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  1. "The Commission considered that the cartel participants had coordinated their competitive behaviour, at least between 23 June 2004 and 25 November 2008." "It's 2036, who uses 14 year old optics?!"
  2. Busted again. https://curia.europa.eu/jcms/upload/docs/application/pdf/2022-06/cp220101en.pdf
  3. VR goggles are one of the most retarded inventions ever.
  4. Correction: ~1.3 minutes for a 3 GB file. I don't see how this can be done smoothly.
  5. First of all, 300 Mbps equals 37.5 MB/s, meaning that a 3 GB file takes 80 minutes to transfer.
  6. I look at those images and I think: what on earth did this individual do with the export settings and what settings were used on both devices?
  7. Can't the same be said of digital cameras compared to film?
  8. "Hi there, we will be sending the new iPhone next week to our loyal Youtube content creators for purposes of comparison. We would highly appreciate a Youtube comparison between our Sony Alpha 7S III next to the device we will be sending you. Perhaps some low-light comparisons in a dark backyard at night could really do our device justice. Thank you, Sony"
  9. A bulky device with software that belongs to the 90's versus a phone with 1TB of memory that fits in one hand and doesn't attract much attention if any. I get it, its sensor is tiny. It's not for professional video use. But neither is the a7s3 (imho).
  10. The iPhone actually holds up fairly well, despite what this Youtuber is saying. It still misses a 35mm lens though.,
  11. I'm impressed by the footage coming from the iPhone 13 Pro.
  12. Do whatever is best for your health.
  13. They could do a whole movie about this subject. An analog man lost in an increasingly digitized world. And I would definitely watch it. Not this nonsense.
  14. It looks absolutely terrible. But it was totally to be expected.
  15. Might as well read a book...
  16. What were they thinking? Is this a parody? What's your take on it?
  17. I know of no service that has 'nailed it'. I don't think any service will anytime soon. What's really missing is situational awareness. These services make no distinction between the word "look" directed to multiple people from a distance, or "look" in a one-to-one story in a living room.
  18. I'd say that a new decent CCD-based RAW-shooting camera with the size of an FX3 shouldn't have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.
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