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    What about yourself?
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    If we are strictly speaking about image capturing, then probably not..
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    With the abundance of online videos, is there anybody on here that ever feels like he/she is about to capture something redundant? There's so much stuff out there already...
  4. A 3 inch screen, no internal raw, no internal nd, and a bright red led instead of an evf...
  5. Here is an article that might give a glimpse into the (far distant) future of image capturing: https://www.nature.com/articles/492055a Here is a short video related to it:
  6. An image sensor that is able to capture photons similarly to film. This, of course, is kind of ridiculous, because film uses crystals such as silver halides in galatin coated on a film base.
  7. Unless we unexpectedly can come up with some sort of god-like AI system, or vastly superior and genetically modified beings, I do not foresee a top down solution to the mess we are in. Any thorough plan that threatens industrial life will be met with extreme hostility, especially from China, Russia and citizens over the world.
  8. Perhaps it is time for the established camera companies to finally come up with something that resembles a 21th century camera body. One that resembles a smartphone, but with the bells and whistles of a proper camera. Sleek, pocketable, low-profile, a wide range of wireless functions like wireless charging, with new and smaller lenses.
  9. The whole web experience seems to have gotten worse compared to 15 years ago in terms of bloatedness, genuine content, censorship, tracking and search results.
  10. $2,999.99 https://store.asus.com/us/item/202101AM120000009/ROG-Flow-X13-Ultra-Slim-2-in-1-Gaming-Laptop-Bundle%3A-ROG-XG-Mobile%2BRTX-3080-included
  11. Such a great image. Definitely not optimistic about 2021.
  12. The oldest preserved photograph (adjusted), by Nicéphore Niépce. Taken around 1826 using a box with a hole in it, a lens and a pewter plate coated with natural asphalt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/View_from_the_Window_at_Le_Gras https://photo-museum.org/niepce-invention-photography/
  13. The question was raised to discuss and share information about the technical side of digital cameras, specifically their sensor technologies compared to film. Questions that come to mind are: which sensors come closest and why, in what way could they be improved, and what makes them better if their image quality has surpassed film (which I don't think is the case)? It wasn't exactly raised to discuss the use of certain cameras in productions.
  14. I'd be lying if I said that I truly care what the average citizen likes or dislikes.
  15. I'm curious to know if you have any footage without rolling shutter to show to support this claim.
  16. The Digital Bolex with its Kodak CCD sensor produces good quality images that look more film-like than most if not all digital consumer cameras today. I guess that indeed the demand for it wasn't high enough, or its price was just too steep. It's a real shame that CCD isn't given the priority it deserves.
  17. Is it even possible? Are new sensor technologies needed? Are there certain developments going on that some of us are unaware of?
  18. Who needs video when you can do other stuff while listening to videos on a streaming service? https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/12/16/netflix-is-rolling-out-an-audio-only-mode/
  19. If cinemas are a thing of the past, and complete digital media is the future, why not phase out actors (human ones)? Surely, most people will have a hard time distinguishing CGI actors from their real life counterparts if done right. We might as well do away with script writers. Who's going to need them when artificial intelligence is able to come up with scripts that can suck more money out of the masses than human scripts do now?
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