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SONY FX3 new camera to be announced


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22 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

It's a complete game changer. Red box round the screen. Red line on the back. Red tally light on the top. But because this isn't noticable enough, the record button is illuminated!

I'm concerned that four methods of showing you its in record just isn't enough.

So I'll be waiting until SmallRig or Tilta release their Marine Flare Launcher cage add on for it just to be on the safe side.




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So this is the CINEMA camera we've all waited for ! Shutter angle, 4K DCI, timecode,  anamorphic modes, synchro scan, who cares about those shitty features when we have 18 tally lights around the body and that incredible grey color reminiscent of the Sony cinema line ! Oh and it says Cinema Line on the body itself, this is a testimony that this camera can actually be used to shoot real cinematic movies !
Waiting for the Netflix approval now !

Oh dear marketing people are well paid I hope. This camera is total BS.


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1 hour ago, Chrille said:

Wow, active facecooling - GAMECHANGER!

It’s an untapped market. They figured that the problem existed from their previous cameras burning and blistering their customer’s faces... now Canon is getting into the game... it’s only natural... a true professional doesn’t have time to run to the fridge for an ice pack. This is perfect for run and gun facecooling!!!

This is how you introduce a problem that never existed in the first place... and solve it too... brilliant.

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Welp, it's a very sexy design with Sigma FP vibes, but I'm really surprised it does not have true 24P and shutter angle control at minimum. It does not seem like it's truly compatible right now as a B or C cam with another Sony Cinema cam. And of course I was hoping they would add TC in.

I do think there is bandwidth for further features to be added due to the active cooling. So maybe that is Sony's play here, and we will see some divergence from the a7sIII in the future. But we'll have to see.

At this point I would definitely still look at the FX6 over this camera though.

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Andrew is so right about this camera. When I saw the release I was like...OK so this is a worst A7SIII for $400 more with a XLR top handle but all the important cinema features are missing:

  • No internal ND
  • No XLR on body
  • No audio controls on body
  • Same shitty LCD screen without an EVF to save it
  • No SDI
  • They didn't even include a way to secure the HDMI PORT! LOL!

Cinema camera my ass!

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51 minutes ago, Trankilstef said:

Usual suspects with their clickbait titles are out :


Yes, and they sent him a bunch of swag in a pelican case to "sweeten" the review. How is that not payment? They have to disclose that Sony didn't sponsor them or have control over the review in anyway, yet they send him all this crap as an implicit: "look at what you won't get if we don't like your review".

Everybody knows if piss these companies off they won't include you in their YouTube marketing and you won't get free shit.

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