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  1. Low light video perfomance, iso > 3200)
  2. What if rgb boost is actually boosting each channels iso somehow? ? Should it be tested also with negative values and try to shoot 6400iso or something like that... Example Red x1.99 is actually iso3200 x 1.99 = 6368iso for red channel... I try to do my own tests also tomorrow. This is interesting.
  3. MKSN

    NX2 rumors

    This ☝ Be patient, and let guy do his work ☺
  4. Every NX should test Ricardo Sousa's setting, they are the best for most scenes imo. Should test these with 0-255 setting. Gamma norm | Master Black level 7 | Luminance 16-235 | Smart Range + ON | Saturation -4 | Contrast -4 | Sharpness - 10 Lut's are awesome too! https://sellfy.com/p/HNAk/
  5. Nx1, 180mbps, gammaDR /sat -4/sharp -10/con -3/MBL +10/16-235. Nx 45mm & samyang 12mm. UHD 25fps & 1080 100fps.
  6. On saturday im going to this event with my NX1. Im filming some promotional clips for my friend. Im letting you to decide what in-camera settings im using and post results here. Using nx 45mm and samyang 12mm lenses with vasile's hack 180mbps. So make your suggestion below and let see what settings gets most votes!
  7. Hope he has some news for us, when he comes back.
  8. i checked my footage, its ok. Some clips were around 99,80fps but clips used in project was constant. There is actually duplicated frames in 00:20, most likely caused by stabilizer. I shoot PAL format so 180mbps works for me usually.
  9. I think warp stabilizer is causing that. I need to check original footage again. Bitrate was 180mbps
  10. Tested Vasile´s patch v4.12 today. Clips 100fps and 50fps 1080p. NX1 with Canon 50mm 1.8 FD lens. ISO100 GammaDR / Sat -3 / Sha -7 / Hue -9 / MBL +15 M31 Lut + curves
  11. 200mbps test with 20mm f2.8 Short test Btw, sandisk extreme sdhc uhs-3 class10 (60mb/s) works great
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