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Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

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On 3/8/2019 at 2:46 PM, buggz said:

Is there a setting to allow HDMI out when shooting in open gate mode?

Not looking to record, just to show on my ext. monitor.

Hmm, have to look at the settings again.

Was kind of dismayed, that I could monitor a choral concert, and then hit record, boom, no video on the ext. monitor.

Yeah, ext. monitor is new to me...

No. HDMI spec limited to 4K.

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"6K/24p Anamorphic Video Mode, while fun, is severely hampered by its 4:3 aspect ratio" UM! That's what an anamorphic mode is - 4:3 Someone let our dear friends at Cinema5D know.

Here are some 1080 JPEGS from a music video that I shot with the GH5 + SLR Magic anamorphic primes.  

A couple of quick screengrabs from a recent Jazz concert I shot. I must say I was super impressed with the GH5 on this one - not only it recorded for 1h30m straight with no issues but it did so on one

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On 1/31/2019 at 2:47 AM, webrunner5 said:

I have that same adapter and I find it works great. But yes no auto anything. But way better than futzing around with the front mounted variable ones, at least to me it's better. I guess the solution is to chuck everything and just go buy a Sony FS5 LoL. They are getting pretty cheap used. With all the firmware stuff now they are a pretty amazing camera.

just to clarify your using the Vizelex ND Throttle Lens Mount Adapter ? and you have not noticed any color shifts ? now that i have the bm i have been thinking about nd. if i can avoid jumping through hoops with nd filters and vari nd i'd go with the electronic from the start does that make sense ?

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 I can tell you a camera with built in ND's is a total game changer. Now some of them do not go far enough with enough stops, but for most situations what they offer, say 6 stops is enough on average. It just makes your life a lot easier, even the Vizelex ND Throttle. Is it perfect no, and I have not tested it for light loss when it is at zero because there is a piece of glass there all the time.  And no I have not noticed any light shift any worse than I have when I use a Vari ND in the front of the lens. But it takes one more problem you have off the table you have to carry, or fart with trying to screw on and off. You not only have to screw the damn thing on and off, but you pretty much have to clean both sides to be sure there is no fingerprints no matter how hard you try to handle them. And if you have a matte Box, Christ it is even worse.

So yeah I think the Sony FS5 is for the money now a pretty serious camera. Even the good old Canon C100 has ND's in them. It just opens up so many more possibilities that can be done in an instant that makes your life better and your footage better to boot. When you are shooting Log footage all these cameras are forcing you to use high ISO's like it or not, so you really Have to have ND's. I have no clue why so few cameras have them in this day and age, especially mirrorless cameras. I will give Canon credit for at least trying with the EOS-R with their adapter, but heck it doesn't even work with the camera's native lens. Kind of silly. But better than others have done. So credit due to Canon.

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36 minutes ago, Amazeballs said:

What is the best profile for 4k60p excluding Vlog? 

CineD, CineV or Natural and with what settings would you use? 

Everyone seemed to be in love with Cinelike-D before HLG was released, so I'm guessing that one.  I haven't shot much with it myself though.

Settings depends on what look you're going for I'd imagine.

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23 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

This was shot all on the GH5 and XT2. Looks pretty amazing. 

Yeah that looks great. I’d love to know where he used which camera. I have my guesses from looking at the trailer. I assume the X-T2 was the main camera and the GH5 was the run and gun handheld camera.

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7 minutes ago, mercer said:

Yeah that looks great. I’d love to know where he used which camera. I have my guesses from looking at the trailer. I assume the X-T2 was the main camera and the GH5 was the run and gun handheld camera.

From the comments it sounded like the GH5 was the main camera with the XT2 as a b cam. 

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3 hours ago, stefanocps said:

when i watch xt3 post i want to buy xt3, when i watch gh5 posts i want to buy gh5.. :) :) how to get out of this?

Buy a camera that is "good enough" and learn to colour grade.

Seriously.  I used to be like you, but then I worked out what I wanted in an image and bought the right camera and lenses, and now when I hear that there's a new 12K RAW 16-bit pocket camera with built-in gimbal and AI drone I don't even care.  It happens that the camera I bought was a GH5, but if you have different needs then it will be a different camera.

The other part is learning to colour grade.  I was "done" with other cameras when I pulled the GH5 files into Resolve and it looked and felt like when the pros grade cinema camera footage - they pull in a shot and it looks flat because it's log, and then they push and pull it around almost mercilessly and it just does it and looks great, and the GH5 files did that too.  With all my previous cameras the file was fragile and would break given half a chance.

I'm not getting spectacular images out of the GH5 yet, but that's because I just need to learn to grade better.  I know the GH5 is great and it's about my ability to grade, not its limitations.  Specifically I think that's because it's 10-bit and the colour science doesn't have problems, so I know I can work with it.  Your results and preferences might be different, but when you're wishing you had something else it's because you're not happy with what you have.  There are always better cameras and we all wish we had an Alexa but many of us are satisfied even if the Alexa has a better image.

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