm actually getting disheartened by the whole ordeal.

If its real, it's real, if not oh well. I refuse to troll anyone let a lone a kid over it. I'm going to advise him to stop posting replies until go time, it's obviously not doing him any favors. Andrew says a few words and you all go into a frenzy. Really? 

Arikhan doesn't even have to prove anything, he could keep it all for himself, but his motivation is he wants to give back to this community in particular. As the author of the Samsung petition I know a little something about this. There was never any gaurantee it would work, but at least I gave it a shot. 

My hope is he will look past the antics of some here and follow through regardless.  

@lucabutera Its in your best interest more than anyone else here to show support for this kid, as you have some adapters to sell? If this mod is legit it's you that will benefit the most. Your attitude here is confusing to me. 

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