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  1. @lucabutera I understand...I still will NOT put out something NOT corresponding to my personal criteria. So, be patient, please. As I understand, you are impatient, I will send you an (crippled) DNG example from an early release from last year. I will post it tomorrow afternoon, so you could get a first idea about my work. @All Stop bashing, insulting and any other conspiracy theory, you ALL will eat your words. It's fine and normal to be sceptical...But after reading some postings of this thread, you will come to the conclusion of "lynch mob". As said, NOW I do
  2. Hehe...The video I have will proof you LYING - and will CLEARLY proof the provenience of the screenshot. Anyway...Your aggressive and insulting tonality are a brazenness - but hey, it's internet... @lucabutera - I'm curious what you will say, if viewing the video on Vimeo. It seems you don't care about your reputation when convicting you for false claims. Your good work with the booster doesn't qualify you for false claims in connection with my footage. This discussion - insults, conspiracy theories, false claims, etc. - is dull. Noone forces me to do this here. After delivering the
  3. Please check: [ ] - I am aware, this is a screenshot from a video and it's a JPEG [ ] - I simply don't care about context or compression facts, I want just to say hello. Please go to this permanent loop: while (true) { System.out.println("I am an expert"); } I always appreciate expert opinion and advice:
  4. No necessity to be sorry...It's your first impression / personal preference. Please consider the used lens. When putting this Zeiss on any other camera without AA filter and a high MP count and stop it down, I'm sure you would say the same. That's what this lens is used for: top resolution/detailed landscapes, architecture, etc. And - depending on your personal preferences/expectations - you could every time apply an unsharp/blur mask to the footage in post. But: As I said at the beginning of my claims, I use the NX1 at this time mostly for product and architecture photography and videogr
  5. Full ACK - no problem. I can do with my cameras whatever I want. But problems could begin when making it public... There are some hardware modifications (at least at the moment) too...So...But that's what I told you at the very beginning. I said: "I opened the box"... Workflow is as simple as I said when revealing the properties of the screenshot: It's a workflow @Mattias Burling shared on YT in 2014. Nothing new there. It's a common DNG workflow.
  6. This. Thanks for mentionning. BUT...Personally, I stopped shooting it over ISO 800. This puppy shines at 100% when it gets enough AND great light. From the right direction. But, at the end of the day, this is a matter of personal taste and preference. You'll see the differences between ISO 100-200 and 800+ when I'll post some studio scenes. Under ISO 200, this camera is really hard to beat, when it comes to detail, microcontrast AND color rendition (with the right lens on it).
  7. Thanks. It was you @Andrew Reid who made me to buy this camera years ago. It was specially the Lisbon video...You were one of the guys not wining and criticizing the H265 (at that time not such popular in this industry), but encouraging people to give this camera a try. Thanks a lot. Andrew, just give me some time to work on this...I tried to explain a few things and got provoked and insulted - because people probably not understandung what I mean. I'd like to share the work first...Above this, there are some serious legal aspects to consider - and there is no answer yet from a lawyer
  8. Yes. At the moment I work much with 24fps, as after some changes, I got unregular frame skipping when doing 25p.
  9. @kidzrevil + @lucabutera Here is a screenshot from an early release. UHD | 25fps | 1/50 | Manual WB (blue hour like human eye sees it) | Zeiss O 28mm 1.4 at F7.1 | edit in post: slight WB correction | File edited with Premiere CC | Workflow recommended by @Mattias Burling --> here <--
  10. Arikhan

    NX2 rumors

    Yeah...It's not a necessity but the hunger for "more and more" driving us in the arms of gear manufacturers or some "hacks". Tech passion, curiosity, hope...It's simply the challenge making things interesting, yeah... I never said this ("doubling the power of NX1"). I ONLY said to do 4K RAW. If this would "double the power" of the NX1, is something everyone has to judge for himself. For me (!) it's great.
  11. This is what Sony engineers call "Japanese walk phenomenon". No need to fix phenomenons... This! We could call this kind of anti-consumerism "Global Sony re-mapping" (GSR)...Many first movers would get into trouble, if refusing immediate buy....
  12. Arikhan

    NX2 rumors

    Why? The NX gear you already own (I saw 2 of the NX1 in the other thread), doesn't limit you at all - unless you are a coal mine, tunnel or night-life documentarist, shooting permanently in horrible lighting conditions (without the possibility to light up your scenes / models), where the NX1 doesn't shine. Or a Hollywood DOP or blockbuster filmer - but in this case there are some production cameras, beeing probably a better option than a NX1. Getting out by day some hours and taking some beautiful shots with your NX1, could probably satisfy you more than the belief you were limited by ge
  13. Arikhan

    NX2 rumors

    Last post now: I see, there are many questions and much to explain. My programming skills also seem to be better than my technical explanations. But one of the forum members offered me help and it would be better letting him to help me. It's not simple to explain technical stuff I'm involved with to other people. I wrote many assumptions/questions of forum members down, so I can answer them accurately after exams and after posting some examples, so people could see, what we talk about. "Abstract talk" only can get stodgy sometimes...
  14. Arikhan

    NX2 rumors

    I do it with RAW. But to see the effect, it works also with JPEG - because of the compression, of course not so great. You can stack multiple images with RAW / JPEG, etc. to get a much better result than with a single image, but you can get the maximum of DR with multiple RAW images only. Sorry of probably beeing unclear. You can test this effect - as I said - with JPEG and RAW. It's up to you...But you will get the most when shooting RAW. BTW: When shooting RAW at base ISO of 100 (NX1) under ideal conditions, you don't need to stack - because at these settings you touch the maxim
  15. Arikhan

    NX2 rumors

    @Pavel Mašek It seems to be a misconception out there...You can't increase DR endlessly - this would be a perpetuum mobile and so...impossible. At the end of the day, output DR is limited by the maximum DR-capabilities of the sensor. By stacking together you can only get more and more near to the DR limits given by the sensor - and get more maleability in post by gathering useful information to work with in highlights, mids and shadows. So, that's a kind of optimizing and NOT increasing. Only sensor manufacturers can increase the DR capabilties of a sensor...
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