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    • My own theory is that it would require millions of dollars and no less than six months  to a year to evaluate and come up with algorithms  for each and every lens in Panasonic’s lineup in order to debut a reliable PDAF system, resources they judged, rightly or wrongly, would be better spent refining features like anamorphic mode and coming up with codecs such as internal 10-bit ALL-I 400Mbps. Did their bet pay off? I think the answer is an unqualified yes. As @Cinegain rightly says, gambling on just a single feature in this marketplace would be  foolhardy. I think Panasonic has hit just about all the right notes. edit: these remarks obviously pertain to the GH5, not the G9
    • Agree with the first. Concerning the 2nd, I believe everybody else that's using Sony sensors hasn't got that problem, I think Panasonic just felt like betting on their own horse... which has seen a struggling season so far, so can they whip it back in shape or should they or we bet on another one instead? In case of that last one... Canon's selling point to me has been: DualPixel AF. They used to allow for quick turnarounds due to basic codec with 1080p, not too heavy on storage, and pleasing color science, basically allowing the users to throw on a curve, add some sharpness, cut the timeline and hit upload. But of course these days any camera shoots sort of pretty colors and some offer a very solid 1080p mode. But you still might pick Canon because of their DualPixel AF. Which is madness, that you buy a camera for a single feature. So it's really a missed oppertunity here by Panasonic not having good AF-C on a videocentric device.
    • I got in touch directly with Dan Kanes, and he responded immediately. This is what he has to say: No one here is claiming we make the cylinders in the USA. We have our own factory in Asia, everything we make is designed by us and built from the ground up. Not sure what else I can tell you except that we are the real deal, and we don’t play around - part of our team are Academy award winners in the field of optics, and most of us are self taught with the benefit of having great masters in the fields we undertake as mentors. Before spreading rumors, I suggest you take your concerns directly to Atlas. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to candidly answer your questions.
    • I have a Meteor 5-1 and use it often with my BMPCC, however the front of the lens rotates with the focus ring making it hard to pair with anamorphics and circular polarizers. However, I love the lens and the want to have a versatile zoom anamorphic. Is there anyway I can attach an anamorphic lens such as the Sankor 16 and keep it vertically aligned while also able to rack focus? Maybe I could take a circular polarizer and remove the glass and attach the anamorphic through that, then use a rail system to support the weight and vertical alignment?   I'm open to anyone's ideas and suggestions. Thanks.
    • Yeah, I saw that too. And that’s a good point since the a6500 isn’t known for a spectacular 1080p image, but it does have an insane 4K image.   I was actually surprised by how good it looked. And to learn that it shoots at such a high bitrate. I figured it was using the same codec and bitrate as the 5D3 and 80D. I believe if you get the Canon Log version, it has about 12 stops. Without the Canon Log... maybe 10-11... but probably closer to 10. However I never felt that his video lacked DR... not that he was shooting in a high DR scenario. Rolling shutter isn’t great in 4K but neither is the crop at 1.64x/1.74x (depending on who does the math) but in 1080p it’s supposed to be a lot better with no crop. The 5D4 probably isn’t the best camera for you, I just wanted to show there are other options if you are not set on either the D750 or the a6500. If I were you, I would either go all in with a D850 or go down to a Canon 80D and bank as much money as possible over the next year until the next generation of cameras are released... Both Nikon and Canon are supposedly releasing FF mirrorless cameras next year. Nah, I’d probably buy a 5D4, but I have a soft spot for Canon cameras.